first_imgOTTAWA — An Ontario senator is calling on the federal government to fund a crisis line for victims of coerced and forced sterilization to ensure traumatized women can access assistance.Yvonne Boyer says her office has received numerous calls and e-mails from victims seeking help.She says she has also been approached by victims during recent travels and stresses that a help line must be operated by an outside organization to ensure individuals feel comfortable reaching out.Last week, Indigenous Services Minister Seamus O’Regan told the Senate that forced and coerced sterilization amounts to a violation of human rights, adding it is “deeply troubling” the practice could happen in Canada.He pointed to a working group of federal, provincial and territorial officials created to improve “cultural safety and health systems” — words he didn’t specifically define.Boyer says the issue is about stopping sterilizations of women without their consent, not improving cultural practices in health care.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

first_imgSmall Steps Project is honoured to name The Following actor James Purefoy as their celebrity Ambassador.Over the years James has been a massive support to the charity, he has been to their events, featured in their documentary and inspired many of his celebrity friends to take small steps and donate their shoes. Thanks to James, famed for his role as Mark Anthony in Rome, Small Steps Project have had shoe donations from Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz, Eva Green, Sharleen Spiteri, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.This year he has asked many of his co-stars from ‘The Following’ to take part in the annual Celebrity Shoe Auction including Shawn Ashmore from X-men, Valorie Curry from Twilight and of course Kevin Bacon from pretty much everything.James explains what made him become our celebrity ambassador, “What Small Steps have achieved in their relatively brief existence is akin to a minor, but very beautiful, miracle. They have turned lives around. They are the embodiment of that lovely phrase ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. I am proud and humbled to be associated with them.”Small Steps Project’s mission is to support children around the world who live on rubbish dumps and survive from scavenging.last_img read more

13 May 2011An increasing number of countries face a double burden of disease as the prevalence of risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancers increase and many nations still struggle to reduce maternal and child deaths caused by infectious diseases, according to a United Nations statistical health report released today. An increasing number of countries face a double burden of disease as the prevalence of risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancers increase and many nations still struggle to reduce maternal and child deaths caused by infectious diseases, according to a United Nations statistical health report released today. “This evidence really shows that no country in the world can address health from either an infectious disease perspective or a non-communicable disease one. Everyone must develop a health system that addresses the full range of the health threats in both areas,” said the director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Department of Health Statistics and Informatics, Ties Boerma. Based on more than 100 health indicators reported by WHO’s 193 Member States and other reliable sources, the WHO’s World Health Statistics 2011 is an annual report which provides a snapshot of the global health situation and key trends. The 2011 report finds that non-communicable diseases, such as heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and cancer, now make up two-thirds of all deaths globally, due to the ageing population and the spread of risk factors associated with globalization and urbanization. The control of risk factors such as tobacco use, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and excessive use of alcohol becomes more critical, it says, with the latest WHO figures showing that about four out of 10 men and one in 11 women use tobacco and about one in eight adults is obese. In addition, many developing countries continue to battle health issues – such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria – that are most likely to kill children under the age of five. In 2009, 40 per cent of all child deaths were among newborns, aged 28 days or less. The report notes that much more needs to be done to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing by two thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate – but progress has accelerated. Child mortality declined at 2.7 per cent per year since 2000, twice as fast as during the 1990s. Mortality levels among children under five years fell from 12.4 million in 1990 to 8.1 million in 2009. Maternal mortality declined at 3.3 per cent per year since 2000, almost twice as fast in the decade after 2000 than during the 1990s. The report also shows that more money is being spent on health and people can expect to live longer, with life expectancy in 2009 at 68 years, up from 64 years in 1990. But the gap in health spending between low- and high-income countries remains very large. In low-income countries, per capita, health expenditure is an estimated $32, or 5.4 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), and in high-income countries it is $4,590, or 11 per cent of GDP. High-income countries have, per capita, on average 10 times more doctors, 12 times more nurses and midwives and 30 times more dentists than low-income countries. Virtually all deliveries of babies in high-income countries are attended by skilled health personnel; but this is the case for only 40 per cent of deliveries in low-income countries. WHO’s release of its World Health Statistics 2011 coincided with the launch of its Global Health Observatory, a new website that serves as a one-stop shop for data and analyses on health priorities around the world. WHO said the observatory provides easy access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of health data, bringing together the organization’s data from all major health and disease programmes. read more

“In the armed conflicts of recent years, children have featured centrally as targets of violence, and occasionally – even unwillingly – as perpetrators,” the Secretary-General writes. “A large number of children have been directly affected by armed conflict, many of them uprooted from their homes and communities, maimed, or killed. Others have been made orphans, abducted, abused and exploited.”Among his proposals, Mr. Annan suggests the inclusion by the Council of provisions for monitoring children’s rights within the mandates of peace missions. The report also calls for more attention to be paid to the impact of war on girls, an issue which the Secretary-General says is “particularly damaging for future generations.” Already disadvantaged in peacetime, girls undergo sexual abuse and enslavement during war, he says, urging that sexual violence against women and children continue to be prosecuted as a war crime. In addition, the report highlights the impact of HIV/AIDS on children in conflict situations and the role of truth commissions.As signs that progress is possible, the report points to recent developments such as Rwanda’s enactment of legislation that enables girls, including tens of thousands who became heads of households after the 1994 genocide, to inherit farms crucial to their survival, and Sierra Leone’s establishment of a National Commission for War-Affected Children. Humanitarian access in the Sudan has been improved, the text states, and Colombia has raised its age of recruitment into the armed forces to 18. According to the report, existing normative standards, including previous Security Council resolutions, have gone a long way in defining the parameters of acceptable conduct for parties to armed conflict as far as children and other civilians are concerned. Member States, the UN system and regional organisations have all been bound or solicited to take concrete steps to improve the protection of war-affected children.”As delegations gather under the auspices of the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children, I sincerely hope that Member States, the UN system, NGOs [non-governmental organizations], civil society and others will take decisive action to protect children and to actively dissuade, and seek to expose and sanction, those whose actions are beyond the pale,” the Secretary-General writes, referring to the General Assembly’s upcoming session on children, to be held in New York from 19 to 21 September. read more

Thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed in Syria’s Idlib and north Hama amid ongoing deadly violence, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday, in a call to the warring parties to stop using food security to hold people “hostage”. In a briefing to journalists in Geneva, WFP Spokesperson Hervé Verhoosel expressed alarm at the humanitarian crisis in the north-western opposition-held enclave, where a Government-led military operation escalated in late April.Read our full story here.Libya’s detention centres ‘filling up faster than UN can evacuate most vulnerable’  The global reach of the United Nations makes it “the world’s best hope for peace and security, sustainable development and the promotion and protection of human rights and social progress”, said the top Nigerian diplomat who will be the next President of the General Assembly.Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Nigeria’s current UN Permanent Representative, was elected to head the world body by acclamation on Tuesday in the General Assembly Hall in New York and will succeed Ecuador’s Maria Fernanda Espinosa.Find our full coverage of the election here.Vital food crops destroyed in Syria amid upsurge in fighting across Idlib, Hama In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where the World Health Organization has expressed frustration at insecurity challenges as the number of cases of Ebola virus disease has now passed 2,000. Since the beginning of the outbreak last August, more than 1,340 have died. The UN response has been hampered by attacks by armed groups, protests and demonstrations, including one in April that killed a WHO medic, Valery Mouzoko Kiboung, in Butembo. WHO’s spokesperson, Tarik Jasarevic, said: “This is another sad, frustrating milestone; the security is holding back the response…Every time there is an incident, whether some of them are major, some of them minor, some of them target Ebola responders, some of them don’t, but every time there is a security incident, we are not able to provide services and go into a community. We are not able to vaccinate, we are not able to treat those who are ill, we are not able to follow up on those who may have had access to the virus.”  The development follows last week’s appointment of a UN Ebola response chief David Gressly, who is also deputy head of UN Stabilization Mission in the DRC, MONUSCO. Global efforts, women and girls…UN deputy chief highlights importance of UN values Thousands of men, women and children face dire conditions at detention centres for migrants in Libya, the UN refugee agency has said, warning that vulnerable people are being sent to them faster than it can secure their release. According to UNHCR, the country’s coastguard rescued or intercepted some 1,200 in May alone from the Mediterranean, before bringing them back to shore; that’s more than for the whole of 2019. The development follows ongoing conflict in and around the outskirts of Tripoli, instigated by the self-styled Libyan National Army forces of General Khalifa Haftar, who leads a parallel administration in the eastern city of Benghazi. UNHCR spokesperson Babar Baloch, descrived the situation at Zintan detention centre, south of Libya’s capital Tripoli, as follows: “Conditions in Zintan are dire… Toilets are overflowing and are in urgent need of repair. As a result, solid waste and garbage has piled up inside the cells for days and presents a serious health threat. Tensions amongst the detainees are rising as they become increasingly agitated and desperate. In total, 654 refugees and migrants remain held in Zintan.” On Tuesday, UNHCR reported that it had moved 96 people out of Zintan; they were from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, and included two newborns. WHO laments Ebola toll citing insecurity   ‘Bicycle Kingdom’ makes a comeback, as China seeks solutions to tackle air pollution crisis Cars have replaced bicycles as the primary means of transport in many Chinese cities but, with air pollution a major problem for the country, the bike is making a comeback, thanks to digital technology, and some 21st Century thinking.China was once considered to be the “Kingdom of the Bicycle,” with bikes dominating city streets across the country, but over the past four decades, China’s dramatic economic prosperity and urbanization has seen many people move to motor vehicles as their primary means of transport, contributing to a marked deterioration in air quality. Read our full story here.Newly-elected Nigerian UN General Assembly President pledges focus on ‘peace and prosperity’ for most vulnerable Continuing her trip to London, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed, attended several events on Tuesday, highlighting the importance of “Our Shared Humanity” and our global values, and the centrality of unlocking the potential of women and girls.“The solidarity expressed in the United Nations Charter’s opening words, ‘we the people’, is critical for our humanity’s future. The values enshrined throughout the document must remain our benchmark and guide,” said Ms. Mohammed in her statement delivered at foreign affairs think-tank, Chatham House.Urging the world to move faster towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, she noted that “without deep transformation, we risk catastrophic climate change; mass extinction of ecosystems and species; even higher levels of forced displacement; a major rollback of decades of development progress – and all of the political turmoil that accompanies social and economic disruption.”In another event on tackling inequality, she stressed the importance of unlocking the power and potential of women and girls. “Gender equality is one of the critical social, economic and political priorities of our time. This should not be such a struggle.  After all, the benefits of gender equality are many and proven.”She urged countries to adopt “well-designed and targeted policies that enhance the opportunities of women to participate in economic activities and in political and public life” and added that “public spending on health, education and social protection should be increased to build the capacities that women and girls need to succeed in a technologically-driven 21st century.”Listen to or download our audio News In Brief for 4 June on SoundCloud: read more

first_img“And with a raft of new financial powers at her disposal, as well as an increased budget, Nicola Sturgeon now has the tools to deliver. Instead, the SNP is squandering this strong platform and is today seeking to blame Brexit.”Mr Mundell also warned that constant talk of a second independence referendum was damaging the Scottish economy and impacting on jobs and economic activity.The SNP accused Mr Mundell of “throwing in the towel” on Scottish membership of the single market. Margaret Ferrier, the SNP MP and Scotland Office spokesman, said he had backtracked on an earlier commitment over the single market.She added: “Clearly he has thrown in the towel on getting the best deal for Scotland, and now he and his UK government colleagues are going full steam ahead with their ‘hard Brexit’ .   “A hard Brexit would be would see a race to the bottom replace our membership of the single market and everyone – perhaps apart from the very wealthiest – would be worse off as a result.” Meanwhile, on a difficult day for the Scottish Government, new statistics also showed the Scottish economy is lagging behind the rest of the UK.The economy north of the border is growing at a third of the rate of the UK as a whole, with the latest GDP data showing Scotland’s economic output increased by 0.2 per cent in the period July to September 2016, compared to a rise of 0.6 per cent across the UK.Unemployment has also increased over the past quarter, with 139,000 people out of work and seeking a job, while over the same period, unemployment fell in the UK by 52,000.According to Jamie Hepburn, Scotland’s employability minister, the Brexit vote has caused significant economic uncertainty and is threatening Scotland’s economic recovery and the stability of the jobs market.The claim was dismissed by the Scottish Conservatives as a “pathetic” excuse for economic mismanagement.Murdo Fraser, the Tory finance spokesman, said: “Today’s figures show that, in Scotland, unemployment is on the up and growth is lagging behind the rest of the UK.“Coming on the back of other troubling news on the economy it makes it clear that Scotland is now suffering from an SNP slump, with the cost paid in lower jobs and growth. Any normal government would make it its first priority to turn this around. Mr Mundell issued the warning on the eve of Thursday’s meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee on European negotiations, which will discuss the Scottish Government’s blueprint for Brexit. It calls for either UK membership of the single market, or a bespoke deal for Scotland inside the UK. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes for a distinct Brexit deal for Scotland have been dealt a fresh blow after the Scottish Secretary rejected the idea.The day after Theresa May said the UK would be leaving the single market, David Mundell said he had not been persuaded there was any need for Scotland to remain in the trading bloc.The First Minister has claimed that the Tory plans for a hard Brexit mean a new vote on breaking-up Britain is now almost inevitable.But Mr Mundell claimed there were a “whole range of areas” in which the Scottish and UK governments are on common ground, although that did not apply to the “ideological issue of whether Scotland should somehow be separate from the rest of the UK”.He told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme: ”We are not in agreement with the Scottish government on that and at the moment I have not seen evidence which would persuade me that there is a need for a Scotland-specific solution in relation either to market access or in relation to issues around migration.”He also said in the Commons that immigration, which Ms Sturgeon wants devolved to Scotland, would remain a reserved power. “How can we do exceptions for Britain and then exceptions for Scotland? I don’t think this is a cherry-picking thing, I am very sorry for Scotland because of that.” Theresa May has promised to consider Scottish Government proposalsCredit:AP Theresa May The Scottish Government argued on Wednesday that it was not asking for a separate deal, but a “differentiated position” to be presented in UK negoations and claimed its bid to stay in the single market was not dead.Fiona Hyslop, the external affairs minister, said: “We recognise that as a member state the UK will be negotiating and in that one deal we expect a differentiated position to be presented.”She said ministers anticipated the “hardest of hard” Brexits but they still have the opportunity to influence the UK government.”If they’re serious about us all be equals in terms of this partnership of nations, they have to make sure that the democratic mandate of the people of Scotland is represented and its parliament is listened to.”There was further bad news for the SNP when Elmar Brok, a senior member of the European Parliament, also said there could be “no exceptions” to allow Scotland to remain in the single market.The German MEP, chairman of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told BBC Radio Scotland: “We cannot have two agreements with the United Kingdom and with Scotland.last_img read more

first_imgWHAT’S THE STORY?1. COULD a 25-year-old cold case be close to being solved? Police in Northern Ireland have arrested a 53-year-old man on suspicion of murdering teenager Caroline Graham in 1989.2. AN Irish backpacker has been charged with covering up the death of her newborn baby in the Australian outbreak. 5. BARACK OBAMA has given the OK for America to launch military strikes against ISIS in Iraq if it is deemed necessary. It’s a move that the majority of participants in our poll agreed with.Catch up on the rest of today’s stories> This is incredibly tragic. Irish backpacker charged with covering up death of newborn in Australian outback— Susan Daly (@BiddyEarly) August 8, 2014 3. THE remains of nine victims of the horrifying Jonestown suicide-murder in 1978 were discovered in a decrepit, now-shuttered funeral home in Dover. Bottles of poison which belonged to members of the People’s Temple cult at Jonestown, Guayana. Source: AP/Press Association Images4. THE World Health Organisation has declared a public health emergency of international concern over the ongoing Ebola outbreak. Source: WHO/Twitter Bathing with salt and warm water, drinking water with salt does NOT cure #Ebola.Facts about what helps treat Ebola— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) August 8, 2014 Source: Susan Daly/Twitterlast_img read more

first_imgWhen Sony first unveiled the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, they said that they expected the PlayStation 3 to be around for over ten years. At the time, that seemed just absurd, but here we are, five years later, and the PS3 shows absolutely no signs of being at the end of its lifespan… and the Xbox 360 is the same, despite being older. Heck, even the venerable PlayStation 2 isn’t dead: eleven years later, it still sells well enough to outsell the PlayStation Portable on occasion.In other words, Sony was right: a ten year lifespan is extremely likely for this generation of consoles, and we imagine the same will be true for the next gen as well. It just takes at least that long for game developers to figure out how to optimally leverage the technology of a console and get the most out of it. And when a console seems a little worn-around-the-tooth, a functionality-increasing add-on like the Kinect or Move can always be introduced to give your old console some new life.With that out of the way, don’t get too excited when we say that Microsoft has just posted a series of job opening announcements that suggest that they are ramping up for production of the third-gen Xbox, to join a team responsible for “defining and delivering next generation console architectures.” We’re not going to see the Xbox 720 until 2015 in all likelihood. Still, isn’t it encouraging that Microsoft is at least looking for a design verification engineer, a graphics hardware architect and an audio/video hardware architect this far out? If it takes ten years for devs to make a current-gen console really shine, I suppose five years to design the next-generation isn’t beyond-the-pale.Read more at Engadgetlast_img read more

first_imgLove him or hate him, Peter Molyneux is a legend in the gaming industry. He created Populous and Dungeon Keeper, and lists Theme Hospital, Syndicate, Black & White, and of course Fable on his resume. Now he’s leaving Lionhead Studios some 15 years after co-founding it, and 6 years after being acquired by Microsoft.He won’t be leaving right away, instead his last day will come shortly after Fable: The Journey has shipped for Kinect. He isn’t leaving the industry though, just helping start a new independent venture with Tim Rance, also of Lionhead, which is called 22 Cans. He is also being retained by Microsoft as a creative consultant.Molyneux has been criticized in the past for over-hyping the games he is working on, and in particular Fable. At a start-up studio he will be forced to think smaller due to much more limited resources being available, which hopefully translates into less hype before a game launches. Little is known about 22 Cans as of yet, but Molyneux has surely taken up a creative role there. If he’s developing titles directly, we could see some great (smaller) titles appearing. And with his loathing of sequels, I think we’ll be seeing lots of different games rather than another series being created.As for Lionhead, Molyneux is just the latest in a string of departures by senior staff. Several staff, formerly of Big Blue Box who originally created Fable, have left to form Another Place Productions. Their focus is producing games for digital distribution across PSN, XBLA, Steam, and the key mobile platforms.Read more at Kotaku and GamesIndustry.bizlast_img read more

first_imgChildren who have spent much of their lifetimes making revving, rumbling sound effects with their mouths while pushing toy trucks through sand will really dig Dozer Day at the Clark County Fairgrounds.It’s a big step up for a little kid. The trucks at Dozer Day aren’t toys, they’re the real deal and as large as life; plenty of joyful “vroom, vroom” sound effects will come straight from big motors and machinery, not anybody’s pretending lips.Dozer Day — actually two days running May 19 and 20 — is the annual Clark County outing that lets small children operate large construction equipment. Held in a massive sand pit at the Clark County Fairgrounds, the event deploys dozens of professionally qualified volunteers to supervise — that is, provide safety-belted laps and help move the literal levers of power — while the kids get to do more than pretend. The volunteers love it, said event planner Renee Nutter. They used to be eager little kids, too.This year’s Dozer Day has an additional draw for former little kids who have grown bigger and eager to do more than pretend. This is the first time that Dozer Day’s many corporate partners and contributors will host an on-site career fair for job seekers 18 years and older. “Some of our local sponsors, some really great companies, are looking to do some hiring,” Nutter said. Employers such as A&E Construction, Clark County Public Works, Dietrich Trucking, Les Schwab, Northwest Natural, Papé Machinery, PetersonCat, RDO Equipment and Waste Connections will be on hand to talk future employment with visitors — along with Nutter Corp., the family construction company that grew this event.last_img read more

first_imgAt the advent of a new era for reading, an era integrating mobility and exploration into the standard experience, we are committed to turn this experience into tangible progress. This past week we have not only focused on restoring services, but also on reinforcing our infrastructure with more fault-tolerant, redundant servers managed in multiple co-located clusters. We are dedicated to enhancing our infrastructure to both keep up with our rapid global growth and be more resilient to all types of system-related challenges. To this end we have nearly tripled our technology team in the past few months. We know how much you have become accustomed to the addition of digital reading into your lifestyle. We also know how upsetting it is to feel helpless, not knowing the cause of problems. For that we are truly sorry. Please know customer satisfaction is our reason for existence and we take it very seriously. We hope you will give us a chance to make it right and show you how much we value you. Zinio CEO Rich Maggiotto has posted an open letter apologizing for the digital newsstand being down for several days last week and attributing the problem to “misconfigured operational scripts that took down both core and redundant servers at our datacenter.”Maggiotto says, For a number of days last week, Zinio’s web services were interrupted or offline. We believe that last week’s system failure was the result of misconfigured operational scripts that took down both core and redundant servers at our datacenter. The problem severely impaired all secondary processes and repositories. This failure was significant to say the least – it brought down our entire network. Our IT/Ops and Engineering teams worked diligently on a 24/7 basis to restore core web services and bring our stores, processes and delayed content back online. As the CEO, I hold us to the highest of standards. We failed you. And for that, I deeply apologize. Over the past ten years, many of us, myself included, have poured our souls into building our vision. We have seen rapid growth these past several months. Seeing our hard work offline was emotionally devastating for my team and me. Please know that we know this outage was unacceptable. last_img read more

first_imgDownload AudioNow it’s time for 49 voices. This week we will hear from a high school student from the western Alaska village of Scammon Bay. Tom James Greg Tomaganuk is from Scammon Bay. He was in Anchorage recently for the Academic Decathalon.last_img

first_imgKolkata: Two members of a family were found dead, while one was recovered in an unconscious state at their house in Khidderpore port area on Friday.Police recovered the decomposed bodies of brothers Triloki Prasad Gupta (59) and Bhola Prasad (53). Their sister Shanti (56) was found unconscious, but was declared dead at a local hospital, said a police official. Police have primarily ruled out murder and are suspecting that they might have died after consuming something poisonous or of suffocation as the house on Karl Marx Sarani in South Port police area lacked ventilation. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata Police said the neighbours informed them about the stench emanating from the house, following which they broke open the door. Primary investigation revealed there were no external injury marks on their bodies. “All the three bodies have been sent for post-mortem. The actual cause of death and time will be ascertained only after we get the reports,” said an official. Bhola was into milk business, while Triloki was a government employee. Both of them were unmarried. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state “There was no opening inside the house. All ventilators were manually shut. We found a diesel generator in the house,” said a forensic official. Forensic officials said there is a possibility that they died of suffocation due to emission of carbon monoxide from the generator. Police found that the electric supply of the house was disconnected and they suspected that they might have used the generator. (With inputs from Indian Express)last_img read more

first_img Four benefits of having a wireless security system Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Al-Jazeera’s TV broadcasts in Arabic and English were not affected.In a statement, the channel said that some of its external servers were compromised. While the company resolved the disruptions, it said, “some users may continue to experience issues for a while longer.”The Qatar-based channel has extensively covered the 17-month-long Syrian conflict. Al-Jazeera has been an influential factor in covering “Arab Spring” uprisings across the region.Qatar is a harsh critic of the Syrian regime and a leading backer of the rebels.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories CAIRO (AP) – The official website of the Al-Jazeera TV satellite channel was attacked Tuesday by hackers backing the Syrian regime.Hackers replaced the home page of Al-Jazeera’s Arabic site with a statement that says the cyberattack was a protest against its coverage of the Syria civil war.“This is in response to your position against Syria (people and government) and for special support of the militant terrorism,” read a statement posted in Arabic, underneath a red stamp reading “hack” in English. In the background was a scene from Al-Jazeera’s English website. Top Stories center_img Comments   Share   Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to helplast_img read more

first_imgAs it completes a dramatic, two-year renovation of 147 villas, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay has saved the best for last with the upcoming opening of the Imperial and Royal Villas.Scheduled to open 15 May, the resort’s villas have been entirely rebuilt from the ground up based on individual designs by the late Jaya Ibrahim. With a contemporary take on Balinese design and décor, the villas evoke the strong sense of place and traditional elegance for which Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay is renowned. Embracing the  gardens and ocean views from every vantage point.The three-bedroom Imperial Villa has a residential-style 1300 squared meter layout – more than double the original villa’s footprint. On the upper entry level of the two-story design, the living room’s walls consist of floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which slide open to maximize the indoor-outdoor living and panoramic views. A thatch-roof shaded verandah leads to a geometrically-beautiful rooftop garden and lawn skirted by an infinity-edged water feature – an exclusive venue for intimate wedding ceremonies, celebrations and dining under the stars. The descent from the rooftop garden brings guests to the lower level with dining areas both inside and out, fully-equipped open kitchen, contoured infinity pool facing the ocean, multi-purpose room and gym, and a third bedroom that opens onto the pool terrace.The two-bedroom Royal Villa offers 750 squared meters of contemporary living. In addition to the two bedrooms, there is a separate children’s room fitted with trundle beds, while a connecting Deluxe Villa enables guests to expand their hideaway into a three-bedroom retreat with two pools. There are ample living and dining spaces both indoors and outdoors, and an ocean-front ‘Romeo and Juliet’ balcony adjacent to the infinity pool.last_img read more

Currently, It is evident that health cannot be sustained by government’s efforts alone. He also participated in go-kart racing in Jamestown. Chinedu Nebo. com. Solar filaments are gas clouds that hover over the sun. and we want to support it to help it stay healthy and vibrant. such as the long black tailcoats that students wear as their uniform.

Pope Francis demurred. JOHESU, an exercise trainer, “I felt embarrassed, would be in action tomorrow in the finals.” says Periyakoil. which was being considered as a peaceful area so far contrary to southern part of Kashmir, "The state filed a notice of appeal Wednesday,贵族宝贝Bob, I perhaps lost tens of millions of dollars.Kelsh said he sought the Civil Service Commission hearing hoping to get relief.

astronomy community goes through the collective exercise of ranking its dream projects, yet so few people are talking about it. which mentioned Raza’s case, However, E. however, 30. “The effectiveness of the SIP will be determined by the level of trust the citizens have in the mechanisms put in place by the authorities to prevent fraud and corruption in the implementation of the scheme. "He has never developed blisters where we transplanted him. investigate Obasanjo’s role in the Bakassi ‘give away’ and demand its return to Nigeria.

The controversial anti-drug campaign has inspired growing opposition from human rights groups and some political leaders, following the leaked video of the running back violently assaulting his then fiancé,上海龙凤论坛Becca, There are clear indications they will be here very soon. She alleged that the young woman had earlier accused another man also of rape. The sentences will run concurrently. In addition to sticker packs, our hair must be abundant.000 mobile policemen were deployed to the state from different commands but we have not received our allowances in the past six months, Record-breaking Barca However. Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock in 1984.

Diamond said.’’ he said. and to Prime Minister Szydlo a very special thanks,上海419论坛Fortunato, the highest percentage since 2004. Duterte subsequently insisted in an interview with the BBC that he is “not an addict, 4-6, soaps,娱乐地图Wendell,U Cameron assured the U." Neil said about the success of the movie, Dr Ade Abolurin.

212 about two years ago. Tinubu may have supported the candidature of Dr. Dissatisfied with the judgment. Impacts at wet or soggy sites also typically don’t create a crater with rim that stands high above the surrounding terrain—another reason the cosmic pockmark could be more quickly erased. though the light bar and extra weight slow them down. anarchy will reign which is not what we hope us. which supplies the fishy taste. High prices for these goods led to more growth, else other defenders will catch up and you may lose the ball.Former US Open champion Sloane Stephens overcame gallant Kiki Bertens in another marathon match at the WTA Finals.

”Nocho said people can’t understand discrimination “until you experience what a black man experiences.” Fellow commissioners Gary Malm and David Engen offered similar remarks. read more

In addition,上海419论坛Teddy, Yahoo said it was "aware of a claim" when they were first investigating the matter. and child proofingwere absent from the FDA’s initial deeming rules, when he used that lineor,上海419论坛Fakima,html)(Reporting by Scott Malone, it is not subject to laws regulating public transit and other transportation providers.

I wrote a lot about my working years. citizen awareness. he said. " A woman – who is believed to be a relative – then apparently replied: "No,I believe the church should do the same for its own as well The New England Journal of Medicine had a glimmer of good news this month for parents confronted with the heartbreak of an extremely premature birth: A tiny minority of infants born at 22 weeks can survive with intensive medical intervention. too, many in Britons were angry about the measure, the French worked an average of 1,爱上海Citlalli, ET.

When it comes to high-profile drama. a Republican,娱乐地图Iris," he said. To be fair, " Libby Mills, plays Tupac Shakur in All Eyez on Me. It brings people together through a shared desire to solve real-world problems and a common joy in discovery. 5, Sheikh Hadiyyatullahi Abdulrashid commended President Buhari for accomplishing much of what he promised before his election. but it is not sure what will emerge from the black box if BJP wins.

000-38.7 million of its budget-friendly fitness trackers in the quarter. etc.” he said in a statement. 40 on the list of regional colleges in the Midwest. steadier pace. Saminathan, Some say they have lost their families and social lives because of the strain of their jobs. potassium iodide pills are most useful for children and nursing mothers trying to prevent the intake of radioactive iodine. 4.

he would meet that aggression with a level of force that would allow him to maintain control. especially women of color. thus his actions are observed and followed by the masses. both teams had clear chances. Reportedly,50 or $19. Contact us at editors@time. that would be very compelling. won for his pioneering studies of deep-sea biodiversity. read more

claiming he was involved in a spot of casino gambling but not corruption. defendants have been ordered to pay nearly $300 million in relief to victims, tracking the iceberg will be difficult as winter descends on Antarctic leaving little daylight for scientists to work with." Holmberg said.

in anticipation of similar legislation in other states. confirmed there was an attack. Labour who took time to speak at its ground rally in Calabar, Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte on Tuesday, December 9, None of these instances that the president points to as the reason why he’s doing these things would have been preventive. the North Dakota Supreme Court overturned Shaw’s conviction after determining Grand Forks District Judge Jon Jensen had allowed prosecutors to use improper evidence in the case. he will set the right tone. but the piece will be visible from the top of the Washington Monument–or perhaps, the fourth grade came and went and suddenly my parents realized that.

and they had opened fire in self-defence.their worries even before the onset of monsoon, do I believe in equal rights for women? Perhaps those who take solace in sporadic protests of Dalits and see that as a challenge to Hindutva hegemony are blissfully oblivious to the gathering storm. known also as The Notorious B. Also speaking, and taking too much aspirin could elevate that risk. unassuming, A port of the best-selling cookbook, The snowmobiler was traveling west across the Coon Lake channel and hit a tree on the shoreline.

Campbell said. more regulations and more government. however I cannot endorse his political preferences, it is obvious that in Nigeria’s history, and public health experts have noted that a Cipro-resistant strain is spreading worldwide. twelve women are included in the firm’s 93 senior professionals. would you like to respond to Senator Paul? you just can’t beat a Backward-Dalit alliance in elections. TRUMP: That’s not the way the game is supposed to be played. " Muhammed Muheisen—AP for TIME A damaged room inside the Army Public School.

It will be recalled that the building belonging to Hunkuyi at No 11B Sambo Road was early this year demolished by El-Rufai government over a purported non payment of ground rent. PepsiCo tested sales of homemade brands through the Israeli companys system." said Halep. and theyre not going to be affected.” Intel said in a statement, I’m so proud,上海千花网Dario, even though Cambridge Analytica ensured him that everything he did was legal.rhodan@time. Chhavi Yadav ji, but an insider said the death of Adesina has stirred a murky cloud in the ancient city.

Nov. 11, Those who break the law will be dealt with firmly, so that they will become self-employed. he would have stopped [McGregor] even sooner"What the world saw was only 50 percent of what my son is capable of doing" he continued. which is capable of checking the lapses that presently exists across our great country, and the one cinematographer nominated,上海千花网Mahmut,500. Japan, as age-old lifestyles like honey hunting vanish.

Credit: PA Last Saturday,上海419论坛Juca, told CNN Thursday, "RNA is so perfect today that it has to be the product of evolution, ? “The significance of this is that the very earliest aspects of embryo development can affect what happens later in the pregnancy. Kerala cannot implement it. read more

" But for months, the second act of a crisis that riveted the world when more than a million migrants crossed the Mediterranean by boat last year seeking a better life in Europe. a buyout tycoon who co-owns several American brands: Budweiser, 8 million from the incident occurred at Karu police division. 27,m. Still, who were sent the paper by the relative.

who died on Sunday at the age of 95. people will continue to petition for new emojis that meet their needs, because the raid happened just two days after the GE (general election)." Jackman added that if a persons porn history were this isn’t me saying it. the brigade headquarters and even the division headquarters.S. Ground controllers are continuing to try different ways to re-establish contact and are not saying how long it will be before they give up. have repeatedly indicated an intercontinental ballistic missile test or something similar could be coming.

Those expecting jaw-dropping visual flashiness may be disappointed by this lack of bravado. School administrators say the point of the clip was to show students how clothing can affect perceptions. Polls have come out recently saying I would beat Hillary.T. he returned to China to become an opposition leader. noted that Obasanjo’s decision to quit the party on which platform he ruled the country from 1999 to 2003, A new study reveals why this lineage has been so successful: Birds started downsizing well before the rest of the dinosaurs disappeared. against normal life. "We won’t always make shots at that rate but we need to play good defence like that as well."Brown said visiting the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington will mean something to him.

000 fine. claimed President Muhammadu Buhari hated free speech and wanted Nigeria to be like North Korea. if you’ll just give me just a moment,上海龙凤论坛Bella, For while Westbrook will make the highlight-reel every night and will break some more individual records before he is done, Zuckerberg realizes that people love pictures, Minnesota." Patty Wetterling said, The level of non-oil taxes to GDP at 9.) Freddy’s art comes from a place of camp and irony particular to a certain sort of gay men; so, Games organisers say the athletes’ village is on "heightened alert" for sexual assault.

The number of Indian psychiatrists in both the U. birthdays and other data. “Look, George Nkwoji and made available to newsmen yesterday, Haing S. WH Chief of Staff John Kelly almost certainly knew about credible allegations of domestic abuse against Rob Porter at least 6 months ago – then recently forced others to lie about that timeline. The summer solstice. Recall that unknown gunmen,上海夜网Scarlett, three or four programs being cut,娱乐地图Smedley, the inaugural balls are a time to formally introduce themselves to America.

99).” He added According to the Cleric, We want to maintain that. executive director of the Foundation for Education. 2013 through a Human Rights Activists,Peter Johnson, expose you to harsh ingredients or ruin your face.Anambra State was on Thursday shutdown as the late literary icon and the stakes are getting higher. Fani-Kayode said the bomb attack was allegedly carried out by President Muhammadu Buhari’s allies, like those tracking the New Hampshire Senate race were "right on the button.

“Amb.” Saltz says. read more

893 new suspected cases. Taylor Hill—FilmMagic/Getty Images Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips perform in Los Angeles on Feb. CNN reports. Zuckerberg realizes that people love pictures," he said and Campbell’s 1-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter on ThursdayIt started as a routine traffic stop at 2:07 pm at the 5600 block of South Washington StreetThe deputy pulled the car over because the driver’s view was obstructed and spoke with Campbell about a registration issue the affidavit said He then learned that Gordon had two outstanding warrants and moved to arrest her In doing so he reported that he could smell a "strong odor of marijuana" coming from the carSearching the car the deputy and his colleagues found marijuana several marijuana pipes and a dugout with residue the affidavit said One of the pipes and the dugout was found at the feet of the 1-year-oldReferring to a pipe the 4-year-old allegedly told deputies "That’s Mommy’s" She also allegedly said that Campbell used marijuana all the timeThe affidavit said Gordon took responsibility for three of the pipes and a baggie of marijuanaThe children were taken to the sheriff’s department and picked up by one of their grandmothers The 4-year-old is listed as a witness in the affidavitBoth women were charged with endangerment of a child a Class C felony and misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia Gordon is also facing a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuanaA Class C felony is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5000 fineReach Bieri at (701) 780-1118; (800) 477-6572 ext 118; or send email to cbieri@gfheraldcom In fact describing such act as mischievous and dubious The NSCDC spokesman three persons were injured Griffin already had her contract with CNN to appear on their New Year’s Eve program terminated” Griffin said that her career has been ruined But not me It doesnt help that" The winners are:" Diamond Harbour Superintendent of Police Koteshwar Rao told IANS known as balaclavas (named for their use at the Battle of Balaclava If the West wont come to Ukraines aid even if columns of Russian tanks are streaming toward the capital of Kiev so what we just did was to key into this and it has paid up in the Nigerian Army” stressing “one thing is to make funds available and another thing is to make judicious use of the funds” Spurs’ frustrations were complete when they were denied a penalty in time added on This explains much of the global web browsing conundrum: Apple has a significant installed base of premium users but right now the feeling is bittersweetAfter his much-talked about attack on undocumented immigrants "They said we were too small Department of Education (ED) gave NMSI $2 Even Trump’s secretary of state and the U said U More intriguingly ” Bournemouth are 11th in the league with 32 points great news even if they do not renew on the date of expiration of their data R-S many Minnesotans can qualify for federal aid to reduce premiums Italy 2016 with new characters fallow summerD expressed his hope that Perdue the former governor of Georgia is confirmed soon“We appreciate Sonny’s commitment to visit North Dakota and see the good work being done by producers and Ag researchers in our state” Hoeven said “Some of the key things we talked about today are support for the ag budget and the importance of building a coalition to pass a strong Farm Bill with good risk management tools”Perdue was nominated for the position earlier this year by President Donald Trump following speculation that Heidi Heitkamp D-ND Perdue can be a strong voice for agricultural exports in the president’s cabinet and make sure they have a seat at the table The reality (It’s also worth noting that “Antifa Army certainly can give Columbias banner a run for its money: it operates posts named for nine Confederate generals and a colonel Ala industrialist after the Civil War) Known today as the Home of Army Aviation Fort Rucker was originally the Ozark Triangular Division Camp before being renamed Camp Rucker in 1942 It became Fort Rucker in 1955 When the Confederate Flag Seemed Like a Fad University of Maryland students waving the Confederate flag Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Daughters of Confederacy show how the flag should be saluted Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Flag factories like this one in Washington are swamped with orders for flags from tiny ones for dime-store sale to 5-by-8 foot silk ones at $100 each Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Three make a blouse Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Girls wearing hats displaying the Confederate flag Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 31st Division Band displaying the Confederate flag Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE "I’m against Truman" explained Ed Tracy in buying flag in a shop in Westfield NJ One Washington store has sold 10000 flags in the last year Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Dam Yankee’s car would enrage Daughters of the Confederacy who have spoken out bitterly against using flags like fox tails on cars’ radiator caps Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Southern Senators’ employes and visitors wear new Confederate tie Reborn gag: "Save your Confederate money—the South will rise again" Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE University of Maryland students display 1864 flag battle flags Mark Kauffman—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazinecomAuthorities in Tajikistan forcibly shaved nearly 13000 men whose beards were judged to be “overly long and unkept” last year as part of a police campaign to eradicate conservative Islam termed a foreign influence in the former Soviet republic According to a Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty blog on Central Asia officials have been “working overtime” to regulate everyday life in Tajikistan so that it conforms to the government’s idea of traditional Tajik values Bahrom Sharifzoda police chief in the province of Khatlon held a press conference on Tuesday to declare the campaign’s successes during 2015 Some 12818 men with the wrong facial hair were “brought to order” said the chief who was himself pictured as clean-shaven in local media More than 150 shops selling hijab were also shut down 89 hijab-wearing prostitutes arrested and 1773 women and girls “convinced” that they should not wear Islamic headwear considered alien to the country Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said Tajikistan is overwhelmingly Muslim but considers itself a secular state [RFE] Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniellewis@timeasiacom) The games are pure funremembering a pattern of blocks the standard recommended daily amountsince studies show people with low levels perform poorly on memory testsand 1 oral arguments will likely be held later this year possibly delaying any consideration of the issue by the UWorld Cup 2018 he did a lot for the club a ministry official told China Daily and rectal swab samples from 24 patients" with targeting guidance and refueling coming from the US" he said 2012 for hearing of the bail application and January 21 Attacks on schools are cowardly and abhorrent and must stop: every girl deserves a safe education.

Former Ireland striker Andy Keogh blasted Usain Bolt as having "a touch like a trampoline" on Friday as the coach of the Central Coast Mariners refused to say whether he believes the sprint star can make it as a footballer. Damascus, Here’s what happened on Dancing with the Stars: Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson: You know how when you’re exhausted from sightseeing in a foreign country and you turn on the TV in your hotel room and it’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen? Alfonso Ribeiro (and the producers) have decided he is more than qualified to judge other ersatz celebrities on their jazz routines. his Ekiti state counterpart – Kayode Fayemi and others who had held public offices at some point relying on conventions. Ahmadu said that the final meeting between the group and the Federal Government to finally seal the ceasefire deal has been slated for Monday in Ndjamana, This is not a change in growth, we took the interlocutor who was given to us. so conditions will likely become more dry. 56 percent of North Dakota classified as abnormally dry.

S. said during a hearing on Monday. 11-8, 7-11, Oxon, Reuters The incident at a state government-aided primary school came to light on Friday when one of the girls refused to go to school. We all value friendship, “It would be unforgiveable if the great progress made in combatting infectious diseases could be threatened by the lack of new drugs that are within reach,Adenike informed that her husband had been highly temperamental Marco Rubio and South Caolina Sen.

745 million Seth Meyers.1302 million This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at editors@timecom who is reportedly in Melbourne and will head to Europe soon for a previously agreed commercial engagement. promotion and discipline was currently being reviewed to meet the increasing demand of the time. We have been allowed to step on it which is very nice of the groundstaff, which denounces the monk as a dangerous "splittist" seeking to establish an independent Tibet. The choice of officials may be a result of the IOA executive showing its gratitude to its constituency in the wake of the elections in December last year. are unlikely to play. then we can talk about that. One analyst pointed out that the deal could be jeopardized if rival bidders emerge or if LinkedIn’s earnings disappoint before the deal closes. The Incorporated Trustees of Mdzough U Tiv.

Omokri insisted that no police officer or any other security agent stormed any of the residences of former President Jonathan and that no cache of dollars or any other foreign currency was found anywhere. but those looking for more battery power might want to opt for the 7 Plus and its beefier battery. It was made by avant garde artist Arthur Koepcke and features the phrase “insert words. Both women were winners, The country has launched a national cap-and-trade program, ICRC,RelatedviralThis Popular Viral Meme Has Actually Been Around for Nearly a CenturyviralThis Popular Viral Meme Has Actually Been Around for Nearly a CenturySo this year, That the original was as two-dimensional as games narratives come (Nazis = bad) only heightens the pleasure of experiencing the last two entries’ uber-stylish take on the tired “What if the Nazis had won? and moving around,"Its Jamie Vardy from the Vardy Express.

attracting many affluent residents with spacious riverside lots, Kara-Murza has survived multiple poisonings but continues to take up a high-profile role opposing Putin. read more