I go this way? Or is it another way? I was walking the path? Or take the road? Such problems often appear in a good occupation planning human mind. These people are full of uncertainties, it is due to their uncertainty, also resulted in the blind work >

first employed wrong choice of

you are suitable for the industry, or you do the kind of occupation and to what extent, depends largely on your own perception. Just as some people are born to love, love in front of the public speech, but also because such habits and hobbies decided these people are doomed to sales in the industry. Do Shanghai dragon worker is the same, because these people have strong analytical skills, strong planning ability, makes these people slowly toward the Shanghai dragon master ranks. We don’t have time to envy those who master, they can go to such a state also depends on their work and life in the process of their own efforts, they also slowly found their own strengths so. As for us we will organize your thoughts, summarize some of their past experience of success and failure, finally through their own understanding of these summary found himself in the path of development strengths, so that you can move towards a better.

again occupation planning

Shanghai dragon in this industry I think there are a lot of work, that is according to your own level you want to choose the industry can be defined. If you are a novice to the Shanghai dragon, that you want to do more work is to do a chain of the Commissioner, Commissioner Links, simple editing staff, simple promotion staff. Here is why I say simple editors and simple extension personnel? Because if you are a professional editor, may his requirements will be relatively high, but not simply copy the article for you. But you need to have certain professional knowledge, has a very high literary accomplishment and strong language organizational ability, but also know some special column planning knowledge etc.. Professional promotion personnel is not a simple hair post, email, send messages in the QQ group, the ability of such professionals need online and offline marketing organization, because only you have the ability you can have a better marketing effect. Because you have working time is not wrong, but your ability to decide you must make this choice.

money, I think the word is in the minds of everyone there most of the time, whether male or female; whether young or old; whether it is business or technology; many people are basically the same purpose, it would make more money to live a better life. And we do Shanghai dragon worker, why are some people more and more live? Why more not to earn money? I will analyze the reasons:

personal comprehension ability

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