first_imgLocal law enforcement waits for guidance.Washington voters on Tuesday opened a whole new market to legitimize marijuana growing, packaging and selling and also created a potentially lucrative new source of state tax revenue. And despite its narrow defeat in Clark County, the statewide passage of Initiative 502 to legalize recreational pot use among adults effectively thumbed its nose at the federal government’s long-standing anti-marijuana policy. Possession in small amounts becomes legal on Dec. 6 in Washington, based on the initiative. Posession still may be risky for non-medical users because state law is trumped by federal law, which classifies pot as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. That’s why local businesses say they need more answers before they’ll feel comfortable stocking their store shelves with marijuana for sale, said Bobby Saberi, co-owner of Mary Jane’s House of Glass, a Vancouver-based chain of nine head shops. His chain’s eight Washington stores won’t dispense marijuana without some assurance the activity would be tolerated on a federal level, Saberi said. That question could be part of a year-long discussion state officials anticipate as they craft rules for implementing Initiative 502, said Mikhail Carpenter, a spokesman for the Washington state Liquor Control Board, which will regulate marijuana shops.last_img

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