for some Shanghai Dragon technology is superb or team type website, they usually use the popular search to find and determine your keywords. So for these "hot search", is usually in the search engine search volume is relatively large, keyword index is relatively high, so.

for the optimization of a website, the first lesson is the choice of keywords, a target that it is our website on the day after, so for the Shanghai dragon optimization, the choice of keywords is reasonable is very important, so for the development of targeted keywords in what ways?

(a) direct target search.

(three) popular keyword search.

believe you with doubt search is not strange, such as what kind of name is better? What kind of picture is more beautiful? And so on, these are search keywords is a question. And it is because of these questions with a search that each quiz platform like a raging fire. So many owners because the competition is too intense, often will choose these questions with long tail keywords as target words in your website, like my website is to choose keywords through this, and the practice of these years to see this with search keywords doubt the conversion rate is not more than the target keywords to even worse, much higher, and many of the words while we use love index in Shanghai and some of the tools is not a query index, but it is a search.

(two) with search queries.

is a direct target of the search, we can see from the literal meaning, the user is targeted to search, and to seek access to selected answers in the search. So in this situation, we need to start collecting around the target keywords, clear these users search habits. For example, some website, to sell their products through the website, so it is necessary for these products directly with the name keywords to attract customers to the target.

2, use some Adsense tools judgment keyword index and the degree of competition.

4, the final selection and target your keywords.

1, through various effective channels to dig our target keywords.

Xiaobian summary 4 down is simple, but the actual operation is difficult, especially for the novice webmaster, is even more difficult, so today Xiaobian specially for how to use various channels to choose the target website keywords this issue to share the user search keywords used.


3, in the same industry good site keywords analysis.

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