second: adhere to the blog, every day to write an article, then let this blog post on A5 platform, must be included, so as to allow search engines to quickly find our website for updates, especially home, if there is no platform included (that is A5, the owners of the house, here it refers to the place) then, is to find a way in the forums reproduced, anyway, until there is some included posts in such a day or second days, these updates must be included, probably will crawl home every day, once the search engines form a habit, then great benefits to us, this adjustment, help to my future ranking the more stable and more.

third: adhere to the observation of a competitor’s site, they see what is in the front row, but through the observation of these days, I feel a lot of my colleagues is brush up, they may. "

said yesterday I was how to deal with, in fact "the simple method" practice test analysis of website ranking in the post recovery I said, mainly is the home page of the update, because my station is static station, home page is not updated for a long time, this is the problem, although don’t see it. However, for a long time, the problem is becoming more and more intensified, the problem is more and more, no way, yesterday I use CSS style to do a simple way of updating, is fetching in source code directly to, then copy the past, updated so fast, a lot of results, this day Shanghai update the ranking, recovered a lot, all in the top three, but may be due to love Shanghai Netcom and telecom updates are not synchronized, there are points, here I also said, I found two problems, one is Now love Shanghai have a big update at the end of the month, so the server must not appear at the end of the month, check in advance, there is a line in the station, the best deal before the end of the month, as long as submitted, included the possibility of a large, there is a previously said, Netcom and Telecom, the search engine is not synchronized and other search engines have found, but love Shanghai so often.

first, the home is to manually update, let search engines often to grab, not afraid of trouble, no way, who let the site is static. But now I use the way or a lot easier, but also did not publish an article here, where synchronization is good, don’t ask for too much.

is now finding the root of the problem, the following is to maintain a good, I was planning to.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, a few days ago, said the actual web design official website ranking drop, after testing, found the problem, today’s results, you should structure itself yesterday, but due to server problems, doing data recovery, only yesterday to spare some time, processing optimization the problem was, today snapshot grabbed, ranking has been restored, but not all the problems are solved, the problem is still, so today also said the following should be how to deal with.

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