a few days ago, I sent a page in the management of the channel (Note: the author is a Chongqing Hualong portal network staff), a direct link to the external original page I, after a few days, I am out of increased channel original proportion, the original content of this page is to release paste I channel management system, generate the domain name of the page. After less than 2 hours, falling in love with the sea search, collection.

so snapshot love Shanghai so that we can see in this page, because my release date is 15, so the page is displayed on the release date is 15, despite the fact that this page is really out of 18. If you love Shanghai snapshot shows the date is 18, then a netizen from Shanghai love search came to this page you will find love in Shanghai include the page than the release date of late for 3 days, then he will have some views on love Shanghai, love Shanghai feel should be so slow, 3 days a page has to be included.

maybe this would you say, what get excited over a little thing. However, a very interesting phenomenon out of love, Shanghai snapshot of the date shown is the number 15, which is the date of my hair in this chain a few days ago, but 15 of the time this page does not exist, how can love Shanghai in 15 had grabbed this page this? He is not TM.

maybe some friends will say, many web pages are included in 1 weeks, 3 days late is what ah. So here I want to add that I manage channel of Chongqing is the first portal of Hualong network 2 channel, Hualong network Chongqing news portal, the weight is very high, even my management level 2 channel, are PR6, SR4, and Links are high weight love Shanghai web site. The equivalent in Shanghai love eyes, can be considered an authoritative high quality channel.

Why is

from this event, we can see that love Shanghai search engine some of the essential things, that is to do anything to improve the user experience, stick to the user. In order to let it firmly hold the first search engine Chinese dominance. The user experience is the love of Shanghai search the eyes of the most important things, Tencent and love Shanghai why can the development of today’s Internet companies 2 brothers take turns when the boss’s position, are like this, their essence is in some of the details, try to make the user satisfaction, the user experience in the first place.

so, Shanghai will want to show love, if love is really a snapshot of the page of Shanghai date number 18, and then displayed on the page than the release date of 15 days and 3 nights, so maybe it will have some views on the Internet I love Shanghai, love Shanghai will affect the user experience, simply to love Shanghai snapshot date display and page release date, it is not on the line. So love is magic that Shanghai became a No. 15, this page does not exist to date, if the love of spiders in Shanghai time.

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