most of the time, it is difficult to fathom the needs of users, because the user needs are not the same, we need to keep the website with the user’s needs and update. For an old old station said, with some users can understand their own statistical background users, users know what the recent use of keyword search, the search results inside and outside of the station will be known, but only the results of a web site is one-sided, not representative of the needs of users, but also a new word no, a certain amount of users, it is difficult to understand this information.



the above data is some of the user’s search, user can understand what page visited in the station, what is more concerned about the user page, shown above, the dry cleaning franchise project search, content is more concerned about the user consultation. By using Alexa tools, can understand the industry user attention, what information is more concerned about the user, can increase website information according to the needs of users.

improve the user experience, in addition to the basic function to improve the site, but also the users in the shortest time can get the information he wants, not only the website page, or content, must stand in the user’s point of view, such as: the site opened the next page, open a new the window is to help the user experience, because if you want to go back, directly off the new window on it, so when the setting window would use target= _blank". The content of the website is very important for the user experience, a website to attract users come to the site information, the information is reflected by the content.

by the above data, the user can understand the relationship between coffee to join, join, join the textile accessories information, here is just 2 sites results, if you put the top ten industry analysis, you will find more user concerns.

through Alexa analysis of the development and the needs of industry users, join type website, can be used to analyze the situation of the industry by some of the more powerful website industry, with two well-known station analysis, through some of the user’s search, users can learn more about the relationship between what the problem is what is the demand.

with love Shanghai algorithm update, more and more attention to the user experience, improve the user experience is very useful for web sites, not only contribute to the site’s ranking, can also understand the needs of users, website ranking is Shanghai dragon Er most want to see, but the boss would like to see is the conversion rate to achieve the business purpose. To improve the user experience of the website, no matter from which point of view, it is beneficial.

to do a commercial website, the ultimate purpose of the conversion to >

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