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to clear a successful website to reach the ideal height takes a year or even years, in this process, all the accumulated are thick and thin hair product. If anxious, want three to five months to make a big change by the website, or every two or three days a new project to do, so to finally lose only us.

Shanghai dragon

some of the basic things often on the website of the major, such as the station optimization, soft Wen promotion, link building and so on, in the opinion of some Shanghai Longfeng staff, these are Chen sesame rotten millet, rather than burn promotion, this is not what, but actually not, often a good grasp of the fundamentals, the site slowly there will be a primitive accumulation of basic things is always the most important.

does not intend to start must be drilled into the hot market, although popular market user group is large, but the competition is unprecedented. So, to find a niche in the market is quite a good idea, and immediately begin preparations, by using the previous advantages quickly occupied the market, and establish barriers to competition in the process.

cumulative sublimation

Grasp the basic things

grasp the niche market

if you are not careful you are engaged in industry research, it is likely to last no market, no customer. Not only by virtue of their warm blood or personal preferences to market positioning, customer positioning, in addition to the market investigation, understand what the customer needs, what problems to solve, need more comprehensive planning. Lay a solid foundation for future development.

entrepreneurship to do a thing for most of their accumulated funds, rather than the same money distributed to multiple things, or your energies will be dispersed, the time will be scattered, very likely to be worn down. Especially in the early days, most do not need very high technology, strong capital surplus, but a firm and indomitable heart.

before the start of meticulous investigation

Learn to work with

this seemingly, actually has the very big impact. Entrepreneurship in Shanghai Longfeng ER should not be perennial locked in a place, it is not conducive to the long-term development of you, should go out more exchanges of experience, pay more attention to the advanced experience of others and strategy. Now’s not actblindly >

learning to a certain degree, there are two options, the first is for the service of others, the second is for their own services. More and more owners to experience familiar with Shanghai, after a period of time, to go from the entrepreneurial road, but the road is not easy, in addition to Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking to grasp, but also need to put aside this level, standing on the other point of view seriously, below to give you six reasons summed up in Shanghai dragon ER on the road of business should understand.

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