station in 2013 by the love of Shanghai K station, K station is a variety of reasons, but in the form of punishment is the myriads of changes. But in 2013 due to the change of number is the most love Shanghai K station of the year, this is the most bitter year. When we are facing the K station, it is possible to restore the rankings then to medicine syndrome. 13 years one of the most common K station is the site of garbage too much while the K station, there are some illegal word is love Shanghai artificial intervention. Of course, there are still some changes and the site itself by K. When we are facing the K station must be carefully studied by the reason of K can quickly restore ranking. Many owners of the nameless period rather baffling want to do not understand why this would be K or drop right processing. The most unexpected is the reason turned out to be K or drop right site was hung black chain, that some people crazy. Many webmaster meet the site was K or punishment always Momin period but every wonderful at a loss, the site was K there will always be behind a site is K, now we summarize the ten common site was the cause of the K.

I believe that many

the day before yesterday, a snapshot of the customer back to April 2013’s display is the back half of the year, he was also very resistant to their rather baffling untouched site what is the penalty. When I first met the customer I fell in love with the sea view directly in the snapshot, and found that there is some illegal illegal words net site links. I think that is hanging black chain and the influence of snapshot backwards, some people say that the snapshot backwards is not what the big deal is to be punished but snapshot back down the right to be a Beijing trillion K, but I see him now "found the illegal word chain has been deleted. When I look at the website of historical records, found that the site is September is down right, from this point of judgment can certainly be found in September the black chain deleted so as to be punished. From the station data view before September included 180, by K in September to about 110, until he came to me in December 2nd so far has been K to the more than 60 page. I told him at the time, because your site was linked to the illegal black chain, and you delete inappropriate for punishment. This punishment is snapshot backwards, if not for the recovery may be directly K station, then the direct recovery was linked to the black chain site before and after a few days the weight of the site and immediately resume ranking. When the customer asked me how to solve why each time be inexplicable was hung black chain, I told him bluntly: "your web application vulnerabilities, should repair website vulnerabilities. Don’t know if the CMS system can replace a set of open source station will copy the contents of all the old station to the present site, then the treatment of black chain this is the best solution. But it is a pity that the customers do not know the procedures do not want to spend money to ask a person to modify, until now the website weight is restored, but it was hung black chain so the end result is to be completely love Shanghai K station. So when students encounter this kind of situation, we must change.

is the first most resistant site is K reason: the site is illegal to hang black chain.

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