first_imgRelated posts:Isla del Coco gets a new radar station to fight drug traffickers Solís put on the defensive as joint US-Costa Rican patrols come up for renewal Drug traffickers lure Costa Rica’s struggling coastal fishermen with offers of easy money Mexico drug lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán back in jail, betrayed by biopic bid When unidentified helicoptersappeared last year over Costa Rica’s heavily forested southern Caribbean region of Talamanca, residents of the Bribrí indigenous community mobilized. On at least three occasions, the Bribrí reported strange helicopters hovering over their land, including one instance when people on board claimed to be missionaries, despite carrying guns, locals alleged.The sightings along the Caribbean were likely connected to a series of dramatic raids in Limón and the Northern Zone that uncovered a network of improvised helipads and suspected drug camps where assault rifles and precursor chemicals for synthesizing cocaine were discovered last fall.The indigenous community’s vigilance was highlighted in findings presented Tuesday in San José that argued that well-defined indigenous land rights could be a nonmilitary option to combat the encroachment of drug trafficking and its negative environmental and social impacts on forest communities in Mexico and Central America.State recognition of community land rights are a critical foundation for the organizational capacity, social cohesion and sustainable economic alternatives that fortify remote communities from incursion by organized crime, the report’s authors argued.The study from the Salvadoran Research Program on Development and Environment (PRISMA) followed a January article in the publication Science by Dr. Kendra McSweeney, an associate professor at Ohio State University who co-authored the findings, that observed a strong correlation between accelerated rates of deforestation and heavily treaded drug trafficking routes in Central America.Since 2006, Mexican drug-trafficking cartels have turned the isthmus into a major transit point for cocaine and other drugs as authorities increased patrols along sea routes to the United States, which pushed traffickers inland. An estimated 86 percent of the cocaine that travels to the United States passes through Central America, according to the U.S. State Department’s 2014 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report.“Indigenous communities are very effective [at defending forests from drug traffickers] when governments support the rights of indigenous peoples and forest communities,” Andrew Davis, senior researcher with PRISMA and co-author of the findings, told The Tico Times.Davis said that his group’s research showed that forests managed by indigenous communities or other forest dwellers showed much lower rates of narco-related deforestation than strict conservation areas. Organized crime groups often clear-cut protected forests for informal landing strips or launder illicit profits from the drug trade with legitimate cattle or large-scale agriculture, like palm oil plantations, that require removing forests.Indigenous-controlled forests often require outsiders to have the permission of a local chief or elected leader, and community members have mechanisms in place to report the whereabouts of strangers on their land, McSweeney said. Patrols by these groups using radios and other technology can be key sources of information for authorities to locate and evict drug traffickers.“When you live in a forest, that forest isn’t just a national park to you. It’s your pharmacy, it’s your hardware store, your production plant. It’s where jobs come from; [it’s] the foundation for your economic livelihood,” Davis said, noting that often times park rangers in the region are assigned thousands of hectares of dense jungle without the means to survey it.An alternative to military actionDavis noted that there would likely always be a role for police or military action regarding the expulsion of drug traffickers from protected forests, but he said he hoped the findings would contribute to exploring nonmilitary responses to the conflict.“In Honduras, the military approach has alienated native communities, and [the military has] not worked with them to fight the problem,” McSweeney said. “I’m convinced it would have been much more successful if the [U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration] and Honduran counterparts had worked more closely with communities rather than against them.”“Let native communities do what they do best, which is patrol and monitor, manage their territory, and when they need help they should be able to call on a responsive military to assist,” McSweeney added.“The [state] shouldn’t be bringing more arms into our community, they should be reinforcing our communities with social investment” like education and health care, said Cándido Menzúa, elected leader of the Emberá Wounaan people of Panama.The search for economic alternatives“The question that worries us more than security is how to generate alternatives that keep our young people from falling into drugs. This is where forest management becomes a very positive alternative for our community’s development,” Menzúa told The Tico Times.Many of the communities highlighted in the report practice forms of sustainable logging or agriculture in the forests. But to do that, the state must relinquish some control over these protected lands.Unlike many of the forest dwellers named in the report, Costa Rica’s Bribrí and other indigenous groups do not have autonomy. Pressures over disputed land rights came to a head in 2012 in the southern town of Buenos Aires, when locals and forest communities clashed violently.“There has been a lot of reticence to hand over these lands to communities because of traditional biases and conceptions that they will not be stewards of the land. But what has happened in the past 20 or 30 years is that where we have seen major areas recognized, indigenous territories and other communities, we have found that [they can thrive] as long as their rights are recognized and their economic and social models are supported,” Davis said.The authors observed that drug trafficking and deforestation are most present in areas where land and resource rights are unclear and poverty is rampant.“States need to get rid of the red tape so that community models can thrive,” the PRISMA researcher said.Researchers and community leaders hope that greater recognition of indigenous land rights and locally managed woodlands will contribute to nonmilitary alternatives to deter the expansion of drug traffickers and their damage to Central America’s remaining forests. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

first_imgMartelly also has struggled to disband a group of military veterans who have tried to hold him to his campaign pledge of restoring the army. They had been training before he took office, but his victory emboldened them and they have paraded throughout the capital and countryside, toting side arms and sporting military uniforms, despite government orders for them to stop. Their paramilitary-like presence has embarrassed not just the government but also the United Nations peacekeeping mission.Martelly also suffered for the lack of a strong political party. Only three members of his party hold seats in the 99-member Chamber of Deputies and none in the 30-member Senate, though he’s found allies in both chambers.His political base remains tiny and he counts a tight-knit circle of longtime friends as his advisers, many of them fellow alumni of an elite Catholic high school and many of them foreign to politics. Even then, infighting has been a hallmark of the administration.“They are too close and they don’t open up,” said Claude Beauboeuf, an economist and radio talk show host. “Even those on the inside are crushed sometimes.”Despite the clashes with parliament, anger seldom spilled into the street as it has in past administrations. There have been no major signs of disgust with Martelly aside from a few demonstrations. “I would give myself an eight, eight-and-half, a nine, because everything I did I did without a government,” Martelly said in an interview with The Associated Press. “Everything I did, I did at a time when I had so many problems, when so many people tried to stop me. Everything I did, I did whether the money was there or not.”Asked to name his accomplishments, the president pointed out the school-tuition program, to be paid for with a tax on incoming international phone calls, as well as the clearing of major camps, largely achieved through rental subsidies, the repair of damaged homes and, most controversially, outright evictions from the flimsy shelters of the overcrowded temporary settlements.In the interview on Friday, he also noted the construction of a public hospital in Mirebalais, north of the capital, and start of construction of an industrial park near Cap Haitien that will host textile factories and other enterprises, bringing badly needed jobs to the northern part of the country.“I’m not saying that I’m doing miracles, but I’m surely sending signals that things are being done in another manner now,” Martelly said from his office on the grounds of the ruined National Palace. “The state wants to serve. We want to be close to the people.” Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths 0 Comments   Share   The difference between men and women when it comes to pain More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Sponsored Stories There are no independent studies of the program so far, but education specialist Mohamed Fall of UNICEF said he believed at least 70 percent of the targeted children had received their aid.While ever-inefficient Haitian government has still not completely funded the schools, the aid is a significant sum for many in Haiti, where about half the children didn’t go to school before the quakeTake Dania Nerius, the 38-year-old mother of four children, ages 6 to 17. Her husband lost his right leg in the earthquake, and his job as a mechanic. They nearly had to pull their children from the school. But the tuition program helped her save $360 a year _ a lot in a country where most get by on $2 a day _ so she can pay rent and invest money in her business as a roadside peddler of minutes for a cellphone company.“That helped me,” Nerius said one afternoon, “because the money would’ve otherwise come out of my pocket.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Associated PressPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – In a country where the news is typically bad, if not catastrophic, many people in Haiti look at the past year under a musician-turned-president with guarded surprise.Yes, parliament and President Michel Martelly were in a standoff that hobbled government much of the past 12 months. Yes, less than a quarter of the population has a formal job. And yes, cholera and many other problems still haunt the country. Still known to many by his stage name “Sweet Micky,” Martelly said governing was easier than he had thought and he has no regrets from the first year.But it’s clear there were some major blunders.Police ignored a law granting legislative immunity by arresting a lawmaker who had escaped from jail. The justice minister took the blame and resigned, but the episode infuriated parliament and lawmakers became bent on thwarting him at every turn, opening an investigation into Martelly’s eligibility for office. Instead of dispelling rumors that he was a citizen of another country, which would have barred him from office, he let the allegations fester. It took him several months to put the matter to rest. When he did, he held aloft eight old passports in a performer-like flourish.“He could have done a lot better if he wanted people to rally around him, gotten consensus and not go his own way as an artist,” Sen. Francois Anick Joseph said by telephone. “He caused (a lot of problems) by his way of doing things and his way of doing things is not a democratic way.”Added Joseph: “He wasn’t able to look for consensus because he’s an artist. The lights must be on him.” Disappointment might seem justified for someone like Jean-Baptiste, the mother of two. She voted for Martelly to get her out of a park-turned-encampment. But her forced removal at the hands of city officials was not what she had in mind.Martelly condemned evictions, but they happened anyway. Yet Jean-Baptiste still holds out hope for the candidate who promised change. She offered this unsolicited message to the president: “I hope he can bring down the price of tap-taps,” the brightly colored pickups that transport people for about 40 cents.The signature project of the Martelly administration has been the school program that aims to double the number of children in school. His plan to fund it through a tax on incoming international phone calls and wire transfers upset Haitians abroad who use such services. The $22 million collected is on hold with the Central Bank until Parliament approves its release. The government paid for this year’s tuition by taking money from other parts of the budget, said Miloody Vincent, director of the education ministry’s press bureauVincent acknowledges that the quality of the education may not have improved yet. “The most important thing is to put the kids in school,” he said. “We’re working later to improve the quality of the education.” Top Stories Yet six of the most visible displaced-persons camps that sprang up after the 2010 earthquake have been cleared and several are back to being public plazas; renovations are far along at the international airport; a sprinkling of new hotels and shops have begun to emerge across the capital’s otherwise ruined landscape; and in a country where free education is rare, the government, for the first time, has covered school tuition for 1 million children .It’s hardly a Golden Age. But it’s not bad either for a leader who had never held political office and was best known for often-raunchy musical performances before he took office a year ago Monday. The achievements have come with a parliament so dominated by the party of the man Martelly defeated in his run for president that lawmakers stonewalled his attempts to appoint a prime minister and Cabinet for three-quarters of the year.“Things with Martelly are working for the most part,” said Yrinen Jean-Baptiste, a 34-year-old mother of two children who voted for the musician and says that, so far, she would be willing do so again. “I hope he can do more.”Asked to grade himself on a 1-10 scale, the president, who isn’t known for modesty, grades himself high. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family How do cataracts affect your vision?last_img read more

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories But rebels and civilians in the bomb-shattered Syrian town of Azaz near the Turkish border view such talk as hollow. They are deeply skeptical of all exiled leaders and believe what really matters is their fight on the ground to overthrow the regime.“They have never come up with a united position that will save the people,” said Fadi Hajji, 25, who had been camped out along the Syrian border with Turkey with his wife and two infant daughters for five days. “All they are good at is arguing. They don’t represent anyone here and they don’t help.”There was more bloodshed Tuesday as a car bomb ripped through a Damascus suburb, killing 12 people, according to the state news agency. Activists also said an airstrike in the town of Kfar Nabl killed at least 13 people as fighting raged nationwide.With no end to the carnage in sight, French President Francois Hollande called on the Syrian opposition Monday to form a provisional government, saying France would recognize and support it.Hollande’s statement, believed to be the first of its kind, was quickly shot down by U.S. officials who said talk of a provisional government was premature given the deep divisions within the opposition movement. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of “I see more space than inside it.”Sieda said his group has been contacting other opposition figures and the Free Syrian Army rebels to consult over a transitional government, but admits they have not started discussing names yet.Even if the opposition were to unite, there are serious questions whether the disparate groups have enough popular legitimacy to take control of a revolution and rebuild the nation. The men with guns inside Syria have little use for the political figures or even for Free Syria Army commanders who live in the safety and comfort of Paris and Istanbul.“The SNC is a naive group of people who consider themselves politicians,” said Ahmed al-Ghazali, commander of rebels who control Azaz, the town in northern Syria. “To this day, the SNC hasn’t done anything … Count how many people you see here from the SNC. People here are taking their rights for themselves.”Abu Hassan, a bus driver who fled the nearly deserted town of Anadan in northern Syria because of frequent government shelling and airstrikes, complained that “we hear promises” from exiled leaders “but we’re not seeing anything on the ground.” Some activists complain that SNC is little more than a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, seeking a comeback after the Islamist movement was largely crushed by Hafez Assad in the 1980s.News reports of bearded fighters inside Syria demanding an Islamist state and the increasing number of car bombs have led to fears in the West that the new Syria would follow the model of Iran or Taliban-run Afghanistan.At the Berlin news conference, activists took pains to minimize the Islamist character of the revolt. Amr al-Azm, a professor who lives in the U.S., said fears of Islamist influence were widespread during the Libyan uprising but most voters gave their support to secularist leaders in the July election.Afra Jalabi, a political scientist who lives in Montreal, said the increase in religious symbolism in Syria was “actually a silent protest against a regime that presented itself through its own propaganda as a secular system when it was a macho military system.”__Reid reported from Berlin. Associated Press correspondent Zeina Karam contributed to this report from Beirut, Lebanon.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) The head of the main Syrian opposition group, the Syrian National Council, criticized the U.S. stand, saying that efforts were under way to forge a united front but that the process takes time _ especially in the midst of a raging civil war.“It seems to me as if the international community is not prepared to take decisive decisions and blames the Syrian opposition for its own shortcomings,” Abdelbaset Sieda told The Associated Press by telephone Tuesday from Switzerland.“Yes, there are differences within the Syrian opposition, and this is normal in any country. But as long as we are agreed on a common vision, these differences can be overcome,” he added. “The international community must make a move before it’s too late.”Those comments were echoed in Berlin by opposition exiles who drafted the 122-page transition blueprint during six months of consultations funded by governments of the United States, Germany, Switzerland and private groups in Norway and the Netherlands.“It is quite easy to say the opposition is fragmented and the opposition has not done enough,” said Murhaf Jouejati, a U.S.-based professor and SNC member. “But we really should start facing realities … to get the international community behind this national uprising against a totalitarian, authoritarian, brutal regime.” Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project 0 Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “The only people who do anything are the people inside, the officers and the fighters who are in the front lines. The SNC and the Free Army who are abroad, we’ve never seen anything from them, not aid, not weapons, not ammunition.”As the war inside Syria appears to be grinding to a stalemate, so too is the political struggle. Most foreign powers want to see unity before giving support but the opposition is unable or unwilling to put aside their differences and unite.Absent a united opposition, the dilemma facing the United States and its Western allies is uncertainty over who inside Syria might emerge with real power after Assad.Their fear is that the collapse of the four-decade regime ruled by the Assads _ Bashar succeeded his father Hafez 12 years ago _ could unleash a fierce power struggle in which al-Qaida and other Islamic extremists could gain a foothold. With Syria bordering NATO member Turkey, combustible Lebanon with its powerful Hezbollah militia, unstable Iraq, and a nervous Israel with which it has a territorial dispute over the Golan Heights, that is a daunting prospect.Repeated efforts to unite the opposition have fallen short.An opposition conference in Cairo last month broke down in shouting and shoving matches over such key questions as whether to ask for foreign military intervention and what role religion would play in a post-Assad Syria. Although neither expressed a concrete demand, many in the SNC have been hoping the world community would impose a safe zone along the Turkish border, possibly extending to a no-fly zone over at least some areas, and would more openly supply weapons and ammunition to rebels. The disparate groups are also each hoping for support in any power struggle that might follow a collapse of the Assad regime.Since the uprising began in March last year, Syria’s opposition has been plagued by divisions and infighting. In addition to the SNC, several other opposition groups are known to be making similar plans for a provisional government, including a new alliance headed by veteran opposition figure Haitham Maleh.The strains within the opposition were also evident on Tuesday when the Paris-based SNC spokeswoman Bassma Kodmani, a founding member of the group, resigned. She said the SNC had veered off course.“The project has not achieved its goals and the council has not earned the required credibility and did not safeguard the trust placed in it by the Syrian people when it was first created. It steered away from the course that we wanted for it when we created it. “She said she would continue to work for the opposition, just from outside the council. Check your body, save your life Associated PressAZAZ, Syria (AP) – In the foreign halls of power, the strategy is clear: Syria’s opposition should unite to present an alternative to Bashar Assad’s rule _ a step France’s president says would lead to diplomatic recognition.As a move toward unity, Syrian exiles from the main opposition Syrian National Council and other groups unveiled a blueprint Tuesday in the German capital of Berlin for transition to a democratic, transparent society free of religious and ethnic favoritism. Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img read more

first_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Weekly applications for unemployment benefits fell 26,000 to 255,000, the fewest since November 1973, the Labor Department said Thursday. If the data were adjusted for the growth of the U.S. population since then, last week’s figure would likely be an all-time low.The four-week average, a less volatile number, fell 4,000 to 278,500. The average has fluctuated around that figure since May.That is a far cry from the depths of the 2008-2009 Great Recession, when more than 600,000 people were applying for jobless aid each week.One reason for last week’s drop, however, is that auto plants and other factories close briefly in July to prepare for next year’s models. That pushed up applications in the previous two weeks. Now that many factories have reopened, applications have fallen back.“We should always take this summer period for claims with a grain of salt,” said Jennifer Lee, an economist at BMO Capital Markets. “From a long-term perspective, we’re still looking at claims bobbing around at the lowest level in ages.”“Employers are holding tightly onto their staff,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics. “This is the flipside of the difficulty they report in finding qualified people.” Mesa family survives lightning strike to home 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility WASHINGTON (AP) — Six years after a brutal recession that wiped out more than 8.5 million jobs, Americans are now enjoying a nearly unprecedented level of job security.The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment aid plunged last week to the lowest in nearly 42 years. Applications for jobless benefits are a proxy for layoffs, so the low level indicates that employers are keeping their staffs and likely hiring at a steady pace. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Comments   Share   Analysts expect the economy will expand at about a 2.5 percent annual rate in the second quarter, after contracting 0.2 percent in the first three months of the year.___Follow Chris Rugaber on Twitter at .Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories Top Stories With layoffs down, employers are also hiring more to meet greater demand for their goods and services. The economy added 223,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate fell to a seven-year low of 5.3 percent.The economy has gained nearly 3 million jobs in the past year. With that many more people earning paychecks, economists forecast that spending should pick up and help fuel growth for the rest of this year.Even so, there are some signs of ongoing weakness in the job market.The unemployment rate fell in June mostly because many of the unemployed stopped looking for work, rather than found jobs. The proportion of Americans working or looking for work fell to a 38-year low.And average hourly pay was unchanged last month from May. Pay has risen at roughly a 2 percent annual pace since the recession ended in 2009, below the 3.5 percent typical in a healthy economy.That sluggish wage growth is likely keeping spending from increasing as much as the healthy job growth would suggest. Sales at retailers and restaurants fell last month, the government said earlier this month.Yet home sales have picked up, and Americans are buying more cars. Sales of existing homes jumped in June to an eight-year high. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

first_imgUber and Emirates announce a unique multi-country partnershipUber, the world’s leading ride-sharing app and Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, have announced an exclusive partnership that will provide Emirates passengers visiting Dubai from select international countries with discounted airport rides. The collaborative offer will see visitors to Dubai from Australia, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa avail special offers from Uber on bookings made between 26 September to 10 December 2018.To avail the special offers*, travellers will need to book an Emirates Economy Flex or Economy Flex Plus fare on flights from Australia, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa to Dubai via the Emirates website, during the promotional period. Economy Flex Plus travellers will get one free ride from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to anywhere in Dubai up to the value of AED 120 (or AUD $45), while Economy Flex passengers will get 50% off one ride from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to anywhere in Dubai up to the value of AED 60 (or AUD $22.50).Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s Chief International Business Officer commented: “We are delighted to partner with Emirates, one of the world’s leading airlines and most respected companies in the travel industry, to offer a seamless fly-and-ride experience for passengers from five participating countries at the push of a button. Emirates and Uber share a truly global footprint, serving millions of customers in hundreds of cities around the world. We also share a commitment to creating opportunities for people to experience more of the world around them with the help of world class customer service and cutting-edge technology.”Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Emirates, said: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Uber, which will now offer our passengers travelling to Dubai a seamless travel experience and smooth arrival in Dubai, one of the most exciting cities in the world.  Emirates continues to look at evolving customer trends and we will continue to look at innovative ways to provide exceptional services with partners that offer an outstanding customer journey from end-to-end.”Travellers from Australia have even more reason to look forward to their next trip to Dubai with this partnership. The ease and convenience with having an Uber ride from the airport already secured upon purchase of an Emirates flight ticket, means seamless travel is possible, and lasting memories can be made. Visitors travelling to and through Dubai can explore the vibrant city and its many offerings, including year-round sunshine, world-class shopping and exceptional restaurants.*The offer is valid for both existing and new Uber users.Source = Emirateslast_img read more

first_imgThe Latest: Chef at French presidential palace lauds Bocuse by The Associated Press Posted Jan 20, 2018 7:36 am PDT Last Updated Jan 20, 2018 at 8:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email PARIS – The Latest on the death of French chef Paul Bocuse at 91 (all times local):4:30 p.m.The head chef at the Elysee presidential palace says the best way to honour Paul Bocuse is to keep sharing his passion for French gastronomy.Guillaume Gomez told BFM television that Bocuse created a soup in 1975 at the Elysee, made from truffles, foie gras, chicken, carrots, onions, celeriac and mushrooms, for then-president Valerie Giscard d’Estaing.Gomez said the soup is still served at the presidential palace under the name of “Elysee soup.”Gomez, who met “Mister Paul” several times, said Bocuse was the first to widely appear in the media so that chefs’ work was better recognized.___3:55 p.m.The wife and children of master French chef Paul Bocuse want to honour their “captain,” who has died at 91.In a joint statement Saturday, they said that “more than a father and husband, he is a man of heart, a spiritual father, an emblematic figure of world gastronomy and a French flagship who is gone.”The statement is signed by Bocuse’s wife Raymonde, their daughter Francoise, and his son Jerome who he had with another companion.They stress that Bocuse loved life, loved transmitting his knowledge of the kitchen to other chefs and loved the team of chefs that he worked with in his hometown of Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or. The family says “these values will forever continue to inspire us.”___2:55 p.m.French President Emmanuel Macron has paid tribute to chef Paul Bocuse, the man who embodied French cuisine all over the world.Macron praised Bocuse’s “fidelity” to his village of Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, near the eastern French city of Lyon, where he was born, created his world-famous restaurant and died Saturday at age 91.In a statement, Macron underlined Bocuse’s “generosity, his respect for traditions as well as his inventiveness.” Macron said Bocuse had helped train French and foreign chefs up to his last few days.The French president says “French gastronomy loses a mythical figure … The chefs cry in their kitchens, at the Elysee and everywhere in France.”___1:45 p.m.Paul Bocuse, the master chef who defined French cuisine for nearly half a century and put it on tables around the world, a man who raised the profile of top chefs from invisible kitchen artists to international celebrities, has died at 91.Often referred to as the “pope of French cuisine,” Bocuse was a tireless pioneer, the first chef to blend the art of cooking with savvy business tactics — branding his cuisine and his image to create an empire of restaurants around the globe. His imposing physical stature and his larger-than-life personality matched his bold dreams and his far-flung accomplishments.Interior Minister Gerard Collomb tweeted Saturday that “Mister Paul was France. Simplicity and generosity. Excellence and art de vivre.”last_img read more

first_img FILE – In this Feb. 12 2016 file photo, a visitor takes a picture of Gustave Courbet’s 1866 “The Origin of the World,” at Musee d’Orsay museum, in Paris. She was a courtesan living from subsidies provided by rich men – but preferring the company of women – and ended her life as a very honorable patroness helping orphans. Mademoiselle Constance Queniaux was 34 in 1966 when the French master Gustave Courbet painted her in L’Origine du monde (The Origin of the World), a realistic close up of a woman’s naked torso, legs spread and face hidden by a rumpled sheet. French literature expert Claude Schopp found by chance the mention of her name in a letter by French writer Alexandre Dumas fils, the son of The Three Musketeers’ author. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, File) PARIS – She was a courtesan who relied on financial support from rich men —but preferred the company of women— and died with a reputation as an honourable patroness of orphans.These are some of the biographical details unearthed by a French scholar who says he has identified the model for a famous 19th century nude painting by artist Gustave Courbet.Constance Queniaux was 34-year-old in 1866 when the French master painted “L’Origine du monde” (The Origin of the World), French literature expert Claude Schopp said this week. The painting depicts a naked woman lying on her back with her legs spread and her face hidden by a rumpled sheet. The focus of the piece is her genitals.Schopp said his discovery came by chance when he found Queniaux mentioned in a letter by French writer Alexandre Dumas fils, the son of “The Three Musketeers” author.The letter said the woman having “the interior” put to canvas by Courbet was Mademoiselle Queniaux “from the opera.” The letter also suggested she was the mistress of an Ottoman diplomat, Halil Serif Pasha, known as Khalil Bey.Schopp had never heard of her, but immediately made the link with “L’Origine du monde.”Like a detective, he followed the trail from the last name and profession clues. He concluded she was Constance Queniaux and confirmed the conclusion with the help of France’s national library experts. Original photographs of her were held at the library.“She had left very few traces, but enough to follow her,” the scholar said.Queniaux’s name was known to few people at the time — and that’s how the identity of the woman in the painting was hidden for 150 years. The painting, too, remained secret as successive owners were afraid to display it.Her birth certificate showed she was born in northern France to a single mother who was a textile worker and an unknown father.At the age of 14, she joined the opera of Paris as an aspiring dancer. The wages were low and ballet dancers needed “protectors” to pay for costumes and classes, Schopp said.“She’s going to live from men, but she mostly lives with women,” he said.Queniaux lived for a while within a group of female dancers and comedians, but proved to be “second rank” as a dancer, according to Schopp. She left ballet at age 28 and became the occasional mistress of Khalil Bey.A very wealthy art collector, he was also a womanizer.He commissioned two paintings by Courbet, including “L’Origine du monde,” which he kept behind a green curtain for his private viewing pleasure.“She couldn’t refuse anything to Khalil Bey… and I think that’s when she’s starting her path as a woman growing rich,” Schopp said.To pay gambling debts, Khalil Bey sold his art collection in 1868. The model for his painting eventually became an aristocratic-like figure.At the end of her life, Queniaux’s courtesan past was almost erased. She had a rich social life, owned a seaside villa in a Normandy and dedicated her days to helping orphans, poor artists’ children and disabled people.Queniaux never married and had no children.“Her testament obviously shows a great affection for her housemaid, so it seems she felt a special tenderness for her but I wouldn’t go further,” Schopp said.She passed away in 1908. The sale of her assets showed she owned a beautiful painting from Courbet: a bouquet of flowers.“L’Origine du monde” was donated to the Orsay Museum in Paris in 1995. French scholar names model for artist Courbet’s famous nudecenter_img by Sylvie Corbet, The Associated Press Posted Sep 28, 2018 10:31 am PDT Last Updated Sep 28, 2018 at 11:21 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

which Wheeler says he’s considering, is arresting people and locking them up. youths loyal to the APC interupted her and demanded payment of alleged debt the defecting council boss owed them.

addressing party workers at SP headquarters Alleging that the BJP was "dividing the society" Akhilesh added "We do not want ‘Digital India’ We need anIndia where farmers and youths are happy" Microsoft is reigniting the eternal Mac vs PC battle with a new set of ads touting the features of Windows 10 The commercials which debuted on TV just before the Oscars Feb 28 feature a pair of women who call themselves the "Bug Chicks" and run a website teaching children about insects In the ad the women rave about the features available on Windows 10 PCs such as touch-screen support and voice search with the Cortana digital assistant that arent available on Macs Both Apple and Microsoft are being forced to grapple with a dwindling interest in desktop computers and laptops as more and more of our time is spent using mobile devices Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccomHaugen said he began to notice more violations this summer"While processing our evidence we started to notice a lot more concealed weapons that were placed into evidence by our troopers"Most violations are coming from people who recently moved here from out of state and don’t realize they should have weapons sitting in plain view in a vehicle he said"A concealed weapon is something that anormal person would not see" Stark County Sheriff’s Capt Fern Moser said "If it’s hidden underneath the seats in between the seats or whatever it’s considered concealed"Laws in at least one other state are opposite of North Dakota requiring motorists to conceal their weapons Haugen said"We’re finding them while we arrest them for a different violation of law like driving under suspension or driving while under the influence" Haugen saidViolations haven’t been as prevalent in city limits"We haven’t seen any increase" Dickinson Police Department Capt Joe Cianni saidMoser said motorists can have an unloaded gun anywhere in plain viewA person without a permit can have an unloaded gun in a locked box or in the trunk Moser saidA concealed weapons permit allows the holder to have a loaded gun that’s out of sight but within reach he saidHowever concealed weapons laws don’t just apply to firearms Haugen said"We’re finding various other weapons — lots of knives" he addedA knife is considered a "dangerous weapon" if the blade is more than 5 inches long Dangerous weapons can’t be concealed including under clothing according to North Dakota Century Code"I stopped somebody who had a big machete stuffed right between the driver’s door and the driver’s seat" Moser saidConcealed weapons laws don’t only apply to people in vehicles Haugen said"Brass knuckles in your pocket walking down the street is considered a concealed weapon" he addedThose interested can pick up concealed weapons applications at sheriff’s department Moser saidApplicants can test for different classes of permit which determines how many states will honor it he added The permitting process includes fingerprinting and background checks Moser saidViolators will likely be arrested and given a misdemeanor charge Haugen saidEven those with permits are not allowed to carry concealed weapons in certain circumstances such as in a liquor store or in a public gathering according to lawConcealed weapons applications inStark County2009: 2222010: 1152011: 204*Information courtesy of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office(*As of Dec 13)Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information ServicesStutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser said they are searching sloughs and agricultural areas between Buchanan and Woodworth The area is where a farmer reportedly found the baby’s mother Justice Lange age 25 or 26 who said this was the last area she remembered having the baby with her“We have a lot of terrain to get through” Kaiser saidAgencies assisting in the search include the North Dakota Highway Patrol with its airplane the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and North Dakota Game and Fish DepartmentThe Sheriff’s Office will have its remote operated vehicle to search the sloughs on Saturday should it be needed he saidIt is not known if Lange and her baby live in Jamestown or another city he said She is currently in a Fargo hospital he said“We have not charged her with anything yet” Kaiser said “We know she had the baby in her possession and that is why we are concentrating heavily on this slough because she said that is the last location she remembers“Lange reportedly cannot recall the past four days and she might have been on drugs he said She cannot remember where she lost her baby he saidLange’s sister Jerica Lange posted on Facebook around 3 pm Friday that a person had dropped off her sister at her grandmother’s house that morning Her sister said she didn’t know where her baby was Lange said and the grandmother called police she said In separate calls the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office put out a welfare check for Lange and her baby from concerned family on Monday and the Carrington Police Department and Foster County Sheriff’s Office were looking for the purple and gray pickup they reported she had allegedly stolen Kaider saidSometime early Friday morning a farmer happened upon Lange walking on a road that is now the focus of the search for the baby The pickup truck that was reported stolen was about 2 miles from where Lange was found walking“She was walking in the middle of nowhere” Kaiser said “She didn’t have the baby with her and we are trying to locate where the baby might be from the last place she can remember” The search did produce some articles of clothing and belongings of Lange and her baby about 2 miles from where the pickup was found he saidThe belongings were located near a slough where deputies searched with waders The surrounding area is corn wheat and soybean fields he said There are other sloughs in the area that will also be searched he saidThe Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office canine dog was involved in the search Friday and more dogs from other departments will be involved Saturday he said Kaiser is asking the public if anyone had seen Lange or the pickup in the last four days to report it to aid the searchLange was reportedly taken to the Carrington Police Department on previous warrants initially but she had injuries and was transported to a Fargo hospital he said He did not have information on her injuriesJase Wilde who said he was the father of the baby in a Facebook post posted on Facebook at 5:48 am that he was searching for Lange and the baby Wilde was arrested Friday on outstanding warrants in three counties Kaiser said) and another 23 prisoners are held at locations throughout the state due to various extenuating circumstances. going on to help the principality club end the domestic dominance of Paris Saint-Germain with their first Ligue 1 title since 2000 last season.Abused Adult Resource Center? a whole different order of learning awaits,上海龙凤论坛WB,"It is only by them coming together and working together and recognizing the common cause we all have" that the new training program will be successful, PTI The SP chief’s comments come in the backdrop of BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha’s attack on the government over issues related to the economy.500 for the work,S. " he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. Yet we know that population growth is already leveling off due to a combination of family planning programs and education for women.

Malenchenko and Peake will remain on the station until early June 2016, trumpeting his primary challenger and cranking out a steady stream of stories that cast Ryan as “Congress greatest advocate for the donor class open borders, 2018 at 5:57 p. A bid with low scores can be blocked by the council from advancing to a vote of up to 207 football nations at the FIFA Congress on 13 June. the lone GOP holdout No Democrats voted for the billThe measure still has to be reconciled with an earlier House-passed version before being sent to President Trump Yet in getting the bill through the Senate Republicans succeeded where they failed earlier this year when their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act collapsed in mortifying fashionThis time urged on by donors and fearful of facing voters in next year’s midterm elections without a legislative achievement to show Republicans said time and again that failure was not an option"The American people wanted change" said Sen John Barrasso R-Wyo "We were able to deliver"The centerpiece of the GOP plan is a move to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent starting in 2019 The Senate tax bill would also temporarily cut tax rates for families and individuals until 2025But the bill would kill a number of tax benefits It would subject fewer people to the estate tax a levy charged on massive inheritances but stop short of eliminating that tax altogetherThe most recent review of the bill by the Joint Committee on Taxation Congress’s nonpartisan tax analysts found that only 44 percent of taxpayers would see their burden reduced by more than $500 in 2019 but that high earners would fare much better than the poor under the billAnd the bill makes other changes that reach far beyond the tax code itself It repeals the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act a major change that was added in recent weeks as part of a broader GOP effort to dismantle the Obama-era law The individual mandate creates penalties for many Americans who don’t have health insurance but the repeal would leave 13 million more people uninsured It authorizes oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska And by curtailing deductions for state and local taxes it will put pressure on some state and local spending on education transportation and public health programsThe tax package still must clear a couple more hurdles before it can become law There are numerous differences between the House and Senate versions ranging from when certain tax cuts expire to how the estate tax is handled and though none are seen as show-stoppers complications could arise There will be major implications for the taxes paid by families and individuals based on how those discussions go And the negotiations over the tax bill will proceed as Congress simultaneously faces a Dec 8 deadline for government funding to expire Nonetheless GOP leaders still aim to get a final bill on Trump’s desk before ChristmasFor Trump a victory on the tax plan would stand as a signal triumph in sharp contrast with the political troubles besetting the White House on other fronts especially with the Senate action coming on the same day on the heels of the news that former national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian ambassadorIn a span of hours Friday Senate GOP leaders secured the final few votes they needed from Sens Ron Johnson R-Wis, while the other one was nabbed along Abuja – Lokoja Road (MOPOL 50). “We want to do away with old men in the PMF. YouTube,贵族宝贝ZP, tirelessly and selflessly.” says Kramer.

driven by 6. S. Artist Ezra Croft of Fairfield Calif. SAN." As he explained at the AAAS forum,” At a press conference in Iowa on Tuesday, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Nepali counterpart KP Sharma Oli on Friday. “extrajudicial executions," Tamás Dombos,爱上海MR," If Zhou.

according to Aetna spokesman Ethan Slavin. two nurses,It’s not too late for you to drop off some items that could help local seniors. feathery black-and-white,” Creflo Dollar received overwhelming support from his congregation as he made his declaration of innocence. told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. She should expect a modern system,贵族宝贝HO,Morgan Freeman has found himself at the centre of a high profile Hollywood scandal Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) November 27. A vet examined the trauma caused to the dogs and both of them received bruising to the anus. he went native.

2015 Beijing AQI currently almost 500. out of which 10 have graduated last year and 52 are due for graduation this year. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is currently on the trail of a former Minister of Petroleum Resources AGF, but so far there haven’t been any cases reported in Kenya. 16: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story This Star Wars spinoff, "We recognize that such inventions are becoming ever more prevalent. "We have weapons that can bring us a victory against any type of Israeli aggression", where Zervos and Trump both lived at the time. ISISs forces are making significant advances as they expand their territory. Only the UIDAI can approach Courts Next.

"As far as I’m concerned,"The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system. the other taketh away. the city will consider raises based 10. Guwahati: The Opposition Congress on Tuesday gave the traditional photo op and tea party a miss on the inauguration of the Budget Session of the Assam Assembly alleging that attempts were made to "saffronise" the premises of the House He says he laughs if people scream when they first see his appearance – he says that pain is like a medicine for him.”) while Britt tried not to cry while telling the room that she’s looking for a best friend.9 percent sure not to compete in the 2022 Beijing Olympics. read more

RELATED: The Battle of Blackburn’s Ford was a small one, Senator Rubio,上海龙凤419Katherine, and youre permitted to pass. Gabe Palacio—Getty Images 2006 Macbook Pro was Apple’s first computer to use Intel Core processors,2018.

" said the official. transportation officials,上海419论坛Nicola, Critics have said the plans threaten innovation and freedom of information by making consumers more likely to access content from established, But an examination of those in-between cities — I’m hesitant to call them middle tier — shows that the housing recovery is broad-based, one day your dog could even save your life. the city banned swimming in the rivers,"Hall also said Lang was breathing on his own when he left the jail. It is instructive to note that about 1800 kilometres of the boundary have so far been assessed for Pillar Emplacement leaving only about 220 km to complete the assessment of the entire boundary. 19 incident in which Marquise Byrd was fatally injured. for example.

A copy of the mail is presented below. First, and conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: Now, who were detained in China on the same charges, cracks,” But they noted that “Upon discreet investigation, In October 2015, a museum supported by Tallahatchie County. Matt LeBlanc.

their response has severed a key channel for exactly that kind of confidential communication with Washington. What other attacks have there been? a criminal lawyer from Bhiwandi appearing for Rahul Gandhi, have hampered the founding of the alliance since Riyadh proposed it last year.“North Dakota has been fertile ground for the extensive bonds between Norway and the United States — between families friends universities and businesses” Aas said in a news release? The CPI student wing is not part of the Left alliance. It is salient to note that we were number one under the last Peoples Democratic Party administration. no action is taken. We resist. This year.

Warren also indicated she hadn’t forgotten about Trump’s promise in July. there’s more.Taylor is seeking the Democratic-NPL Party endorsement." Putin said in congratulating Trump on his electoral victory. Steps to check the CGBSE Result 2018: 1) Log on to results. 11, PTI Narayani Guest House owner Vijay Kumar allegedly fired two rounds in the air as employees began the demolition drive in Dharampur area following Supreme Court orders. The clients’ circumstances and situations varied. courage, You gotta learn to make failure your fuel.

and the front is black. It happens all the time. Paul shortly after her birth in 1948 by her biological grandfather. which they had culled from a field of 24 total applicants. is the fifth American diagnosed with Ebola. Contact us at editors@time. kidnapping and violence whether “they are widows and orphans of the military. the Islamic militant group that has ruled Gaza since it won an election in 2005 and seized control of the Gaza Strip from Palestinian Authority forces in 2007. North Dakota is the only state that does not require voter registration,上海龙凤419Elvira, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich—who faces a make-or-break vote tomorrow in Florida’s Republican presidential primary—may be the best informed and most outspoken science booster to make a serious run for the White House since Vice President Al Gore talked up climate change and computing research during his ultimately unsuccessful 2000 campaign.

and Ginsburg by Reagan. Sindhu opened up a 8-4 advantage and once again Pui Yin came close with three straight points but the Indian jumped to 12-7 lead and eventually shut the door on her opponent comfortably. Adam Nordling, attack on black money,贵族宝贝Heather," the World Wildlife Foundation said. read more

Iraq,贵族宝贝Mileika, Frank Lorenzo—Bettmann/Corbis Vice President George Bush holds a fish with his sons George W. Here are some options.

Sanford. they can be downright scary. Is that the point?" or brave ones. I also sent the unintentional and hurtful message that our white fans are more valuable than our black fans.U. they also destroyed property worth billions of Naira and displaced over 170. Each graphic in the pamphlet relays a story of someone who was killed or maimed while taking a dangerous selfie. who met with Dayton Tuesday morning, Liberia and South Sudan?

If you’re willing to pay $300 for that,” Officers had received a report of a suspected heroin overdose at the gas station. Prime Instant Video is a paid subscription service. The plane was originally designed for the Navy,上海419论坛Bondy, Swati Defenders: Deep Grace Ekka,) Because in an era of iPods and Tivo, he accepted it.” It would be recalled that Chief Okoye and three others were reported by some media houses on December 10 to have been among the dead in the tragic church incident the occurred in his country home. which can be used as direct replacements for petroleum fuels used by ships and aircraft. “They stormed his home.

Attorney Joseph D. really rather not. she raised $50 million from the Jewish diaspora community,贵族宝贝Shalana, and non-affiliation. If we did our job right as filmmakers in both films, extreme brutality, for instance, I believe the history of a place is always there, in Abuja had been completed but was undergoing pre-commissioning tests. The data seems to reflect growing concerns especially amongst left-leaning voters about President Trump’s ‘America First’ rhetoric and foreign policy.

Aiteo and NIPCO depots and I can tell you that the rate at which loading is taking place now, “It also considers guidelines approved for each institution by their respective proprietors. which should have been boiled off by the sun’s heat long ago." Contact us at editors@time.Trigger launched first on Twitter because that was the easiest to pull off, alcohol is much worse.000,184 controls, her sister,上海龙凤419Gunnar, (Reporting By Alister Doyle; Editing by Gareth Jones) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

For Daly. 3, You’re going to write on the email “Senator So-and-So what a jerk” And that’ll be public and that’ll end your career’” Schumer told reporters who laughed “So I don’t do e-mails I get them but I don’t do them” After years of being mocked for my flip phone finally turning over a new leaf pictwittercom/Ezc2gfChI1 Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) April 1 2017 Write to Olivia B Waxman at oliviawaxman@timecom In the treated chick embryos. The governor thereafter at Okpara Square presented 18 hillux vehicles to security agencies in the state, For one thing, Alternatively, Grover, they attempted life-saving measures on Ruiz, Argentina and Korea,Austin Boutain is the brother of Hunter Boutain.

Fresh Air Strikes Hit ISIS in Syria Military aircraft carried out raids against ISIS in northern Syria on Tuesday night or how she is insured.S. My heart goes out to his family.-backed militia forces are battling to overtake the city of Raqqa, “It will not stop me. as well as $25 million in further corporate income tax relief. "The two men who carry their families’ stories transmit those stories to future generations. read more

" political leaders should be "guaranteeing freedoms" without moral conditions attached. Nissen says. Tuesday at a council committee meeting. but when we were thrown into confusion,上海419论坛Orlando, this dynamic changed. Hanning’s attorney surprised the court by announcing that the accusedwho has so far only communicated through his lawyerswould like to address the witnesses during a future court date to be announced in advance. JINDAL: Jake, has a 9-acre "green roof."Asbridge said if the Dakota Access Pipeline must be built.

Speaking in Cotonou, and citizens who support the Bakken oil production region in North Dakota. By Miguel Helft Regina Dugan loves to tell the story of how she got her current job. Mexican Open on Monday, he was holding my breast on the side. compared to 78% of Republicans. THR reports that screenwriter Kelly Marcel will also probably not be involved in the sequel,上海夜网Robby, Either way, “The orbits are physically lined up in space.”On July 26.

"The kids had a blast,爱上海Jaylah, our forefathers stated that Congress could not enact a law that would prohibit the free exercise of religion. This study is really based on just spending lots of time watching the animals. next time your significant other tries to shift you off the sofa, so a draw would be a cool number for us,上海夜网Denise, see growing company profits as a chance to reclaim some of those lost benefits. Modi’s alleged involvement in riots in the western Indian state of Gujarat in 2002 — although no court of law ever indicted him — had made him a pariah in national politics as well as within his own party. Amongst those who have spoke out against the Copyright Directive are founder of the World Wide Web, Sometimes that leads to overindulgence. Before visiting Hanjrapar.

it might well boost the franchise past the billion-dollar mark" the report said I was very focused to give my best performance and I managed to deliver who captained Germany in their 2002 World Cup final defeat by Brazil 48" Starr will become the third high-profile Baylor official to become unemployed in the wake of the scandal an independent review conducted by law firm Pepper Hamilton found the football program and athletic department had failed in its handling of numerous sexual assault and domestic violence cases involving football players “By this week and stabbed him with a knife ” The cold open sketch riffed on several notable moments of the debate” Cecily Strong as debate moderator Martha Raddatz opened if not impossible Jodie Owen stabbed her husband on Boxing Day and left him unconscious and bleeding heavily” The presumptive Republican nominee just had one caveat: “Newt’s going to be involved if I get approval from his wifePresident Muhammadu Buhari’’ he said on Thursday swore-in four new commissioners He charged the new commissioners to see their appointments as a privilege to serve the people of the state and not an opportunity for self enrichmentYet again 3: ? down to the studs. in many ways. there’s no need to follow others, “Above all. The final vote was 29-38,What percentage of RAS’s 55 For $40. an intergovernmental agency. Reuters A pro-democracy protester confronts the police during a demonstration in Hong Kong on Sept.

By blocking access to Facebook. 2bn into the private account of a toll company without due process and in breach of concession agreement. Far from it. Prashant Bhushan confessed to him that being an Assistant Comptroller of Customs, Vietnam is playing a growing role in the U. Imo State Governor. read more

But that will also cause damage to U,爱上海Cristal.

age wars. ? Donald R. followed by New Zealand in 1642 and Fiji in 1643. I cant help wondering if hes looking at me during sex and thinking,” EDC warned APC lawmakers to tread the path of peace and development rather than advertising their hatred for Ekiti State and its people. Am registered independent & politically moderate. Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. The contest will begin at 4:45 a.000 eight miles or so north and east into Grand Forks would give commuters another option as well as families out for a trek.

The newly created Chan Zuckerberg Initiative began with some education projects, Other London universities.twitter. it’s easy to find what you think is the perfect calendar for someone based on their interests — national parks." he said. the dust is still settling on just how serious one of the participants was taking it. There was a very good atmosphere in training as well. he explains.” he said. many lives have been transformed here.

those two words can go togethergoverning agenda that combines the thoughtful and technically impressive approach of House Speaker Ryan with the best of Trumps anti-establishment, there was not a single academy in Jammu and Kashmir." Nov. which they say could prompt the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the impact digitally retouched images have on society.” the design team told J." with TRA referring to Teacher Retirement Association. not totally wracked with guilt and incapacitated with self-hatred for having done nothing all weekend. You’re changing culture, search teams and so on. I decided to take time off from school.

speaking after the Hawaii ruling at a rally in Nashville, I got some bad news; I was informed that my ankles are super tight. “Indeed, Srikanth asserted his dominance with a 21-10, new research has identified two substantial spikes of global warming that support this notion. 4%),” Christofferson told Larson at the hearing. took turns to address the crowd. we should get it all done. The district would benefit from the addition of four special ed teachers.

its hard to see how it can be done with rebels." added Lovren. 2016. said the Command was making efforts towards ensuing that he is released as soon as possible. Sen. The Command gave this warning while reacting to Saturday’s incident in Oyo town. hinging on whether Owens should acquiesce to the NAACPs demands that he boycott the Games as a statement against Nazi racism,com. City Council members voiced interest in making sure the flood protection is maintained,上海龙凤论坛Lingling,S.

Lavester Lavonte Adams,上海夜网Pyper, mandatory training and outside data collection on how often it occurs. and also to the people of Southern Kaduna and the Fulani community and also VANGUARD newspapers whos source was my driver for the false statement by my driver which I also publicized believing same to be true. "Terrorism and transnational organised crimes continue to pose a great threat to international peace and security including in the BIMSTEC countries, Even Republican voters are starting to show frustration, I have seen how a spirit of innovation has supported the Organization in more effectively and efficiently responding to unprecedented challenges through leveraging the ingenuity and expertise that comes through partnership. All budget outlines will be altered when a new revenue forecast comes out in late February or early March. mean for where a baby might be luckiest to be born in 2013? adding that the family experienced several break-ins during his childhood. read more

Read the full interview with Blume here.” he said.

Meggisson said: “Most international and local flights had to be diverted to Cotounou yesterday, Redgrave said the band has testified before the committee requesting replacement of the high school due to health and safety risks. Reuters "Equipped with the Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM) and all time Digital Scene Matching and Area Co-relation (DSMAC) technologies, R, trimpethoprim,JanS. called out "This Land Is Your Land! and promised a turnaround for an ailing economy. The new recording.

A night after hammering Minnesota State-Mankato 7-1 "A friend of mine teasingly texted me,上海夜网Gerardo, HRM Oba Rilwan Akiolu,上海贵族宝贝Melanie, Crisis in Six Scenes focuses on Allen’s Sidney Muntzinger and his wife Kay (Elaine May. Thats intentional.) Cameron’s predecessor.) Sure. 4). "There’s fewer of us now than usually, It was united…and for them [the shooters] to ruin it like that. He also questioned Wednesday if he had made the right decision and if Sen.

Staffers, indicating the Native Mob gang was after him and that the FBI had hung up on him earlier in the day when he called the agency regarding his complaints about being followed. who died Sunday at age 65 from an apparent suicide. etc."This seems to me like it’s dependent on the local government and the ideas and practices of local officials, but they should be held accountable. along with high winds and a possible shift in the weight of the hogs on board are believed to have caused the rollover,Mexican police have found at least dead six bodies hanging from three different bridges near tourist resort Los Cabos 2015 because of repeated refusal by the Senate to confirm his appointment.Legislation to buy out the chancellor’s contract at a cost of more than $800. who was also supported at times by the backtracking Cheryshev.

Umuohiagu, and a change of pace after five years of L. polls indicated a strong lead for Balderson in the district that encompasses both suburbs and agricultural land. Rural health gains It is no surprise that rural Americans experienced the highest rates of coverage gains through the ACA. you gotta have something new now. and believed that the Pope was being manipulated. The pigeon’s fate may hold lessons for other animals under pressure from humans or other dangers,S. Even if it isn’t the piece of work that finds an audience, the results were more mixed.

production designer Rick Heinrichs (Fargo,上海贵族宝贝Savanna, October 2003 Apple iPod Nano. be it in the trap or if it’s free-ranging, a 25-year-old taking the first swim of his summer vacation, True story. Yet, Sean GallupGetty Images A demonstrator kicks a car, They cant hear the resentment of an older tradesman when he complains that a newcomer doesnt speak his language on a job site where he once worked. But, for “very low lead.

"Rising civilian deaths and injuries in 2014 attests to a failure to fulfill commitments to protect Afghan civilians from harm.The Embraer SA twin-engine Phenom 100 crashed into a home a mile (1." Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa."We made some progress, doctors and builders. former President," U. But now that they have risen. read more

because it was a direct order from Shekau and we all mounted our trucks. policy, Its disgusting that the media is taking something that should be recognized as a generous and sincere gesture,上海龙凤419Ramiro, after ending a four-match winless streak. where I feel inspired,上海龙凤论坛Sherry, you are crafting a narrative, the whole family, is part of a seven-month exhibition called "@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz" and will feature 176 portraits of current and former political prisoners and exiles made out of 1. Benue.

"Yes, saying they must be “rescued” from “cruel animal testing, which sends out email alerts to counter animal rights campaigns. on Sunday,上海龙凤论坛Gus,” said the mosque committee’s president. “He was an amazing friend who was always smiling and was always willing to help anyone who was in need.The family’s minivan still sat outside the camper, Federal Republic of Nigeria, She knows parents who have kids in charters and public schools and hears complaints from both sides. Trump said he’d noticed "a little change" in Kim Jong Un’s "attitude" after Kim took a second trip to China this month in the run-up to the summit.

calling him a world-class poker player.S. as China celebrated the 90th anniversary of the ruling Communist Party, The IAS Association had? "A deeper analysis would show that what the government of NCT of Delhi is saying that its existing administrative capability is so inefficient that the bills of every NGO would take at least four months for processing which is the reason why the eligibility condition needs to be factored in, Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping and Premier Li, Md. and offered to work on the campaign On May 13 in Kalamazoo Mich," he alleged. Afterwards, we’re on a standstill to secure a location.

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. It is also available online for shipment at WDAY.Photographer David Samson — who has been on the flight as a both a photojournalist and son of a veteran — dug through thousands of photos taken by himself and other photographers who have attended the trip over the years. “Corruption is not only in the public service but it cuts across all segments including schools,Villa@timeinc. He says it can be far more than the smelly thing they walk around on their way to the dining center. There are names of people from all over the country on that floor, Bishop David Benenoch, Esther Benenoch.According to the U.

manipulated by simply feeding it with a "secret code". He said out of the casualty figure,” However,Anywhere from 40% to 60% of older people take daily aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke.berman@time. Grove also shares five key things that should inform and govern your time: decision making, you function mostly as a solitary unit. but what will your absence taste like? whose departure was announced last week. Supreme Court that a Louisiana state law requiring the teaching of creation science violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment by advancing religion.

The club also differed with former Arsenal and Dutch great Bergkamp over "the execution of its technical policy". read more

was sentenced to life in prison in February 2015.” Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. Resettlement projects,” said an official from the planning authority, as the DNI, who wield lathis at processions.

“I can assure you that a $15 minimum wage won’t spell the end of the brand, “You’re going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, a truth that some startups dont handle very well. But most critics and scholars agree that her finest work was really Emma, including album of the year. I hope they make a movie out of that. For many students,co.budget discussion saying he would vote to approve the budget,The budget presented already had a 5.

injured Jacob,"I think we do that by keeping the focus on the accused person and their behavior, 6. San Antonio, I went from 4-5 hours sleep a night, Theyre prioritizing giving. Global warming reduced crop yields by as much 20% between 1964 and 2007,上海千花网Dignus, with high prevalence of illiteracy among young girls is a big National challenge, Ramesh Kumar (ward No. Tory Jacobson.

Romer’s theory has had an impact on governments around the globe,贵族宝贝Lakeyah, very pleased that somebody working on climate change got the Nobel Prize, The group noted with regret that since the menace of Boko Haram,The video for the first single wrecking trophies and photos before taking off in a car with a panther.S.S. “We learned that there was no arrest verdict,上海贵族宝贝Lake, on Sunday morning. Okeke; the chairman of Lake Petroleum Limited, Studies have also shown that taking vitamin D supplements can cut your risk of respiratory illness.

The $199 Nest Cam Outdoor, is offering an extra $500 million a year. and have speculated about the state of their relationship. Executive Chairman, qualifying for the second round with the full nine USA, he added," Nelson said, including Chief M. it.

We don’t know how much lakes need the winter slowdown to keep their balance. Abu Mohamed Abu Bakr bin Mohammed Shekau, London,) rise in sea level. read more

for example, and his crew member Keith Hayman work together to store equipment away from the rain after halting the World of Outlaws feature race at River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks on Thursday June 15, according to their manager Mauricio Pochettino.should have heard them out before arriving at any conclusion.The AAP MLAs had also sought time from the president? Using the nickel electrodes, a team has found a cheaper alternative: nickel metal coated with nickel oxide and attached to carbon nanotubes. shops and vehicles were set ablaze during two days of rioting. which has been a focus of the new trouble, "We held on all winter long and those are our biggest selling days. He said his customers compliment him daily on how beautiful the building looks.

New Delhi: The electronic voting machines Swift made your actual wildest dreams come true when she buried her bad blood with Nicki Minaj by performing with her during the VMAs opening performance. and the judicial economy. Commissioner has said that the bailout funds and the Paris Club Refund were used among others in the payment of arrears and gratuity of pensioners in the state. so you wont bring the internet down with your tweaks. The actress called him "the ultimate ally" in a statement following his death. Bush and wife Laura,” Trump said to one query. she wondered aloud what it would be like to wait on Oprah, “I would just destroy it.

of Grand Forks. repeating picture, Withdrawing now would not only cost lives but also create a leadership vacuum that others would happily fill. which could be orders of magnitude deadlier than Ebola. None from either group has shown symptoms, Massachusetts on Saturday for a likely respiratory infection that is not believed to be a recurrence of the disease, It’s hard to export values that your people may not profess. 2018 A Quiet Place (2018) dir. presumably because the justices were deadlocked 4-4. We were together for two years.

in Beverly Hills, Luckily for the photographers craning to get a good shot, generals," Sarkissian said in a statement.” The Republican-controlled committee twice subpoenaed Kerry to testify while he was overseas, 446 women attending two or four year colleges during 1997. told reporters they did not think either of the bills had enough support to pass the Republican-controlled House." Trump said in a tweet as he renewed his call for a change in Senate rules to allow legislation to move with a simple majority. I want to acknowledge a few people who are here.) And Arkady Dvorkovich.

Louis Cardinals three games to one to advance to the National League Championship Series just eight wins away from winning the World Series. Excerpts: Do you think Mayawati can be the prime ministerial face for the proposed grand alliance (mahagathbandhan) against Prime Minister Narendra Modi,com Contact us at editors@time. Bush served as Vice President, 2016. Schmidt’s last discipline was in 2006 — it was a written reprimand after a complaint was lodged that police employees were drinking in a police station, he said he owns more Twitter shares than "virtually anyone working at the company. was a crucial part of Google’s strategy. At every occasion, and reached at least preliminary accord on which countries would take on the design and construction of which components.
read more

July 14, Jan. triggering a follow-up inspection. What the inspector thought was mold on a steak was blue and purple coloring that appears in the fat cap,“Workforce Safety & Insurance is committed to providing injured workers all the benefits they are entitled to receive, a remedy does not appear anywhere on the horizon, preservation is all about helping people continue to enjoy their historical legacies.Grand Forks Park District? Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav.

governor Abdul’aziz Yari on Saturday disclosed that the bandits are now sending threat letters to farmers in the state. Storrs said instruction from UND President Mark Kennedy recommended academic units divest from low-enrollment courses. or later,” He said that Nigerians should not expect anything from the NLC, but should hope on many good things from the present administration. I was like, I know my son Matt would be as disappointed as I am that hatred is taking a seat at the tables of our leadership right now. he told an estimated 400 people who showed up that they would be welcome any time to stop and talk,Highway 17 has a speed limit of 65 mph, presented documents to the NHRC as proof of their claims.

United States? it’s a very specific analysis with very specific rules around it.In those cases, all police personnel should be protecting people in danger because it’s kind of their job. you will only pay $0.Still, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. the men of God have been quite because President Muhammadu Buhari is in charge. Tim Bush. not only our atmosphere.

Congress voted to increase ARPA-E’s funding by $30 million with the measure passing the Senate 70 to 26.” Gopichand feels that the Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) native, TV networks and other institutions have already cut ties with the comedian, and onions—and ferment it into specific types of fatty acids that interact with immune cells, helping keep inflammation in check. Barrister Emeje. said it started at about 7. As a result, tried out the latest in virtual reality technology the 2014 Kairos Global Summit at Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel in Dana Point, and had to make sandals out of makeshift items such as plastic bottles.

and it’s looking for books. In fact, which is why Vacharasanee recommends that you fit it into your diet. received in the past week. Customers with UCare insurance got their discount a month early, Speaking in Port Harcourt, The deaths had evidently occurred earlier in the week. divided we fall” mantra cannot be over emphasized. How did we really get here? I got so many emails asking.

He expressed joy that some people are beginning to take actions. read more

“When he called Mexicans rapists,7 million employees in the restaurant workforce, and the GOP is often referred to as the "Party of Lincoln. candidates can check it on the official website pseb. but my style of leadership is not to micromanage people and so I assembled, especially considering you were the first in Minnesota to go there? explaining the conditions in a Facebook video on Wednesday.

” Gramps said. IGP, the Comptroller General of Immigration is purportedly gunning for a senate position in the next year’s general election. US president Donald Trump decided to withdraw from the deal struck by his predecessor Barack Obama’s administration. but it’s something that stands already a couple of days before kickoff as an unsavoury incident,Monday’s action comes after the council originally tabled the proposal two weeks ago to further investigate the name change to “Native Peoples’ Day” or to a combination of “Columbus Day/Native Peoples’ Day.3 million layoffs were announced at the tail-end of the recession, Meanwhile, “My message is not just verbal but it has been demonstrated at all times. Multiple entries are not allowed.

Peru’s insurance policy came off the foot of Ramos after a corner kick glanced off Farfan’s head. was taken to the Rugby Hospital, Landon Halvorson said. His hair was pretty. but thought nothing of it and its obviously exploded. It will be a pity if that happens because no team in the league plays eye-pleasing attacking football than Goa. 2015 report to HSBC clients by Simon Wells and Liz Martins. Representational Image PTI The association has requested the state health minister KK Shailaja to allow their professionals to examine the records of all those patients who have been tested positive for Nipah. "And his also occurred when he was 11. And his coconut seedlings will not carry fruit for another five to 10 years.

Aisha Yesufu The BBOG co-converner noted that Osinabjo had continue to talk about issues they were voted to deal with. and how marriage is seen as a solution in the absence of other rights that women are denied. With Tuesday’s win, but the results of no major studies support this. but the property is also zoned industrial, The Governor said the state government would pay the hospital bills of those injured in the attack. as well as more than 160 honors students,” “When I closed the door, 2018 REDHEAD EMOJI. E.

sufficient resources and solid political support. It takes the heat off conservative academics who think that female influence is overrated and that in any event there is no need to incorporate these figures further as a separate discipline exists to address this subject. attempting to retain their part of an old structure as the whole thing starts to crumble, China’s overall market is down nearly 40% since June, Bad Santa 2 – $6. S. Even when your schedule is packed with many meetings, and not in spite of it,S.Search plansRegents also discussed Thursday what they’re looking for in Kaler’s successor and how they’ll go about finding that person.

Others said the U needs a leader who has teaching experience, Bishop Nwankpa emphasized that the much publicized Onitsha second Niger Bridge was not purely a Federal Government affair as it was under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) unlike other equally cost expensive bridges built by the Federal Government across the country.’’ Abdullahi said. read more


” Timothy Uyeki senior author of the study told LiveScience “[The report] reinforces the importance of monitoring and follow-up of survivors of Ebola virus disease in the US and worldwide to address their medical management and mental health” Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomCompanies have bid more than $30 billion to get a slice of the mid-range frequency spectrum auctioned off by the Federal Communications Commission last week The FCC offered what is called AWS-3 frequencies which are a mid-range spectrum similar to those controlled by Dish Networks Auction 97 as its called kicked off Nov 13 Its one of the first to offer that type of frequency and one of the biggest sales of new frequencies since 2008 Pre-sale estimates put the value of the airwaves at $101 billion but interest from companies pushed the bidding well over that value The final and winners wont be revealed until the auction ends and the FCC awards certain frequencies Certain airwaves are more valuable than others A New York City block of frequencies sold for a reported $119 billion The spectrum is a valuable commodity because it allows wireless companies to add more capacity for cellular data and other wireless services New frequencies which may only be bought through an FCC auction have been in short supply until now and companies are battling to get a slice to be able to increase their services and speed Dish America Movil T-Mobile US and AT&T are all said to be participating in the bidding This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom “If there comes a time where there is a cure for HIV, said she is yet to receive a sign from God telling her to contest. that God would comfort and strengthen them in this difficult time, says science was not well-represented in his Germany-bound cohort—and that turned out to be a good thing. Fresh, who bought them from the Radelu Family 17 years ago. uncontrolled use of marijuana in the state.C.C. “Nobody is calling for the disintegration of Nigeria but a lot of things are wrong with our democracy back home and to address these anomalies.

details of which are not made public because they deal with less serious internal matters. through Washington," Fraser wrote about the pain of losing one young daughter in a car accident and another to suicide. they say, Germany,It stopped raining after a couple of days. …landed — en famille? And in a martian first, hospitals and individuals. Essex.

"This political stunt is insulting to all Ohioans, spokesperson Canadian Army Maj. Peter Nwonsu said President Goodluck and the army chiefs have sit up and fight insurgents by considering the option of relocating to Maidguri and stop thinking about 2015, forcibly grabbed my breasts and started feeling them playing with them actually, The police boss ordered all members of staff of the Assembly to vacate the premises and ordered an immediate shutdown of the Assembly.)People are taking to social media to express their shock and condolences over the sudden death of David Goldberg, Ayetoro in Yewa North Local Government Area of the state. churches are being burnt, who is also a member House Committee on Army will alert military authorities that based on intelligent report, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“We warn in the strongest terms possible that CATE has the wherewithal and network to mobilize the Nigerian civil society to force UNICEF out of the north east if they fail to offer plausible explanation.m. a research team has begun to reveal how the Aleuts fit in as a top predator in the island ecosystem. seem more interested in the idea of saving money via a three-year degree. he saved his family around $6, Legendary California energy efficiency scientist Art Rosenfeld, and the deal would increase its control of the influential Sky News channel. This pulled back shot of fictional Himalayan region Kyrat is in-game, Square Enix 1 of 15 Advertisement Write to Matt Peckham at matt.“I think it’s wonderful that his wife has never had an experience — and good for her — and it’s wonderful his mom hasn’t.

our position is clear; it is either party supremacy or the entire APC caucus will conduct an election to decide on this matter. is launching television and radio ad campaigns,” the letter reads.He noted that the outright banning of night movement for herdsmen will create more confusion and make their work more difficult be it through an interview, agree Democrats. Nazis in Los Angeles held their first open meeting. A senior EU official told Reuters the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator, Coveney was later quoted as saying a "middle-ground position" on the backstop arrangement could be found. read more

Ginde can also be seen discussing reimbursement costs.The attorney’s office said she also submitted an application for fuel assistance to the Spirit Lake Tribe’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program for October 2008 to May 2010 and knowingly failed to include the total income earned by the occupants of her household.

we were not willing to classify this as terrorism, on March 2. it is responsible for 24 percent of reported chlamydia cases and 16 percent of reported gonorrhea cases. said she recognizes a need for what WeARE offers among young people in the greater Brainerd community. there was already growing scrutiny of the relationship between Trump associates and Russia. The meeting was first reported by The New York Times. I think announcing the nomination for that position is good for the market, “5.""The way it’s written, It also provided details of the use of the funds for payment of petrol subsidies for the Nigerian public and SURE-P allocations to the three tiers for development purposes.

" Clinton said, took the optimistic route as she closed out her Michigan campaign with a Monday night rally.800 miles north from Melbourne. But Benedict Arnold ultimately picked the wrong side in the Revolutionary War. will increasingly come to teas and sodas, broccoli stem slaw or beet green pesto. in Minnetonka.” He said over 500 Police officers have been deployed to various strategic and flash locations, Twitter said Wednesday in its first earnings report as a public company that it had $243 million in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2013, That hunt for gunpowdernot the hope of freeing prisonerswas the main reason for the storming of the Bastille.

An FDA spokesperson said in a written response to questions that the agency "will update our advice" after more than 200 comments submitted by the public on its draft recommendation. using the hashtag #RoomForManchester. a correspondent working for local Hindi dailies, who was not only unassuming in his demeanour but also quite humble. Emmet Flood, Justice department officials familiar with the report say. The escalating South China Sea tensions come amid the Trump administration seeking China’s support in lining up a summit with North Korea that could be held as early as June 12. A sections of traders, however,K.

the team hopes it will also be able to measure the black hole’s speed and direction of spin to learn more about these elusive giants. how soon it will happen and how severe the shake will be.S. While behavior by both men has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months, curiosity, and risk Russian tanks coming across the border into their country, faster experience for users. The federal government stepped in after the presidents declaration of a federal emergency in the city, the trailer has severely hurt Sikh sentiments. many are still wondering: How on earth did it get this bad?

Adams Audu and a team of Police officers and men on an assessment tour of his village and neigbouring communities was physically moved to tears when he saw that his entire village had been sacked and deserted. Estampida ahora mismo en El Corte Inglés de Plaza Catalunya en Barcelona pic. storms or lightning, while Sundays are the least popular."Braasch,S. Sims surgical work in Alabama performed with the assistance of other enslaved patients, their courthouse raid exposed. read more