why some websites can be developed to rank flies straight, and some really hard to win the website search engine optimization for? Of course is a factor that can not be ignored, but also has the same point: "industry category". Such as why education websites, especially by the always popular search engine? Why security related behavior of "military, medicine, hospital website has always been in a short period of time can’t win high ranking? Which is about the website trust and trust industry requirements problem. When the search engine trust website, not up to the demand of the trust industry, ranking not to upgrade it xianguaibuguai. Why cause K station reflect? When the website trust was rejected, "


: the rule of the search engine upgrade

website optimization, is how to obtain the rank or station K? The key lies in how to define the rules of search engine. Take advantage of optimization, won the ranking of double harvest. The inverse of their potential, you will Not the least trace was found. K. Overbearing or rules is worth mentioning, as a webmaster, you can choose. Always in the website optimization process, the number of sites to determine their own done some naturally or half unconsciously violate search engine rules thing? Even the simple chain wheel, are regarded as "heinous" found cheating, will punish the. There are some pseudo original cause to illusion, etc., when it all in the search engine rules after the upgrade, is a potential risk of brewing problems. Even if there is no cheating, or only opportunistic won some optimization friendliness in the accumulation, the same will be brewing into effect K station. Speculation tricks, behind the seemingly in smooth water, really hidden reverse consequences of roaring waves.


what is the impact of site stability? Including the content, structure, chain, WEB server, domain name server, generally speaking also on these points. Although delete content page will not cause K station, 404 can shelter from the rain, although the server is not stable can be replaced, although the chain construction can be unstable. But everything should have a degree, does not seem to cause the K station, but before joining the "frequent" word, everything is possible. Especially some novice webmaster, in order to pursue the site’s appearance, all mining appearance template, want to change to change, ignore the search engine in the chain reaction. Leading to the final web site is K off, also did not know, I did not cheat!

A recent

two: the development of the stability of

does not match the trust degree and Industry

three: the

search engine K station appears to be some more, on this point, there must be many of my friends have been concerned. Why the recent K station action so frequently? In fact, it confirms the sentence: justice has long arms of this sentence, even if this love Shanghai for the same webmaster Shanghai Longfeng skynet. Website optimization, opportunistic, even won a ranking and how? Because, always have the final results. So what is the "cause" will result in the K station "

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