fifth: construction site within the chain, also is the page in the page directly connected, connected directly in the page, remember to do connection between pages, connect to the relevant page through the anchor text, if connected to a network promotion page through the word Shanghai Longfeng, imagine what the user feel, feel be deceived.

second: the number of entrance website. This is very simple, a website, not others can directly in the IE address bar enter your URL into your site, so the site has more convenient entrance, the user enters into your website, it is also a reflection of the user experience.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization many people pay more attention to the user experience, user experience has a direct impact on the development of the website. In each big forum is also a lot of people published about the user experience of the post, but the general feeling that is not comprehensive enough, here TJ Er Shanghai Longfeng according to how to do user experience site optimization process in their empirical analysis.

: the first web hosting space access speed and stability. Just imagine, if the site opened slowly, often can’t open the website of this phenomenon is normal, the user is likely to give up the browse information from this website. At the same time also affect the search engine user experience.

third: website design, website design appearance, does not affect the user’s visual enjoyment, focus on practical aspects of web design, don’t let users find the information you want in difficulty, also can do some special design to guide the user to make a choice. For example, the purchase process, the direct impact on the success of the transaction.

first said that the definition of user experience: simple example is that users feel site usability, you can pass the website can easily understand that the user wants to know the information.

site optimization need to pay attention to in the process of the user experience we need to fully tap. Here TJ Shanghai dragon Er summarizes the website user experience points to ensure: practicality, the function of the website, reliability, beauty, meaning. To do this, net >


so what factors affect the user experience of

sixth: highlight the main page, such as a Shanghai dragon tutorial this important page page, can put a link on the page above, directly to this page by clicking on the above link home page.

seventh: website to users some interactive pages, users convenient and timely communication, to meet the special requirements of users.

Shanghai dragon

fourth: website content, website content is very important, "content is king" is not so simple to talk about the content of the website, directly affects the quality of the user to be on the site of the time, this directly through the bounce rate, exit rate, as well as the page directly reflects the length of stay. So the content of the web site to ensure high quality content is related to the theme of the site.

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