, get a large number of keywords

first, is to obtain a large number of keywords, the key word here refers to the target keywords and long tail keywords.

about the target keywords, some enterprise website is that a few keywords, some keywords and enterprise website is unable to choose the other, these words must sike. Why? The reason is very simple, because the enterprise website products only so few, if you do not do these keywords other keywords can not do, because there are a lot of business owners only allows you to do these keywords, other words do not let you do, unless you are the boss of this enterprise, otherwise you don’t think.

has been the rapid increase of web traffic and weight is the webmaster of the dream, whether it is business or other types of Web sites worth mentioning, as long as the site is to flow and weight optimization, because a lot of traffic can bring enterprise profit, love Shanghai weight high website can bring to the search engine trust. So, some webmaster website has yet to flow and love Shanghai weight also began to worry, if the site continued without traffic and weight, may not be the site found that more people in the website optimization, or not good effect. Therefore, the rapid increase in traffic and love Shanghai weight is the priority among priorities of the web site optimization, but also the only way the website will bring good profit.

on the long tail keywords, long tail keywords enterprise website is very flexible, business owners can use the keywords research to dig out the more expansion of the long tail word, also can search related tools, Shanghai love the drop-down box, fell in love with the sea bottom cable and love Shanghai for the background to dig a lot of long tail keywords by keyword mining. These long tail words and target words are not the same, the long tail word easier to develop new words, such as the long tail word is a certain product of the price of the product, then we can expand.

on how to increase website traffic and weight has been a problem in the webmaster want to know, but at this time there are a lot of people ask me how to improve the flow and weight, in fact want to quickly improve the flow and weight is very simple, but only three can make quick effect. Of course, you want to through this three flow and weight effect, there must be a premise, the premise is to structure, page, the chain site do optimization, then the implementation of this measure, there is one point to note is that this measure to insist on the implementation of. Webmasters may not understand this premise, said bluntly: website as one insider, if the body is not healthy, there may be a problem. If one looks very ugly, probably won’t be able to find the object. Of course, the site structure and page to optimization, want to quickly do traffic and weight is almost not a problem. A5 and marketing Shanghai dragon team has also been encouraged by the three webmaster to do a website traffic and weight, here is a detailed explanation of the.

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