based on two level key planning again thinking topology, obviously we can (2) part of the keywords for more accurate mining long tail word. Such as "Carslan whitening BB cream" and "whitening BB cream" or "Carslan BB cream" compared to its target is very strong, can match the needs of users more accurate, so the conversion rate will be higher, more important is the degree of competition will be "Carslan keyword whitening BB cream" will be much lower than two keywords, so it can greatly improve the rate of return on investment (ROI).

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the diagram above, let us very system from the "BB cream" as the first (1) level topology display. The keyword from the price, function, brand, origin and other aspects of the topology analysis. As the first stage of the long tail word mining, although compared with the "BB cream" out of the topology "Carslan BB cream" will have an advantage, but the competition is still very strong, the cost is still high. How to reduce the proportion of high energy consuming long tail? So I of BB cream second long tail again topological dimension display. The following figure

through the above method, we can get a good BB cream of various types of keyword campaigns. The mind map, can be very good to you not to collect the keyword. If necessary, you can also expand the third long tail keywords. Keywords topology can also be the. For example, BB cream is belongs to the cosmetics category, and BB cream make-up to belong to a dozen, so it can provide the efficiency of our work.

this article finally, thanks to the cosmetics website Jingxi Rouge shop 贵族宝贝yanzhipu贵族宝贝 operations director Qi total trust and help and give the letter. The first A5, welcome to reprint the exchange of.

share an article "the electronic commerce website to share the experience of" mining long tail keywords, long tail keywords that article mining method is suitable for sharing when using the title keyword selection. Ten mining related long tail key words is not a problem, but if you want to dig one hundred or two hundred have difficulty. Is the long tail keyword is not systematic.

system? This is what I am going to share with you. The Jingxi Rouge shop and letter to the keyword "BB cream" to share my ideas.

Before the

The long tail key word mining target word how

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