A, a catalog of classified information this station includes 114, Amazon Chinese directory, Chinese open directory, classification Daquan, point me, chain network, station search, the first time to play, get a day, seemingly only joined the 15 directory.

?Second step

directory of many sites require you to do his home site, you can. The site also contempt, not very good, others are in the home to do his own station, in order to hang him page a link. But the catalogue is useful, the second day I query to my chain increased.

this paper aims to explore the all-round construction of the chain, he produced a form, to share for everyone to see, there is no shortage and wrote the place, please enlighten.

The main reason is the

I test for two days, the fact that I really is a slow, generally the entire half can be up to 50 outside the chain, but the two station together with the count of 100, hey

B, Links exchange platform to hang up your website it is today I do, always get the evening meal to eat a meal at noon, only up 40, but the next day the liquidation rose 60… I am tired… But at night have heard Links exchange platform links from Shanghai love love, I think it is right. But hey Something is better than nothing..

, determine the competitor’s website is very important, we can’t open times, otherwise is not alone? Efficiency than work silently standing on the shoulder height. Take my first website, the Yo Yo Tour – Game Forum, so I established the "Monkey Island Forum Game Forum" keywords ranked first as the first competitor to me. Through the chain chain query tools to find sites which are located, when I will send the chain, as long as it had the place to go, is not to reduce a lot of work? Tools well before using the YAHOO webmaster tools, now not, although it is recommended to use opensiteexplorer.org English, but it is better than nothing.

Shanghai Longfeng chain construction of the third step: the audience will be able to extend the site classification generally outside the chain, then a kind of website, so that a more objective, more efficiency. Can be divided into the following categories.

C, forum signature or article hanging links this is very simple, but I think it points to tell you, and I also do so.

Shanghai Longfeng chain construction site is currently the first step: Statistics of the chain, and in accordance with their time planning, the daily need to send outside the chain.


NO1 to determine the competitors at the same time, also set two and you almost the station as a competitor, or looking at first, and miss, much self-confidence ah

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