first we see if we do not pay attention to quality and quantity which will harm:

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have such a perception of the chain in Shanghai, love Wikipedia to do it is the high quality of the chain, and even some people think that an encyclopedia chain could be worth 100 forum link. In fact, the situation is not so, and people do not want to love the Shanghai encyclopedia so important. In fact, he just made a common post in the forum what not much.

I believe that now do character signature forum to enhance the website weight is helpful, but the effect has not been previously so obvious. But if the signature chain share a website all the chain is too large, it will cause adverse effects. Because the chain is not stable, easy to lose, if you lose too much will affect the ranking website, so the chain we need every day to have the effect, once the stop will do the obvious effect.

believes that the chain and the importance of the website ranking Shanghai dragon people, is clearly the importance of the chain, and I will not repeat them, I mainly talk about how to do the site outside the chain of high quality today, when the chain is the injection of heavy amount or quantity. When the chain is the focus on the quality and quantity of the problem I believe that for most of the webmaster friends will say, is certainly the quality of priority. Yes, the chain is the first quality, but we are in the actual operation of the process, is not the case, we often focus on quantity, quality and forget. This is because the number of easy to do, but it is difficult to do. So we in the chain to

spam links has always been our misunderstanding1, the Shanghai Encyclopedia love After the how to do?


know the chain number not only harm the quality, we come to know the high quality of the chain

spam links is very easy to do, as long as the use of Shanghai dragon chain promotion tools can be very easy to do. Although it is easy to do, but this link does not have any value to the site, not only on the website of the weight and ranking of any help, and may even have very bad consequences for the web site. This is because, once it is very difficult to remove the link up, when the garbage chain reaches a certain amount, must cause the attention of search engines, light is drop the weight website station by K.

a lot of people in exchange Links are those who have love to exchange station the link Links, because it can get a lot of the chain, which is the maximum benefit. But it is also risky, because it makes your web site outside of the chain is very simple, the lack of diversity, easy to search engine punishment to drop right.

1, the station link the advantages and disadvantages of

character signature

forum 3, the advantages and disadvantages of

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