kitten fiddle time is not long, but also know that the high quality of the chain on the site of the role is very great, just give me a friend of the chain website as his website for three months in Shanghai love are not included, the cat started to write two the day of the original article to bring down the chain, the Baidu is included, and is a snapshot of recent day, now that several articles have kittens that website brought more than 100 friends of the chain, to know the kitten made only five sites only, can imagine the high quality of the original this is how great a role, so the cat began to write the article from said to myself: we must insist on writing this article, on their own, to the website and will help to the webmaster buddy

kitten when you go online owners found that many of the buddy released outside the chain of one of the quality are not, directly copying others article and then add links to your web site is released, even not to let the beautiful layout, this article kittens are lazy, direct shut down. Buddy you send the chain, your family know?

Although Shanghai dragon

said this correlation is links to the other theme is associated, at least in the page link has relevance, not related to the link is not no effect, but the relative effect is very small, a large quantity will also show the effect, but there are a few problems cat reminder: own the workload is two, if not related links the proportion of site outside the chain is too large, it will make Baidu pull into a small dark room, so the correlation link is the best link.

page A page authors recommend the contents of B, and use the link text description of the page B to page A, the link text is the anchor text writing. This method in the ideal of the world wide web, the correlation with the anchor text is the two basic elements of a link should have, it is subject to Baidu recognition, obviously the anchor text is very large for keywords ranking function.

generally high quality of the chain has several features, the cat will give you the vernacular Vernacular:

said there is the most authoritative position within the scope of a certain person or thing. Web page links authority (which is recommended), this effect is not a kitten, like A5 webmasters a recommendation of your article, so the number of approval must be more than you published on their website approbate degree is much higher, so the one from the relevant authority page links to the value of your site is very high.

The not?

four: more domain name and link

: correlation of

outside the chain of quality first, quantity, the meaning of the title is from 10 different.

three: authority

The construction site of

two: anchor text

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