first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享CNBC:The coal ministry has received valid interest for only six coal mines out of the 27 which were offered for the iron & steel, cement, and captive power plant end-use. Auction of 21 coal mines has been cancelled by the ministry as it received less than three bids for them.According to the norms of the coal auction under the Coal Mines Nationalisation Act, each mine requires minimum three bids for the government to hold auction.Jamkhani coal mine, situated in the state of Odisha, has attracted maximum bids including from companies like Vedanta, JSW, Hindalco, JSPL, Rungta Mines and Natural Resources Energy Limited.“The response to the coal auction has been subdued, mainly because of the market sentiment and also changes in policy,” said a source from the coal ministry.The auction process was incorporated in 2014, post deallocation of 214 coal mines. India has not seen a successful auction of coal mines after the first round where it auctioned 24 coal mines, out of which about 12 are now in production.More: Auction of 21 coal mines cancelled as govt sees tepid response India cancels auction for 21 coal mines due to lack of interestlast_img read more

first_img The project might “benefit about 80,000 farmer families and, indirectly, up to 400,000 people” in Bolivia, European Union Development commissioner Andris Piebalgs said, in preparation to a visit to the country. Processing installations for alternative products, such as palm heart, have been open for decades in the Chapare, where Morales used to be a coca grower before he got involved in politics. EU programs “have considerably contributed to reductions in areas where coca is grown (12% reduction in 2011 and 7% in 2012),” the institution said in a newsletter. Piebalgs will arrive in Santa Cruz and the coca region of Chapare, where drug trafficking mainly operates, in addition to Oruro (southeast), where the European Union (EU) has development projects. The official will visit Bolivia for a week to evaluate the fight against drug trafficking, and will meet President Evo Morales on August 28. By Dialogo August 21, 2013 The European Union announced a cooperation line for 25 million euros to counter drug trafficking in Bolivia, by financing alternative crops to coca plantation, the main raw material for making cocaine, the international institution reported on August 19. “Our new funding will continue to improve the life of Bolivian citizens, since it will offer farmers alternatives to coca crops,” Piebalgs stated. There are intelligent solutions for all kind of situations, such as this European Union one. If all countries got united there wouldn’t be more drugs in the world.last_img read more

first_imgIt’s clear now: Data can be one of a company’s most valuable assets if properly stored, managed and analyzed.  What’s unclear to many however, is what data is the most valuable and how to harness the value of each type of data.  There are two main types of data: “Big Data” and “Little Data” or, respectively, unstructured data and structured data. Both types of data can deliver a significant amount of value to a credit union. However, figuring out how to harness each type of data can be a challenge when dealing with the array of different data sources. Finding a healthy balance is key to delivering value without succumbing to analysis paralysis.Little Data: Structured DataLittle Data, typically, is found within a credit unions operational systems.  Systems that are highly structured and require proper inputs to make them function properly.  These types of systems include, but are not limited to, Loan Origination Systems, Core Systems, Credit Card Processing Systems, etc.  These systems collect member and account information in a conformed fashion and, even more importantly, the transactions that are generated. These transactions represent the behavior of a member. It is fairly easy, with the right tools, to find specific member and the account-related (transactions) information that member has done with the credit union in a structured data source and thereby track behavior. continue reading » 11SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

first_imgI’ve often admired people who are flexible and laid back; who have a more carefree approach to life and live in the moment. I know I can benefit from a dose of that approach, although I’ll admit those traits often trigger my Type A tendencies.  I like to seize the day, get a lot done, check things off my list, and feel a sense of accomplishment most of the day.When I took the StrengthsFinder assessment years ago, one of my top talents was “Achiever”.  In a nutshell, an “Achiever” is described as someone who is driven, has an internal fire, and has a need to achieve something tangible every day (yes, even on weekends). And while this talent has served me very well in life, it can also be a source of frustration, discontent, and stress. Indeed, any strength overused can become a liability. Over the years I’ve learned to manage the negative side of achievement (at least most of the time) and channel that strength in a productive way. Achievement is just one of the “Type A” tendencies I have that can rear its ugly head and send me into a state of overwhelm that can show up as snippiness and impatience.There are classical definitions of Type A, but in my opinion most of those definitions typically paint the negative side of the personality traits. Although being Type A has many benefits and can serve you well in life, just like any strength (even flexibility), it also has limitations when it’s not channeled in a productive way or used to the extreme.So how do you know if you have Type A tendencies? While this is in no way a formalized definition, if the statements below sound familiar, you may have some Type A tendencies.If you get anxious when you are not early to an appointment (or god forbid, even one minute late), you are probably Type A.If your mind is always racing and you don’t relax very well (who has time to relax?), you are probably Type A.If you’ve ever had your three year old tell you, “Mommy, you’re always rushing!” while frantically trying to get her buckled into her car seat so you can make your  8 a.m. meeting, you are probably Type A.If you’ve ever thought of sending one of your doctors a bill for your time because you had to wait well past your appointment time to be seen, you are probably Type A.If you have a stack of reading material in your office and feel behind (and guilty) for not reading every article (because there is so much to learn!), you are probably Type A.If you have a to do list on the weekends because how would you get anything done otherwise? You are probably Type A.If you find yourself pushing your family out the door most mornings and yelling, “we can’t be late!” You are probably Type A.If most or all of the above statements resonate with you…congratulations! You are most likely very driven, accomplished, and respected.These are traits that are important for success, and when channeled in a positive manner, can yield significant success. And if you have ever felt like sometimes these tendencies can cause a great amount of stress and anxiety in your life, then read on.From my own familiarity of experiencing these tendencies as well as coaching leaders with Type A tendencies, I can definitively say that you can lead a fulfilling, semi-calm, enjoyable life. They key is to channel the positive aspects of Type A tendencies while simultaneously calming the negative edge that they can create.  Although you may never be perpetually carefree and laid back, you can learn to dial down the negative effects and create moments of calm and stillness. Below are six strategies for calming your Type A tendencies and channeling them productively.Accept your gifts. Type A tendencies are a gift. Really. It may not always feel like it, and others may not see it that way, but when you channel these tendencies in a productive way, they can be extremely beneficial to getting results and ultimately creating success. Leaders who have Type A tendencies are masters at organization and get things done. They value time and productivity, and can keep a team moving forward toward organizational goals. So accept your strengths and how these traits can lead you to a fulfilling and successful life (whatever success means to you). Start noticing when these traits create a positive impact and when they create a negative impact. By noticing your impact on others, you can direct these strengths in a positive way and control the overuse before they become negative. For example, being on time is important to me and I’m very conscious of ensuring I am on time to any commitment. My husband, who is much more laid back, is not as time conscious. When I don’t control my negative tendencies, I show up as a time Nazi who rushes my family out the door in a complete frenzy. I’ve learned to recognize when these tendencies are bubbling up and to approach situations more calmly. A half hour before we need to leave, I will gently and calmly remind my family what time it is, and that we need to be ready to leave in a half hour. The nicer approach almost always works.Create rituals. From the work I have done with leaders as well as my own experience, I have noticed that people with Type A tendencies typically thrive when there is structure and order. Use this to your advantage. Create a morning routine that allows you to have some down time and space before you hit the ground running. Create an evening routine that allows you some time to decompress and relax before bed. Have a pen and a notepad in your bedroom, kitchen, car, and anywhere else where you might need to write down the things that are swirling around in your head. Create your priorities list the night before so you know what to jump into when you arrive at work in the morning. Schedule recurring coaching sessions with each of your employees so they are in place for the year. Creating structure, order, or systems are ways that you can direct your energies in a positive way. Structure creates freedom; it allows you to compartmentalize what you are working on so your mind is not overloaded with all the things you need to get done. Having a planner or notebook for capturing your thoughts and action items can be enormously helpful in keeping your mind clear so you can focus at a more strategic level.Take a pause. Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard is to “slow down to speed up”. These days, most people feel overwhelmed at work and feel like they need to speed up to get everything done. Yet that is the exact opposite of what works. Speeding up only adds to the complexity and chaos, and leads to more mistakes and stress. Slowing down and taking frequent pauses to assess what you are doing helps you to be more purposeful about your work and more deliberate with your time so you can actually accomplish more. Start your day by taking 15 minutes to review your goals and get clear about how you will spend your time. Pause before you start every meeting to set the intention and goals of the meeting so everyone is clear. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, it’s probably because you have too many things racing in your mind. Take a pause and ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I need to be doing right now?” This question allows you to gain clarity so you can focus.Create boundaries. Again, leaders with Type A tendencies tend to thrive with structure, so use your organization skills to create boundaries where you know you need them. Have clear boundaries for when you start and stop work. I know one CEO who deleted access to her work email from her iPhone so she wouldn’t feel the need to check it constantly. Setting up boundaries allows you to compartmentalize your energies so you can channel them into what is important. One boundary I have created is to never have my phone in my bedroom at night. When I go upstairs to start my evening ritual which usually includes meditation (yes, Type As are capable of meditating!) and reading, my phone stays in the kitchen. This way I am not tempted to check it or get pulled into Facebook for a half hour. If you do feel the need to do work on weekends, set aside a specific time each weekend that you designate to work so that you can focus the rest of your time on your family.Prioritize what’s important. If you have Type A tendencies, you may get caught up in checking small things off your list because you feel a sense of achievement. You may put off more important tasks that take longer and more energy. Many achievers struggle to fit in important areas like health, exercise, and relaxation time. I used to prioritize work over my health until my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. That was the wake-up call I needed to put more focus on my health. I now make exercise, yoga, and meditation a priority, and I see the difference in my energy and stamina.Recognize the gifts in others. When you have Type A tendencies, it may feel challenging to work (and live) with others who do not share the same traits. When others don’t seem to share the same sense of urgency or stamina that you do, you may easily feel frustrated and annoyed. Yet it’s important to notice the gifts in other personality traits. My more relaxed husband has taught me that not everything needs to be urgent, and there is value in slowing down and enjoying life. My more flexible friend can give me perspective when I get anxious over something not going the way I wanted. Others have a lot to offer, and different traits and tendencies can be very helpful in balancing ours.This month is the ten year anniversary of my first date with my husband. I remember standing in front of restaurant when he texted me that he was running late. Twenty-five minutes late to be exact.Luckily I waited, because I would have missed out on something really great.   101SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Laurie Maddalena Laurie Maddalena is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker and leadership consultant. She writes a monthly online column for next generation leaders for CUES and has published articles in Credit … Web: Detailslast_img read more

first_imgIf you’re in the market for a new automobile, maybe you think the easiest way to get your dream car financed is to obtain dealer financing at the time you buy the car. In a sense, that’s true – as long as you don’t mind spending more time and money than necessary just to make things “easy.”Getting an auto loan through your credit union does require a little more effort on your part. You apply for the loan before you go shopping and get pre-approved for a specific maximum. Then you can use that pre-approval almost like cash when you go shopping. It may seem strange if you’ve never done it before, but car dealers are very experienced in BYOF (bring your own financing) buyers.Your rewards for that extra effort are significant.Better rate: On average new auto loan rates at credit unions are nearly two percentage points lowers than banks. And they’re about 2.25 percentage points lower on used car financing. What does that translate to in dollars and cents?Let’s suppose you’re financing $30,000 for 60 months and your credit union offers you a rate of 3.15%. That would make your monthly payment $541 and your total interest paid over the life of the loan $2,464. However, if the bank across town offers the same loan at 5.15%, your monthly payment will be $568 and your total interest paid will be $4,092. That’s a significant difference.A more affordable car: When you’re pre-approved for an auto loan from your credit union, you can rest assured that you’ve been approved for a loan you can actually afford. Remember, your credit union is on your side. That means that before you ever get to the dealer, you know exactly how much you can spend and exactly how much your maximum payment will be.Unfortunately, car dealers don’t always have your best interests in mind. They’ll try to get you to spend as much as they can because, of course, that will generate the maximum amount of income for them. You can easily end up with more car and bigger payments than you can really afford.Less time at the dealer: If you’ve ever purchased a car from a dealer, you know that a significant portion of your time at the dealership is spent with the so-called finance manager negotiating terms of the deal. If you’re pre-approved for an auto loan at your credit union, you can skip this entire torturous process. Credit union financing puts you in charge. 1.5kSHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John San Filippo John San Filippo is the founder and president of OmniChannel Communications Inc. He has nearly 40 years of experience in financial services and technology. He’s written for every major … Web: Detailslast_img read more

first_img(WBNG) — NYSEG is reporting multiple power outages on Monday due to the weather conditions. According to NYSEG, as of 7:00 a.m. 135 customers were without power in Otsego county and around 160 customers in Sullivan county. To see a detailed map of impacted areas, go to the NYSEG Power Outage Map by clicking here.last_img

first_imgJun 7, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new and faster blood test to help confirm a diagnosis of anthrax infection, federal health officials announced today.The Anthrax Quick ELISA test can identify antibodies to Bacillus anthracis in less than an hour, compared with about 4 hours for previous tests, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The test was developed by Immunetics, Inc., Boston, with funding from the CDC.”Before FDA approval of the new test, very few laboratories other than the CDC and the US Army had the ability to test blood for antibodies to anthrax,” the CDC announcement said. “The new test will be available shortly for use in state and private laboratories.”Immunetics researchers evaluated the blood test by using it on about 35 samples the CDC supplied from anthrax patients, including some of the 22 people who became ill in the letter-borne anthrax attacks in 2001, according to Patty Wilkins, PhD, a research microbiologist in the CDC’s Meningitis and Special Pathogens Branch.”The test was shown to detect 100% of the anthrax patients tested in clinical trials, with less than a 1% chance of false positive results,” Immunetics officials said in a news release. The test identified antibodies from people with either inhalational or cutaneous anthrax, and it also detected anthrax-specific antibodies in various animals used as models for human infection, the company said.Dr. Andrew Levin, president and CEO of Immunetics, said the test detects antibodies to protective antigen, one of the three proteins that make up the toxin produced by B anthracis.Levin told CIDRAP News the CDC has spent a little over a million dollars on development of the test. Wilkins said the original contract was for about $750,000, and the CDC later provided some additional funds. The contract was awarded following the 2001 anthrax attacks.Under the contract, the CDC will buy some of the test kits for $5 each to use in its own research, Wilkins said. In addition, it is expected that laboratories in the Laboratory Response Network will be able to buy the test directly from the company, she said. “This is in the process of being negotiated,” she said.Levin said the company hasn’t yet determined the commercial price of the test. Any clinical or public health laboratory can use the test without special equipment or training, the Immunetics statement said.The company said it worked closely with the CDC in developing the test, which is based on the company’s proprietary assay technology. “The fact that we were able to move so quickly in development and validation of the test demonstrates how productive such a collaboration between government and industry can be, and we consider the FDA approval a major success for both sides,” Levin stated in the news release.See also:CDC news release read more

first_img National Issues,  Press Release,  Statement,  Travel Ban Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today released the following statement on the amicus brief filing of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, along with a coalition of 15 fellow attorneys general from across the country:“I thank Attorney General Shapiro and his fellow attorneys general for standing up for our economy and the rule of law. This poorly-constructed order denies legal immigrants entry to America and threatens harm on Pennsylvania’s higher education and medical institutions, and our economy. I fully support the Attorney General’s lawsuit and stand by the principles on which our commonwealth was founded, including to provide refuge from persecution. Today, I, along with Congressman Dent, proudly welcomed legal immigrants to back to America after they were rejected by the federal government last weekend. This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue – this is an American issue.” SHARE Email Facebook Twitter February 06, 2017center_img Governor Wolf Statement on Attorney General Shapiro’s Filing Against Travel Banlast_img read more

first_imgA Southern African Development Community (SADC) standby force could soon be a reality, as a Special Forces planning conference in Kariba, Zimbabwe looks into the final logistics of its establishment, according to a report.The Herald reported on Tuesday that the conference, which was attended by 66 delegates from the region, was also looking at mapping training exercises set to start next month.The exercises would help mould a SADC Special Force (SSF) which will also contribute to the African Union (AU) standby force, the report said.The idea of the SSF was mooted in 2007 after regional countries resolved to contribute troops to defend member states from revolts and aggression.last_img read more

first_imgRushville, In. — A Rushville pastor accused of child molesting and his wife have been arrested for trespassing and resisting law enforcement.A report from the Rushville Police Department says on Monday Garry Evans, 72, and his wife Gay, 70, went to a home in the 400 block of North Main Street and demanded to speak with a family member. The homeowner told police she retrieved a firearm from the home after telling the couple to leave several times. During a struggle for the weapon in the doorway between Garry Evans and the homeowner, she was able to secure the weapon and lock the door, keeping the couple on the porch.When the homeowner returned to the door she observed Garry Evans looking in a vehicle on the property. The homeowner told police she was able to chase the couple from the property with a baseball bat.On Tuesday police arrested Garry and Gay Evans for criminal trespass. Gay was also charged with resisting law enforcement after becoming verbally abusive to police during the arrest.Garry Evans was the pastor of the Rushville Baptist Temple in October of 2017 when he was arrested after young girls in the congregation came forward with reports of being touched inappropriately after being lured to his office with candy.last_img read more