this page weight over my website itself home, you do not need to be surprised, in fact excusable, because this site was founded in a relatively short time, less than three months, the content is constantly improving, is not the so-called right down, the other is a point we emphasize outward Youku, upload video, you can borrow love cool software, Youku itself upload and download software to collect some very popular but very short video upload, only 2 minutes, so that the upload speed is very fast, the key words in the title column write and URL, the main part must also remember the title. The video will appear

This ranking shows that Youku

next, we discuss the Youku, Youku in video website weight is very high, if Youku can increase the chain I think we do not want to miss, but in the Youku anchor text means I think it is very difficult, but the direct text format is very easy, you see:

you have not noticed, in fact, love Shanghai news gathering some popular blog or forum selections rarely actually is the love of the Shanghai space, on the contrary, NetEase, Phoenix, global, Xinhua and other posts proportion very much, if you do not believe, you can go to see. In addition, please see below:

I think this proves that the weight of NetEase blog, at first I did not see the NetEase, because according to the number of visitors and comments on my blog belongs to the number of visitors is not No one shows any interest in, and I will comment on a handful of daily follow up on the blog, in addition to the current NetEase, there are several popular blogs, including Sina and love Shanghai, because of the time, I updated content is the same, no different, including the acquisition of the original is very low, but the accident is likely to be included, the NetEase post is very high, has become the source of the chain is good, relative to other Sina several, love Shanghai very little, other the home page is more. Another proposal is everyone can watch blog and blog world, this authoritative and visits are good.

keyword ranking we often do is outside the chain, the chain on the more we consider is the quality problem, the higher the weight of the site, so the quality of the chain in this website is better, you must do blog promotion, do not know whether ER observed before the Shanghai dragon, because in our hands the number of blogs are not few, including Sina, souhu, NetEase, blog bus, love Shanghai space and so on, but according to your observation, who is in the highest position of the search engine, behoove, we are more willing to believe that love sea of their own products, but did not notice, we query the outside, whether it is more Shanghai love articles in space? Love Shanghai space article is more easily included, I don’t think so.

you look at this position, the love of a section of the Shanghai news:

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