product information: search keywords recommended adjustment product many times the user enter our website will look for a product, but they need every one to click on the query is not increased to find that, at this time will be wasted too much time to the users; and we will according to the most recommended users click on the product the information displayed on the home page, for example: to buy a mobile phone that is not to counter the above several mobile phone customers want to buy the most on the counter, allowing users to more quickly find their own needs.

in order to cater to the needs of users to search, so as to make a series of changes in the details of the Optimization Website Optimization; these details not update the article, a chain, a Links like; these are not the details of the optimization. Modify the details not only to rank and choose to modify, and to the user more love our website, love web content and other things; but modify details not every day or every month to modify some of the column names, navigation, site layout, title and description, major changes are not belong to details. Often modify things for us are harmful; for example, your car every day to repair, you dare to open it? Certainly not, if it is easy to cause the accident problem. Details not every day but the need to modify after a period of time or according to user needs to determine the need to modify.

details of the optimization is time the site from the beginning to do so there will be some problems, many webmasters will not some of the details of the problem; they think that as long as the rankings do, he not fine details. Then the Wei Wei told us: if we give the details of the optimization well, the ranking problem is not naturally up; we optimize the website, need to go through some tests, found the problem, find the root of the problem and then solve it; there is no details of the optimization time period, because from the line to the site included. Then to get the keyword ranking between us will encounter a series of problems; and finally to the site later stable ranking is also need to go through the details of the optimization process, because of the need to adjust according to user needs; so fine optimization is no time required.

column: some order row column sorting is not so in accordance with the user’s click to row, then we can slightly adjust.

Title: I recently adjusted when searching for soldering found this website does not match the column name and title is the title is too long; as shown in figure


if we do the title out of order; so when the user enters our website click on the column column name and click on the column that is not the same as would be in the wrong site, which will affect the site in time on page. The appropriate title should be "R & D – > rising

Why need to resolve the details of

details which need to deal with

Wei Wei told you


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