this is perhaps one of the most important reasons. Since 360 and turned the barbaric growth became the third largest search engine, and love all kinds of struggle in Shanghai between 360 and has never stopped. 360 to go all the way from the initial development of free antivirus software, then the search engine, then later commercialized, the old week ares sword at Shanghai love. In order to cope with the 360 attack, love Shanghai joint Jinshan Tencent and some other strong opponents to fight, but 360 of the momentum of development has not been weakened, and now has more than second domestic search engine become Sogou, in the search Chinese love Shanghai market is facing the pressure of competition is more and more big.

recently saw the news, as the search giant market, domestic and international search engines love Shanghai search engine giant Google search market share in China have varying degrees of decline. What is different, Google fell all in liquidation, after all, Google have to withdraw from the Chinese market for several years, but has been ranked the domestic search market dominance of the market share in Shanghai love unexpectedly from the peak of more than 80% dropped to less than 70% since the number in surprise at the same time but also makes people the reason behind this need to explore.

2, the way people use the Internet to change

4, the promotion of information negative effects

1, 360

as the saying goes, There are no waves without wind. Guangzhou Qiyi network Xiaobian today will lead you to explore, love why Shanghai lost more than 10% of the market share.

competition from competitors

in the past, the Internet is not yet universal, people are used to search all kinds of information on the Internet, but with the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, and the Internet is becoming more and more popular, people no longer need and can be accessed through the corresponding website directly to obtain information through search engines, such as domestic electricity supplier giant Alibaba group and Jingdong etc. large electricity providers have completely rely on their own strength to attract users without the need for drainage through the search engine.

3, the search engine ranking competition, enterprises have to find more ways to promote

before the popularity of the Internet, the enterprise through the web site keywords optimization can improve website rankings in search engines to get traffic and more orders, but with the popularity of the Internet, more and more enterprise website, search engine ranking competition intensified, coupled with changes in user habits, obtained by the search engine the flow is less and less. Therefore enterprises have to change their way of promotion, to the popular social network marketing. This type of marketing from once keywords optimization ranking — get traffic – into order through the search engine as an intermediary in the Internet into broadcast information directly to the target audience of the model.

promotion is the network marketing mode > Shanghai’s first love

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