don’t care too much about the W3C verification: did web development friends have had a similar experience, especially for the DIV+CSS website, each browser is the default attributes of different values, compatibility is also different, even for the same browser, between different versions support the default values for the properties are different, so many there are questions in the forum of stationmaster does this affect the Shanghai dragon, my answer is no.. Many websites are not fully certified by W3C, the search engine also know that, so almost can’t put this calculation in the rankings, or give a lot of weight calculation. Write these words to tell Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel do not pay attention to this point.

page often update is not necessary: many webmaster feel very necessary page updates, can improve search engine crawling and grab frequency. So for general site, if can often update it can effectively improve the ranking, whether for love Shanghai or noble baby phenomenon. But not all websites are so influential good rankings also requires the user behavior of the site, some sites such as the practicality is very strong even if not updated for a long time, but the ranking is always good. So if it is long standing, we are the most important for customer service, to provide valuable content (possibly there may be other articles) and finally recognized by the users. For the average enterprise station, search engines also know the nature of the site could not every day there are new things, so don’t have to be updated every day.


black and italic tag is very important: black body and italic tag is not only useful to the user, is also important for search engines. For users, is set to bold or italic content users will be more attention or more easily found for search engines, italic text in the text a little more weight than ordinary. But usually when using italics should be more careful, after all, italic, not easy to see, if used improperly, can easily be suspected of search engine. In addition, the most important thing is to use bold keywords outstanding website, usually are used in many prominent websites can be bold keywords, "artificial segmentation".

said the details, almost every webmaster will have a lot of ideas to express, everyone in the industry is different, and when do website promotion in the Shanghai dragon of the focus is different, today I to my website examples to talk about web games website note four common Shanghai dragon has details. Said the wrong place, welcome paizhuan.

do stand for a long time, see a lot of articles every day, but also learned a lot. Many of them to use their web site also found very useful in all the talk about external links, SNS social network of Shanghai dragon, sometimes I tend to find some interesting details from the Shanghai dragon on the website itself, today to share with me recently in Shanghai Longfeng experience, also welcome to communicate with me.

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