settings, YARPP also supports more powerful settings. For example, you can set the related links of the HTML template. This link can be used to specify the style > display station

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chain in the chain to easy, at least the webmaster can decide where to put the link. But with the link is still a relatively heavy labor. Think, you have to find the relevant articles in the previous page, and then make the anchor text to the new page. This time may not write an article than to spend much less. At that time I also encountered this problem, is very distressed. Since the search engine can use technology to automatically identify the relevant results, why in my website can automatically find related pages into it. Fortunately, I was using WordPress, the thought of the cover and contain everything plug-in libraries, have found a bit. Sure enough, there have been more than one specially used to automatically generate the relevant article plug-in. I use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, referred to as YARPP. There have been about 1000000 times the plugin download, can be regarded as a relatively successful plug-in.

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YARPP is very easy to use, do not take a few minutes to set up, it will help you put the site all pages and links, and these links are calculated according to the matching algorithm. In the background of the settings page, specify a webmaster is mainly the matching degree limit, below the limit value of the article will not be listed in the article. The webmaster can try to set the value, according to the decision on their effects on a web page. Another is to set the maximum number of links, links is automatically added up to how many. Generally 5 to 10 on the line, too much is not good. Set the two, YARPP should be able to play a role. Then, whenever you open a page, a group of related links on display at the rear, very convenient.

believes that the site of the friends all know "content is king, the chain for the king" saying this. But in addition to the content and the chain, there is another important aspect of Shanghai dragon in the chain is urban legends. Some people love Shanghai more attention within the chain. The inner chain, is pointing to the other pages on the web site of the internal links. Within the chain in addition to help Shanghai Longfeng, can also help you keep users on the site, to extend the user on the web browsing time.

in the chain in the form can be divided into two kinds. One is in the paper, with keywords for the anchor text links to other pages. The other is a list of related articles in the end. When visiting some of the more famous website, can see this two links regularly. Because these links are associated with the current web page, so if you want, is not when I saw these links when they are interested in, will point to open it? Improve the user experience, but also improve the PV website, it is double unevenamerica.

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