in order to further improve the party’s political theory level, the health system of the party members and cadres to carry out better chuangxianzhengyou activities in their own work, the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, keep the Communist Party members advanced nature and purity. August 22nd to 25, the county health and food and Drug Administration in the county Party committee held in the county women’s and children’s party held a training course for 0 year two one or two. read more

following the May this year, Xining city built a three-star toilets after the end of the month, West District will build a four star public toilets.

built by the west area of city administrative and law enforcement bureau investment 20 million yuan renovation of the four star public toilets, is currently tense construction, is expected to open before the end of this month. The toilet is located in the flow of people is relatively large in Haiyan junction, according to the Ministry of construction is a four-star standard design and construction. The appearance of public toilets are all imported granite and cultural stone veneer, the roof is made of the province’s most advanced spray tinted glass double top, architectural style and public toilets and the surrounding high-rise buildings with Xin Ning lu. Public toilets within the use of four ventilation ventilation deodorization equipment, the ground laid a non slip wear quality tiles. read more

In September 22nd 2015, the reporter from the "New Silk Road sail" stars concert press conference was informed that in October 24th, Wang Feng, Shira, Wowkie Zhang, Jiangyangzhuoma, Ya Dong, Ze Wan Ram, South Korea men’s team, South Korean female group and other stars will gather in Ninghai West Lake District of Qinghai Sports Center, the passion of singing, let me in the masses the door to enter the palace of art, feel the charm of music.

footsteps of the Spring Festival is getting closer, the majority of students have to go home, and a lot of people working in Hefei, began to embark on a journey home! With the spring of 2017 the curtain is about to open, Hefei public transport group since 2010 eighth opening of the "College Students’ temporary direct line" and "migrant workers temporary direct line, provide convenient travel conditions for migrant workers, migrant students studying in Hefei, returning home. read more

people’s Daily reporter Du Shangze

Qinghai, the United States has a vast and magnificent natural beauty, but also the dream of the people of all ethnic groups to dream of the beauty of the spirit.

8 22 -24 June, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to Qinghai research, in-depth, Xining, Haixi, Haidong, on the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" planning, strengthen environmental protection, do research and social development work of economic investigation. read more

when the car sales performance is rising, the popularity of automotive beauty services are also rising, investment in automotive beauty shop has become a new choice for entrepreneurship. Under this premise, the investment is also more and more investors to open car beauty shop. Competition in the automotive beauty industry is also increasingly fierce competition. If the owners do a good job in the operation of auto beauty stores, in order to ensure that the store to get the desired income. Today to introduce several kinds of car beauty shop shop method. Hope to help managers. Let’s work together to find out. read more

in order to fully reflect the party and the government’s concern for the elderly, this year, the province actively raise funds 88 million 940 thousand yuan, once again adjusted to improve the elderly health examination and the standard of living allowance for the elderly.

it is understood that the adjustment of the standard for the elderly over the age of 70 subsidy standards per capita monthly increase of $20. After the mark, aged 70 – 79 years old increased from 30 yuan to 50 yuan, 80 years old – 89 years old increased from 40 yuan to 60 yuan, 90 years old – 99 years old increased from 60 yuan to 80 yuan, 100 years old increased from 100 yuan to 120 yuan, this policy will benefit 296 thousand and 700 elderly healthy subsidies; the elderly people over the age of 65 from the current 80 yuan per person per year increased to 130 yuan, and increase medical projects, benefit from the crowd of 354 thousand and 700 people. read more

another year of graduation season, many students are faced with the problem of employment. The face of a large number of positions on the market, many students embrace a cavity enthusiasm, hoping to respond to the call of the country, into the wave of employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, many local governments have also given strong support. So, how to promote employment and entrepreneurship in Dazhou?

recently learned from the Dazhou Municipal Employment Bureau, this year, Dazhou college graduates, vocational graduates is expected to reach 48 thousand. Face downward pressure on economic structure, further adjustment of status quo, the city community sector planning ahead, as the initiative to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as an opportunity to vigorously implement the "six action" to boost entrepreneurship, the full employment of College graduates. read more

  recently, the Research Report on "the development of modern agriculture and the building of a new socialist countryside in China’s ethnic minority areas, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County" was held in Beijing. The new rural construction of modern agriculture development mode from the Department of agriculture 31 expert seminar in ethnic minority areas, decided to borrow in July held third classic mountain flowers will activity, in the modern agriculture chase mode nationwide promotion". read more

  in order to build a strong business, skilled team of cadres, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the IRS innovation ideas, in the overall development of accounting knowledge compliance activities.


Xining economic and Technological Development Zone tax accounting personnel to master certain professional knowledge, skills and knowledge about the requirement of post modernization, with information technology, practical, solid foundation to carry out training, pay close attention to improve job skills, combined with the development zone of actual work, formulated the "implementation plan" in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Office of the State Administration of Taxation on knowledge of accounting standards activities, to carry out accounting standards activities in the global use of knowledge about a year’s time. According to the basis of accounting standards, then the full financial accounting standards, and finally carry out the new accounting standards compliance activities of "three steps" overall planning, let global each worker through learning and training by the national accounting qualification examination, accounting basic qualified compliance rate of 100%, and strive to improve the District Bureau staff won the national title of accountant the proportion of cadres to solve the basic knowledge, basic skills, weak accounting audit ability problem fundamentally, improve the overall quality and efficiency of tax collection and administration. read more

We have successfully created the National Health City, national forest city circle, National Model Green City, excellent tourist city China, these a gilded signboard has really in his hand. In the process of access to these honors, we mobilize the whole party, political participation, mass work, although efforts, but in unity and hard work together to tackle the creation process, we sang a way to harvest, the environment continues to improve, and gradually improve the image of the city, the quality of the people constantly to improve, people get more benefits, cadres training, formed a distinctive feature of the creation of Xining spirit, this is our work to create the most valuable wealth. As long as we continue to promote the creation of Xining spirit, insist the goal is not to relax, continue to tackle not slack, the national civilized city struggling to sprint, run the "last mile", will be able to win the final victory. read more

Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed in Xining, in April, the city’s consumer prices rose 2.1%, unchanged from the previous month. By fresh vegetables, meat and poultry and other major food, agricultural and sideline products prices fell in April, the city’s food prices fell 0.5% compared with March.Compared to

and the same period last year, the city of CPI, eight categories of goods and services price was six up, two down "pattern. Food prices rose 2%, the dry and fresh fruit prices rose 10.6%, egg prices rose 3.1%, meat and poultry prices fell 3.7%, 13.1% decline in the price of pork, beef prices rose 4.3%, lamb prices fell 3%. Housing prices rose 4.8%; clothing prices rose 6.4%; entertainment and educational products and services prices rose 0.8%; health care and personal products prices rose 0.9%, transport and communication prices rose 0.3%, alcohol and tobacco prices fell by 1.8%, household equipment and maintenance services prices fell 4%.

and compared to March, the city’s food prices fell 0.5%, of which the more obvious changes are: dry and fresh fruit prices rose 15.6%, egg prices rose 2.6%. Poultry and poultry products fell 3.1%, pork prices fell 8.3%, the price of mutton and beef were decreased by 2.1% and 1.2%, fresh vegetable prices fell 11.5%, fresh vegetables, meat and poultry as a major factor driving food prices fell.   read more

This year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the rural "two" construction as the carrier, in-depth implementation of rural housing reconstruction, reward, immigration down housing projects in rural areas to improve the housing conditions and living environment at the same time, with a real popular project to improve the rural people’s happiness index. Qing Lin Xiang Lin Zhang Cun tree is one of the typical remote poverty-stricken village in Datong county. Due to the high altitude of living in the mountains, the students go to school far away, the production and living conditions of the masses behind the village 70% of the housing has been formed. In order to change the backward living conditions, from the beginning of November last year, the township party committee and government to the forest tree palm village relocation work as a top priority, and the relevant departments of civil affairs, the integration of housing, poverty alleviation, implementation of the overall relocation project construction funds 4 million 85 thousand yuan for the village of 35 people. In the flat Hering River, their relocation of farmers built 6 spacious and bright brick cottage. Eligible households in the support of supporting funds, but also built a two storey building. At present, the new village of the village of palm trees not only to achieve the water, electricity, roads, information through the dream, but also became the province’s first solar heating village. In the "two rooms" in the construction of Datong County, adhere to government guidance, graded responsibility, social support, self, county housing security and construction sector through government funded in part, personal financing financing part of the rural reconstruction households subsidies from 22 thousand yuan in 2013 increased to 25 thousand yuan this year. Rural housing subsidies reward households from 19 thousand and 200 yuan in 2013 increased to 22 thousand yuan this year, fundamentally solve the housing difficulties of the masses in rural areas the problem of shortage of funds, effectively boosting the process of the construction of new countryside.   read more

Recently, in the community health association Chinese third “my side of the community health service” campaign theme for upload to the good news, the city district Nanchuan Road community health service center was awarded the “community health service satisfaction of the masses” honorary title, as in our province this year, only one award of the community the medical service institutions. This is the second in 2013 by the state as a national demonstration community health service center after another honor. It is understood that Nanchuan Road community health service center is Nanchuan road only one set of basic medical care, health education and chronic disease prevention and health services for the aged “six in one” function of the new city community health service institutions. In recent years, in order to promote the equalization of public health service, the community health service center, and strive to create a quarter of community health service circle, realize residents walk 15 minutes to reach the community health service institutions, the residents of the area the people enjoy the convenience, economy, low cost of community health service. The center consists of 2 community health service stations, 6 new models of community health service team in 4 communities within the jurisdiction of the implementation of management, family responsibility of doctors contracted services, each community health service team composed of two general practitioners, a public health physician and a nurse, to provide 24 hours of seamless the public health service for community residents, the center opened a Chinese medicine specialty, the construction of the Museum of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine into the community health service work. To carry out acupuncture, massage, branch of Chinese medicine, specializes in the treatment of facial paralysis, stroke, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, etc.. In order to meet the needs of community health services, the center is equipped with conventional equipment, such as ambulances, electric cars and home visits. At the same time, the community health service center has established a set of community pension, medical care, rehabilitation as one of the new type of health care community pension service center, elderly care and rehabilitation center, not only can solve the problem of the elderly to eat, live, and music, as well as professional health services (Community Health Service Center) to do the security of the rehabilitation center for the elderly can stay at home to enjoy treatment of medical personnel timely, professional and comprehensive. At the same time in order to deal with emergency, emergency rescue and emergency access to the green channel, the nearest to the city’s major hospitals. read more

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, since this year the province continued to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, as of now, 32 thousand and 500 people have been "one-stop" medical assistance to help.

it is reported that this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to strengthen coordinated medical assistance policy, timely medical assistance to establish unified information management platform, in June launched a comprehensive medical assistance one-stop service. Currently, the province has 198 medical institutions to implement medical assistance instant settlement services. At the end of October, the province’s hospital rescue immediate settlement of 32 thousand and 500 people, Medicaid spending 28 million 350 thousand yuan of funds per capita hospitalization assistance levels reached 872 yuan. In the provincial Civil Affairs Department to push and support across the province, our province has realized the medical assistance one-stop service coverage, reduce the difficulties of the masses medical assistance cycle, solve the difficulties of the masses due to advance medical expenses difficult not timely hospital treatment, and achieved obvious social the capacity of social assistance benefits, and standardize the management level overall. read more

Advanced automatic production line. Finished goods storage.

strict quality and safety clearance.

in recent years, our province throughout the implementation of the agricultural industrialization, actively encourage leading enterprises and farmers to carry out joint and cooperation in various forms, in a stable supply and guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials at the same time, effectively promote the enthusiasm of farmers to grow crops and increase farmers income. For several scenes reporters in the leading enterprises of the provincial agricultural industry of Ledu Hengyuan feed Limited company captured. read more

In June 18th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of civil affairs in June 13th, the Provincial Department of Finance issued self employment of retired soldiers in 2014 to coordinate a one-time financial subsidy 54 million 790 thousand yuan, the full implementation of self employment of demobilized soldiers in our province one-time economy allowance policy.