Four: the chain Commissioner

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two: site technical support staff

website editors can be said to be a hard not simply not simple work. The editor of the website not only need to have a solid writing skills, but also need a keen sense of touch, can the development of perceived social events, network events etc.. For example, the previous Little Yue Yue event, as a qualified editors can perceive this thing to its impact on society. As an e-commerce site editors need more strict, they need to be able to understand the consumption psychology and behavior of customers. Therefore, the editorial staff in the Shanghai dragon team also plays an important role.

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: a department in charge of

for a complete Shanghai dragon team, is usually composed of five members. The Department in charge of the website, including technical support staff, editors, the Commissioner of the chain and web design. The specific description and division are as follows.

three: editor

for personnel and technical personnel, they are responsible for site code optimization, server optimization. For this kind of technical personnel need to master some common code such as HTML code, ASP code, PHP code and so on. And to have a good communication ability, can in the website needs to be optimized when communicating to each member.

see the domestic e-commerce is becoming more and more fire, to promote e-commerce development indispensable Shanghai dragon Er also more and more attention. Because as an e-commerce site the most direct is the need for large flow, especially the flow, these brought about the user friendly experience to enhance and improve the site conversion rate. For an e-commerce site, is a complete system of Shanghai dragon team. So today I will be in this paper, an e-commerce site of the Shanghai dragon team which requires a few aspects of talent.

as the saying goes: the train to run fast, thanks to the front with. As the Shanghai dragon Department plays a vital role in Shanghai Longfeng department. A good leader can lead a team with efficiency of Shanghai dragon team. As a department in charge of what needs to quality? A: have a good attitude, as the site of punishment is a normal thing, as a supervisor when this problem should not panic, because of any problems. Second, as the director you need to have a good ability of expression, as well as our Shanghai dragon Er need is superior or inferior to superior communication, is about the progress of work, the goal of our work is to understand the working process, the lower our. The best is to have the spirit of sharing, as a supervisor for optimization must be experienced, so a good supervisor is not stingy to share their experience, to share their experience to their members.

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