Look at the Google website through

two, pay more attention to the station anchor text.


Links choice according to my experience, most are looking for the same industry, and their PR value, do not blindly pursue high weight PR or buy. According to this view is purely personal opinion, everybody has different opinions.

believe most people love through the chain to improve the main keywords ranking, but few people through the original content within the site to add master keyword anchor text, I just take this a little bit, to the station to station anchor text to improve key words as the key. Believe that love is Google, Shanghai is also very love, the chain more but just the opposite, K was punished. But for the love of Shanghai, the diversity of the anchor text to note that not all to the front page and the anchor text, the need for a proportion, such as home station anchor text anchor text keywords accounted for seventy or eighty per cent of the so-called, anything we have, "

surge algorithm, summarized three people don’t see that in fact the Google algorithm change, where the largest possible action than the station, for the website internal construction value, such as the original content, anchor text and Links station. For the majority of Shanghai dragon Er friends, I hope you can come up with their own case summary and share, ready access to search engine and the trend of change and adjust our thinking.


, Google will pay more attention to the content of the article.

贵族宝贝zpq01贵族宝贝: the contents of the original reproduced content please keep the source address, thank you. >

through personal analysis, it is concluded that the future in the Google ranking more to more in the following aspects:

three, Links choice.

this is perhaps somewhat similar to the love for Shanghai, the weight of the chain will be part of the original content to. Maybe Google for the first collection of requirements is not high, whether it is reproduced or pseudo original, almost all good included, whether in the late screening or later included. The site is currently operating, launched more than two months, the main content and the chain together, later to content, even every day not to send the chain.

Google every year several algorithm update change, action is also more frequent recently. So the Shanghai dragon who wants to ER website ranking can often occupy the first place, ahead of others, we should always pay attention to and study the Google algorithm change. The Google algorithm change between a site operation of my ranking is also suddenly, from the position of Hurricane third page on the home page of the first, it can be said that the "hope every month to see if the Ming", with respect to love Shanghai often convulsions, rather than accidental, Google should be more rational.

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