two: the column name Description for example, you do the wholesale clothing, the latest product column name can change: knit the latest products, adding the appropriate keywords. This can give the search rule.

in fact, whether independent website optimization, optimization, or Taobao Ali shop or software optimization, structure optimization, the final is around the user experience". We are in the Alibaba China Ali station opened shop. Ali shop ranking optimization mostly in detail, it can be said that in the product itself to do optimization. Because the shop code we certainly cannot change. It can be from two aspects: one is to improve the store itself, the product itself is two. Why do change? A: focus on the user experience two: Ali search rules (it is certainly a crawler, crawling store content, index calculation, display the ranking process, of course, is a lot of factors including ranking rules).

store itself changes, so the details of the optimization in what

four: Ali in the forum post, write about their own company’s products.

The following is a


the most basic factors:



optimization scheme of integrated document content:

: the length of time you open their corporate membership (Cheng Xintong), the higher the better the integrity index. Don’t think, members and non members of the treatment must be different.

three: how often update your shop like a web site, often users on a website, no longer ignore it, why should the website, is a dead stand. Why do you rank to Ali, reflecting a point this is the user experience.

three: This product category to search rules, it should conform to the user behavior. For example: Apple mobile phone and ipone6 is unlikely to be the same level of classification is certainly is a classification of Apple mobile phone, ipone6 is two. They correspond to the URL web site is also different.


recently a friend to do the Alibaba store ranking optimization, according to their own optimization analysis experience, give a friend made an optimization scheme about the document. Today Xiaobian want to Webmaster Platform webmaster and colleagues to share, discuss the convenience and we can study together.

two: the length of time you often online customer service online, give your customers to see your product ranking do not contact you, doubt how to do.

from the shop itself, the change can be

: a shop navigation changes can increase the relevant page single page. It can not only provide relevant content for the user, can also let Ali capture program to retrieve product related information.

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