Er why Shanghai dragon in the traditional enterprise can’t do anything? Take my personal experience tells me that there are three reasons.

I am engaged in a one year and four months Shanghai dragon Er, pre engaged in Internet companies, and later entered a mold of traditional enterprises in 2012.12.8. The company is building more than 20 years, never tried to do business on the Internet, can be regarded as a team of Shanghai dragon babies, my department (not the Department, only three people, 5 die after the station, there may be more), the company I am the only one in Shanghai dragon Er, a clerk, the Commissioner of the chain, a word or two from her, can understand that she was tired of the chain work, feel dull and boring. And another is the art, specifically responsible for the site. Of course, from a few he built station can be seen in the layout, keyword positioning, product classification, as well as some unnecessary JS code can be seen in these stations have no good planning, possibly because they do not understand the Shanghai dragon.

company came less than two weeks, the boss is also very trust in me, but the status of the traditional company still let me not see much light. At present in the depressed period.

The boss of

decision is not unified;

Moon – Shanghai dragon small mushrooms, please indicate the source; www.bdhthpsy贵族宝贝


, daily attention to new ranking, the background can be seen from the website statistics, many websites are two dozen words with one click and search words in the words of a company’s brand. You said the boss would point to you is more a few pages of it, spend some time ah, did not think the manager just click on the home page, read immediately turn off, the bounce rate reached 69.5%, have increased so much bounce rate, fortunately site early, have urged why there is no order these trivial problems.


The boss of

decision is not unified

The This article by The boss of


so I work now, because the site has been included, so not too much. Only a bit of blood filling it. Every day to update the page and send some chain for some friends of the chain of this type of work.

team is not professional;

because I was the boss of the Shanghai dragon, this piece is not well understood, let me what things and art to discuss, because the early discovery of a lot of JS station and a lot of code is not correct, this piece of code I also know a little, then asked him to correct, but still failed. If go down for a long time, personal independence of conduct, the company’s situation as can be imagined..


team is not professional


these points made me cornered.

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