to tell you the truth, a short time to achieve such amazing weight is only a "terror" to describe. But this may not be a real new, for example, although the domain name is new, but it may be composed of other high weight website in 301 after the jump, the weight passed over. But I query the data show that 301 sites after the jump, although the weight transfer can reach 100% (Google 80%-90%, but only transfer) this process is short for two or three months, as long as half a year or more, and the higher the weight transfer is slower, so this is not a surprise that I often point.

three: 10 months outside the chain of up to 450 thousand

Using In fact, as long as the

manpower enough to do more than 450 thousand, the chain has no ground for blame 10 months, but through the chain query it, I found mainly from 3 aspects: 1, the chain Alexa ranking information generated outside the chain; 2, webmaster tools, love stand nets after the query; 3. The website itself the links in the formation of "chain". In particular about: the snapshot of the chain, I also found some snapshot is 07 years, the site should not be new, but why the domain name age but showed only 10 months, and these 07 years is now the snapshot inside the domain name, I don’t know why.


I entered the site to see the content, but also some inspirational quotes of the article, some small game, why are there so many people love it? We look at traffic sources:

in addition, before the two outer >

special one: 10 months in Shanghai but today [8 love weight view when weights into 7 A]

two: 10 months IP daily traffic of more than 200 thousand [see] today less than 200 thousand

there may be a lot of people see the title feel very exaggerated, even dare to believe that I really had never seen a website within 10 months (actually 8 months when it can reach Shanghai), love weight is 8, and the daily traffic of more than 200 thousand, this is really eye-opening, and eye-opening. Not only is the surface phenomenon, the site has several aspects of the performance even more fantastic. So today specifically to share, but because of my limited ability, this paper only temporarily share some special phenomenon in this website.

Webmaster Tools query traffic source, found a love Shanghai ranking record up to 30 pages of the site, although this for many high weight site is very normal, but not normal is the website of its 30 page rankings, all is love Shanghai ranked first, which makes me surprised, 30 pages with less than a hundred keywords more than a few thousand love Shanghai index, ranking is the first, you say it can not flow high? And is the most powerful place is ranked first in the column page or the article page page, a few.

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