the above four aspects is the key competitive ranking optimization love Shanghai, love Shanghai auction in order to get good results is not easy, "the love of Shanghai has become more and more difficult for such a voice can often hear. So we should spend more time in love Shanghai bidding work, analysis data, thinking of the work, so that we can share their strong position in the competition.

no matter what, data analysis is an important part, like I will go to the same site optimization, analysis of peer class website, love Shanghai auction is the same, as the author of the website of Ningde real estate network in Shanghai to do a love bidding time, data analysis is every day I have to do the work. Data analysis every time is to love Shanghai analysis of a bidding. Through data analysis, we can see a very thorough love Shanghai PPC situation. Let us on the back of the work the better planning.

love for all know the creative report, because the creative report can help us to show the implementation of the monitoring and to assess the effect of the original creative. Optimization of continuous line we can according to the method of TOP-N analysis and creative core positioning. Do real estate network is to promote the goal of promotion in order to achieve different goals, my approach is to develop different promotion plan, the same structure and similar keywords finishing to the same promotion unit inside, and then you can according to the keywords of creative writing. The number of keywords inside each unit should be well controlled, which can ensure the promotion unit and between the keywords we compose creative correlation stronger, to ensure the best use of a creative wildcard in each.

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and to the Ningde real estate network: 贵族宝贝ndfang贵族宝贝/ left

now many enterprises to have sex in Shanghai auction, although the bidding price is more and more high, but high investment returns, or so many companies spend this money in it, love Shanghai bid I believe everyone is familiar with, so how to make love Shanghai auction bring benefit to us? The following share my own case.

as the search term, so finishing keywords has become a priority among priorities in the work. Through sorting out key words useless words, love Shanghai so as to improve the bidding rankings, Shanghai is not the more the better sex bidding keywords, much duplication, and a waste of money, less has no effect, so the key words will arrange good classification is essential. Key words as the core of the real estate network like Ningde, the best of Ningde real estate network and related long tail keywords classification in the core of the following words. So you can play a good effect

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bidding is a price, and keyword prices are based on the statistical analysis of key words and get out. We should set the goal of good effect, high ratio of keywords, the keywords are not ideal price is removed. This not only in terms of quality, and competitive ranking can play an unexpected effect.

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