first_imgUpendra-Rachita Ram’s erotic scene from I Love YouScreenshot of YouTube videoKannada superstar Upendra and actress Rachita Ram are said to have some sensational bold and erotic scenes in their upcoming movie I Love You, which will be among the highlights of the film.Kannada superstar Upendra’s kind of films needs no introduction. They have always been very special. From Om to Super, they were all sensational blockbusters. Expectations from his films are always high. Many of his Kannada films have made their mark on the Telugu box-office too. After a long gap, he is coming up with a promising film that has his role shaped in a unique way.Dimple Queen Rachita Ram has played the female lead and Upendra is seen in more stylish avatar in I Love You. The actor took special care to get the styling right. Uniquely, you will find Upendra dancing in a never-seen-before manner in the songs. The erotic and bold scenes between the lead pair will be a major highlight. An incredible hot song is also there. It will definitely thrill the audience.I Love You is directed by R Chandru, who has delivered many hits. The owner of Sri Siddeshwara Enterprises was so much impressed with his narration that he decided to produce the movie on a grand scale. Besides having all the elements that the audience expect from Upendra’s movie, the film also has romantic, family and thrilling elements. Director R Chandru is so confident that I Love You will exceed the standards of Upendra’s previous movies. Upendra-Rachita Ram’s erotic scene from I Love YouScreenshot of YouTube videoThe first trailer of I Love You has crossed 10 million views on YouTube and social media. It is generated a lot of hype and curiosity about the film, which is all set to hit the screens in a large number of theatres in the Telugu States on June 14. The makers of the film will hold its pre-release event in a grand way on the beach side in Vizag on June 8.Sonu Gowda, Honavalli Krishna, Jai Jagadeesh and Pd Satish are in the supporting cast of I Love You. Interestingly, Brahmanandam is playing an important role in the movie and his scenes will be a highlight. The film will have Dr Kiran Thotambyle’s music, Sugnan’s picturisation, Deepu S Kumar’s editing, Mohan B Kere’s art direction, Chinni Prakash, Dhanu, Mohan’s dance and Ganesh, Vinod and K Ravi Verma’s stunts.last_img read more

first_imgA masked protester burns tires during the funeral of Kaisar Ahmad Bhat, a civilian, who according to local media, was hit by a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) vehicle during a protest after Friday prayers, in Srinagar, 2 June 2018. Photo: ReutersGovernment forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir fired shotgun pellets and tear gas at hundreds of mourners Saturday during a funeral march for a man killed when he was run over by a paramilitary vehicle during a protest.The angry mourners were marching with the man’s body to a graveyard in Srinagar on Saturday when police and soldiers used force to stop them. Police said the marchers were defying a government order that bans assembly of more than four people in the city.Residents said youths from the funeral regrouped in the winding streets of the city’s downtown and threw stones at troops while chanting slogans in favor of rebels and demanding an end to Indian rule over disputed region. Fierce clashes broke out in several places in the city.Police later took the custody of the body and allowed only a handful of relatives to take the body for the burial the city’s main martyr’s graveyard where hundreds of rebels and civilians killed since the start of an anti-India armed rebellion are buried.The man was critically injured Friday and died overnight in a hospital after a paramilitary armored vehicle crushed at least two men during an anti-India protest.Armed police and paramilitary soldiers laid razor wire and steel barricades at roads and enforced a curfew in old parts of Srinagar to restrict participation in the funeral. Authorities cut mobile internet services in Srinagar, and reduced connection speeds in other parts of the Kashmir Valley, a common government practice to prevent anti-India demonstrations from being organized.A woman looks out from a window, as she watches the funeral of Kaisar Ahmad Bhat, a civilian, who according to local media, was hit by a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) vehicle during a protest after Friday prayers, in Srinagar, 2 June 2018. Photo: ReutersFriday’s incident was the second of its kind in recent weeks. Last month, a young man was killed when a when a police armored vehicle ran over him during clashes with government forces in Srinagar.Anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir, a disputed Himalayan territory divided between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan but claimed by both in its entirety. In recent years, the Indian-controlled portion has seen renewed rebel attacks and repeated public protests against Indian rule.Residents said the armored vehicle in Friday’s incident drove wildly into a crowd of anti-India protesters, slamming into a half-dozen people and crushing at least two men beneath its wheels, injuring them critically.An Associated Press photographer captured the horror in a series of photographs of the other injured man, who doctors say is still in critical condition.Indian officials blamed the protesters and said the crowd was trying to drag the soldiers from their vehicle. Police, however, said the incident was a mistake by the nervous driver.last_img read more

first_imgA missile fired by Syrian forces killed at least 18 civilians on Tuesday in a residential neighbourhood of the old quarter of Aleppo city, a monitoring group said. “The missile struck when people were still inside their homes in the Maghayir district. It killed 18 civilians, including one child, and wounded dozens of others,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.“There are many people still stuck in the rubble, and ambulances are going back and forth transporting people,” Abdel Rahman said.The Britain-based Observatory said the death toll was likely to rise as more bodies were discovered.Photos published by the monitor showed crumbling walls surrounded by a sea of dusty plastic and cinderblocks.Groups of men, some wearing the white helmets associated with civil defence volunteers, waded through the rubble. More than 35 homes were destroyed, the Observatory said.last_img read more

first_imgKOLKATA: Some BJP supporters clashed with civic volunteers and later chased them away after police refused them to hold a public meeting at their preferred venue. The police on Wednesday did not allow the BJP supporters to hold a meeting at the site and suggested an alternative spot. However, they refused to move and told police they would hold the programme at the announced site. On Thursday morning, the police deployed civic volunteers at the venue to stop the BJP supporters from entering. They clashed with the civic volunteers and later chased them away and took possession of the land. When Mukul Roy had come he was taken to a make shift dais from where he addressed the gathering. The local BJP leaders said the police cancelled on the venue at the eleventh hour when it was impossible for the party to shift to an alternative venue. They alleged that police did not give allotment of an alternative site in writing and apprehended they could have stopped the supporters from entering the venue and holding the meeting.last_img read more

first_imgMarch 5, 2009 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The NetbookThe introduction of small powerful notebooks at low prices, such as those from Acer and Asus, will provide a practical option for the growing number of individuals who work on the road. These netbooks are especially useful for those who find it difficult to use the very small form-factor of Blackberry or iPhone-type devices.The battery life and lightweight quality of these tiny machines make them ideal for individuals who travel without access to a power supply, but their networks aren’t quite as advanced as that of the Blackberry or iPhone devices. This is the case because cell phone companies are able to provide their clients with constant access to the Internet, whereas laptops must be linked into an available wireless network. However, with companies now introducing Internet sticks with the ability to provide access anytime, anywhere, these limitations are quickly lessening. Thus, netbooks will be the ideal choice for on-the-move corporate individuals in 2009.Integration Of The CloudCloud computing services provide small and midsize businesess with an economical storage option. A hybrid version of application and service delivery is evolving. This version is instead of the anticipated migration from an on-premise-only and/or perpetual licensing-only model to a total SaaS-only and subscription-only model.Thus, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming all the more important, since the future cloud of services will be comprised of the organization’s onsite services and those supplied to it by an offsite vendor.FlywheelsGreen initiatives will continue to grow in importance as a driver of cost savings. One of the least known but most valuable green products for the data center is the flywheel, which essentially stores energy for use when power is interrupted. It is a clean and cost effective alternative to battery-based uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). At present, flywheels represent 6% of the three-phase UPS market, but the longer lifecycle and lower cost of maintenance is going to trigger increased demand for these in the near future.Adoption of the flywheel in Europe is very high, with several large data centers announcing the implementation of flywheel technology. One of the largest hosting firms in the San Francisco area has adopted the technology as well. The systems currently available are able to handle mid-sized to very large centers and thus can be useful for a variety of business sizes and types.Rich Internet ApplicationsRich Internet Applications (RIAs) provide the interactivity of a desktop application conveniently delivered in any Web browser. Google Maps is an early example, but many companies are beginning to use RIAs to:Simplify online shopping.Provide rich interactive graphics.Support social networking.End users are fond of RIAs because they are user-friendly and quickly accessible. They are also proving to be profitable for the companies that provide them, making increasing uptake in 2009 inevitable.Hybrid Use of Off-Premise Application ServicesA broad range of applications have been available to organizations in the form of hosted services or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The advantage of these is that small and midsize businesses can add services without purchasing perpetual licenses, without dedicating servers and storage, and with only minimal support staff. While organizations may be unwilling to trust critical functions to these external service providers, they will increasingly use them to augment their primary in-house applications for special purposes.Need sales-force profitability analysis? Don’t bother with another module, just rent some software for a little while. This option facilitates optimal gain with minimal investment — the perfect mix in a time of economic crisis.Three factors will increase the adoption of these technologies:The functional quality and reliability of these services improve continually.While application services may cost more over a period of several years, the initial cost is significantly lower than an in-house solution, which is very attractive during a period of financial frugality.The faster speed of deployment will suit businesses that need additional functionality to temporarily and quickly augment their current application capability.Short-Term Use Of External Service ProvidersIn addition to external application services, businesses will increasingly look outside their own IT groups to augment their capabilities or capacity quickly without making a long-term staff or equipment commitment. This strategy is especially appropriate in a tight financial situation, when the need is great but money is scarce.The service providers who will succeed are those that:Are prepared to support short-term people and equipment needs — not just long-term contracts.Make their own facilities and equipment available rather than just managing the customer’s own equipment.Social Computing For Business CollaborationYes, everyone else says the same thing, but it’s true. Content and collaboration services that are based on the friend-of-a-friend network model are growing fast and are becoming the primary point of interaction for younger generations. These generations are eschewing e-mail as an interaction channel and instead opting for real-time and near-real-time (i.e., text messaging) interaction through their personal networks. The good news is that such basic services are inexpensive and easy to deploy.The downside, of course, is that organizations must get past their concern about staff using these tools for personal use. An alternative method, currently utilized by many companies, is an internal messaging system. This option facilitates quick correspondence among employees and limits the number of redundant e-mails, which can be overlooked within the e-mailing system. Less archiving and faster communication — social computing certainly has its benefits.In-Memory AnalyticsFor companies in search of improving financial consolidation and ad-hoc analysis for little monetary investment, in-memory analytics seem to be a feasible solution. As competition for shrinking markets intensifies, organizations will increase their need for analysis of data. Why would they build a data warehouse when they can just load all of their data into a computer with a huge pile of RAM?The market has shifted to allow for RAM to be very economical and an extremely realistic option for companies throughout a period of financial uncertainty.Wide Area Network Optimization DevicesThe demand for increased bandwidth for data communication continues to grow, but the drops in unit cost have not kept in step. Wide Area Network (WAN) optimization devices facilitate more information flow on an existing network connection, which in turn allows organizations to add effective bandwidth without having to invest in more capacity from carriers.Given the current downturn, many companies that require a capital investment will have to demonstrate a one-year payback (or less). The savings on WAN connectivity costs will provide payback for many businesses in only a matter of months, making this option ideal for 2009.Data Loss Or Leakage ProtectionSecurity continues to be a main concern for many organizations, especially when it comes to the leaking of corporate information. Of special significance is the inappropriate transmission of this corporate information from within an organization to outsiders (as opposed to external attempts to access information).Businesses seeking to improve internal security have been adopting Data Leakage Protection (DLP) faster than any piece of technology in quite a while. With data breaches caused by employee error occurring as frequently as hacks and malicious actions combined, the value behind this technology is tremendous.Application VirtualizationVirtualization of servers has been extensively adopted by most organizations that operate multiple computer servers. The extension of virtualization from the server to applications will accelerate the adoption of the utility infrastructure. In fact, expect utility infrastructure to become the accepted approach for running business applications.The organization’s view of infrastructure will also continue to morph from a specific configuration of servers, storage, and network components to a flexible service that easily adapts the allocation of resources to changing performance and capacity requirements over time. Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. Listen Now 7 min read How Success Happenslast_img read more