has a strong line resources and high visibility, and the industry oligopoly obvious trend under the situation of retail chain brand marketing channels in the Internet search, aggregation and experience more precise orientation for the value of the consumer groups, more sophisticated interactive Internet users experience. Keywords can help the United States to quickly find the target user group, and help improve the marketing activities of the target population rate.

with users of the Internet to improve the quality, have a certain ability to resist technology of search engine ranking promotion, pure buy effect will be more and more small, the United States must be considered from the soft content to improve their own quality and 360 degree integrated marketing network.

as shown above, the United States in August 2009 launched the "happy life to the point of power", is repeated using the love Shanghai search engine platform, a comprehensive integration of marketing. The main event for wedding new young people, they want a happy life, and have a good habit of interactive communication network.

in addition, the United States "happy life to electricity" also applies the love Shanghai ultra high traffic, Post Bar community platform, precisely targeted consumer groups, with a correlation of mass advertising and accurate advertising brand exposure, direct search user guide to the campaign theme page, starting from the wedding crowd the surrounding life, imperceptibly cultivate search users of Gome brand trust, enhance the brand influence and reputation of the United states.

search engine for the United States to complete the construction of the brand "


front analysis of "Gome search engine marketing focus search" and "analysis of Gome search engine marketing 2- card marketing" Feifei analyzes Gome search engine marketing focus marketing and niche marketing, today to share the last search engine for high Jiecao – integrated search.

home appliance industry is a fully competitive industry, if there is no promotion for a specific group of people, such as Gome this kind of sales channels to consumers is facing the media. Therefore, using the integrated search engine to promote the sales and promotion of brand awareness is very important, and it is helpful to expand the brand market share.

and the focus of search, search, search card integration using the three policies, mobilize the initiative of users, PUSH marketing PULL marketing.

for this reason, in the search for the promotion, love Shanghai and there is no single choice brand word Gome, but will expand keywords to real estate, home decoration, wedding, travel and all other wedding related words, even as the purchase of household appliances refrigerators, color TV and other words are listed as people within the scope of the search keywords. Keywords the integrated search marketing in order to get the full range of Gome brand covering more people search.

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