first_imgGospel Faith Ministries International eviction and demolition underwayThe Sixth Judicial Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, has evicted the oldest branch of the Faith Mission International, called the Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT), aka the House of Grace, located opposite LPRC Road Junction on Somalia Drive.The court did not only shut down the church, its members were evicted following quarrel over a plot of land which a family had claimed.Reverend Barclay Walker, the National Overseer of the Faith Mission International, said the Church has been attacked, because its members have deeds to prove that they bought the land 1996 from one Sampson S. Boah, and the copy of the mother deed that the lands were obtained in the 1950s.The Church, established 1994, has a membership of over 300, while the newly established school in the church’s edifice, kindergarten to 6th grade, has over 90 students.”Reverend Roger Gaye, the head Pastor, reported that the church had baptized over 500 members about 24 years ago and, because of its relocation, most of the members had relinquished their membership to other denominations.The Church has 11 branches with the National Headquarters in Caldwell, outside Monrovia. The Caldwell Headquarters is also the sub-headquarters of District #1 comprising five churches, while the Gospel Faith Mission International was the sub-headquarters of District #2, comprising six different churches.But the eviction of the church’s longest serving branch has reduced the branches to 10.Eight bailiffs from the Civil Law Court B, including more than a dozen armed police officers from the Police Support Unit (Riot Police) carried out the eviction on the controversial premises on Saturday morning, December 7.The eviction followed the demolition of the church edifice and the caretakers’ apartment.The court officials hauled all the church’s belongings and spread them on the ground.One of the court’s constables said the coming of the armed men was a regard to the flogging of four of their officers last Saturday, when they were under the leadership of instruction, came to serve the eviction notice.The court officials hauled all the Gospel Faith Ministries International church’s belongings and spread them on the ground.“Four of our officers were beaten and sustained injuries last Sunday, December 1. They just came to issue the eviction order, but encountered a worst of their nightmare,” said our source, who asked not to be named because he did not have authority to speak to the press.He added that details of the court’s eviction (writ), and history of the case can be obtained from the court.A female court official said: “A lady, called Diamond was the main perpetrator of Saturday’s mayhem, and there is also a writ for her arrest.”The speechless armed men in their blue uniforms, including helmets and pepper spray where spread as a line was drawn as demarcation for intruders.Two standby witnesses, a couple, said the eviction of the church mean that the church of Jesus Christ is under attack and indicates the ‘end time.’“The court is used to evict churches from vacant and wasted lands, which the church built on, as well as from school and abandoned  buildings,” the female pastor said.Meanwhile, Rev. Barclay said even though the church was wrongly evicted after being on the land for 25 years, and have 23 years old deed, including the mother’s deed from Sampson Boah, who accused the Civil Court ‘B’ and Surveyor Lawrence Henries of the conspiracy.Also, the Chief of Protocol of the Church, Brother Tamba Boukarie denied flogging any court officers, but admitted to their neighbor, another tenant, popularly known as Papay Saah, throwing stones over the church’s zincs, while they were in service.“We only went outside and cautioned them to stop. A number of men from the church came out to warn them, made them to stop the throwing of stones,” Boukarie said.Another member said Rev. Gaye and the Church Bishop are expected to challenge the eviction in court.“We are asking the church community to join us in prayer as we seek redress,” she said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img…female driver in custodyThe intersection where the East Bank Demerara Highway meets the Access Road at Houston near Rahaman’s Park has recorded another accident, but in this instance, a motorcyclist was killed.While information surrounding the cyclist’s demise was sketchy, he has been identified as 22-year-old Owen Carrington of Issacs Street, Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara.From preliminary reports obtained, he died instantly as a result of the impact.Motor cycle CJ 3815 minutes after the accidentAccording to reports, the accident occurred just after 13:00h on Sunday, when Carrington, who was not wearing a helmet, reportedly lost control of motorcycle CJ 3815 as he was proceeding north on the eastern carriageway at a fast rate.Reports are that Carrington, a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Private, had been swerving in and out of traffic, and the left side handlebar collided with an unknown vehicle before the Honda motorcycle sped over the road partition and hit motorcarGuyana Fire Service responders checked Carrington for a pulsePPP 5567, causing him to be flung off the motorcycle as it came to an abrupt halt.The female driver of the Toyota motor car, visibly shaken by the ordeal, was questioned by investigators who arrived on the scene minutes after the accident had occurred. The woman, Marrisa Sawh, 27, of Tucville, Georgetown, was driving the vehicle that belongs to her father, Colin Sawh.The Guyana Fire Service ambulance was first on the scene, but those first responders opted against removing the cyclist’s body after they examined him for a pulse. After this ambulance departed, the body of the private was left lying on the road. He was later removed from the scene and was officially pronouncedPPP 5567, reportedly driven by 27-year-old Marrisa Sawh, has been taken into custodydead.Reports are that the man had received multiple extensive injuries, including to his neck and head.Last Tuesday, a major accident was averted after heavy-duty truck GVV 9475 crashed into a lantern post at the corner of Rahaman’s Park in an attempt to avoid colliding with a motorcar. The incident occurred just a short distance away from the new Christmas tree which replaced the one that collapsed recently after vandals had stolen the straps that were holding it up. (Shemuel Fanfair)last_img read more

first_imgIn light of recent developments in Region One (Barima-Waini), Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is calling for an audit to be done on the digitisation of records at the General Registrar’s Office (GRO).Jagdeo’s comments came in light of recent pronouncements made by Citizenship Minister Winston Felix, who claimed that the process is transparent and one that does not include partisanship.However, the Opposition Leader feels that there might be attempts to fiddle withOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeothe registration process at the GRO using the digitization of records as the cover for “fictitious names being registered, which could then be used, (seeing) that it is registered with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).”Jagdeo said he would also urge GECOM to pay careful attention to the issue, because the integrity of that entity’s data base would depend heavily on the source documents being issued by the GRO.“But (it is) not just GECOM that has to worry, but all the foreign embassies and everyone else; because if people have fake Guyanese documents and some of them are not Guyanese, they pass through here and just get the fake documents for the purpose of registration, they can eventually secure passports and a whole range of other documents,” Jagdeo opined.The Opposition Leader is asserting that the integrity of the disgitisation process is vital.“We in the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) are paying careful attention to this, given what has happened historically — that the heavy padding of the voters list with fictitious names was a norm under previous Government sometime back in our history,” Jagdeo recalled.He also reminded that the Opposition is still concerned with the Government’s closeness with groups of people, including Haitians who pass through Guyana. He said that from reports that he has received, these foreign nationals are mainly chaperoned through Guyana by Government officials.“It’s normal for people to transit your country, but they don’t have ministry officials meeting them when they are transiting. They just come in, they get stamp in at immigration and (then) they go out,” he added.Jagdeo said encounters with Government officials and Haitians transiting Guyana’s main port of entry are something that does not look too convincing, and there might be something happening.Region One Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, has only recently raised concerns about the active participation and involvement of Government Member of Parliament (MP) Richard Allen in the affairs and functions of several State agencies and elected bodies in the Region.Ashley complained about MP Allen’s active involvement with the GRO visiting team issuing birth certificates in the Region, and had noted that the MP was not employed at any of those agencies.While Ashley has said he commends the work of the GRO in reaching out to Region One with the objective of ensuring the people of the Region are registered, he has questioned the transparency and equality of treatment due to MP Allen’s apparently being “embedding” in the team’s day-to-day operations and process regarding the issuance of birth registration.Ashley went on to disclose that he has even received reports of Allen personally distributing birth certificates in bulk to people in various communities.With Local Government Elections due this year, birth registration documents are critical for the registration of voters, and in the past, the toshaos and other community leaders had been the ones who worked with the GRO team, since they were knowledgeable about the eligibility of residents in their communities.However, the Regional Chairman pointed out that the fact that “Allen (is) accompanying and directing the GRO team as to who needs birth certificates and subsequent distribution of birth certificates is highly questionable and suspect”.In addition to the MP’s access to such personal and sensitive documents, Ashley went on to highlight that Allen has been distributing pension books, despite the Social Protection Ministry’s objection to anyone other than staff members doing so.last_img read more