, channel page, content page contains related products


recently in the optimization for the electricity supplier website, is just beginning to understand the electricity supplier website, in the process of optimization of electricity supplier website found responsible for the electricity supplier website must appear missing some internal links, resulting in internal links appear the phenomenon of the imperfect. First of all, to clear a little in the optimization of large electricity supplier website, each page of the website must appear internal links, especially some internal links can produce a large number of long tail word, to speed up the collection site. Then, the author with the majority of the electricity supplier novice webmaster exchange website how to deploy the internal links, it is several common.

first, channel page, content page contains related products. I believe that the most effective internal links except "related products, random products, recommend products", the three form is the best of the channel, in the deployment of the page can deploy the recommended products, related products can be deployed within the pages of random products and related products. The deployment of internal links are also cross links, search engines can help get more information on the web and a specific topic related, and is especially suitable for large electricity supplier website, at this point, Amazon will do very well.

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as the saying goes: "the station on the chain, large inner chain", this saying is true at all. Optimization in the optimization of large website must do internal links, especially internal link deployment electricity supplier website, often do the electricity supplier website owners should have a better understanding of the internal links can provide good channels for collection, can let website structure become another user network, through the internal link click product is also convenient, total it is convenient for users but also facilitate the spider, which is good for each other.


then, anchor text on the page and make nature. The anchor text should be the webmaster most familiar, but the anchor text is one of the best methods of internal links, but when the electricity supplier website set anchor text should be natural, do not try to set the anchor text for a keyword to be natural, there may be many webmaster of nature is not very I understand, simple to explain, for example, my electricity supplier website is selling glasses, a glasses merchandise page live >

two, the content on the page and make nature

The anchor text

, for example, often buy goods, buy the goods purchased at the same time, customers also recommend customers to buy these products, browse the customers browse, these are with correlation and randomness. Here you can see a product page appears in these glasses, the glasses that buy customers also bought glasses and other commodities such as correlation, glasses boxes, glasses cloth etc..



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