, let’s make a conditional assumption:

is a big wake-up call especially for technical partners. In most start-ups, the position of a technology partner often decreases as the company grows. Because they are busy every day to write code, solve all kinds of Bug, often easy to put ourselves in all through the night, a loop. Often can not follow the company’s development, advance with the times.

B: share ratio of 3 co founders 40:20>

car wind net staff said that the founder Wang Zuoliang was at the staff meeting revealed that revealed the company and investor Tengxin shares dispute exists, it may be a direct cause of the final collapse of the car network.

Xie Kangyu / titanium media starting from the second half of last year, a large number of car O2O or closed down or acquired. Before the "Bo Pai car" business capital chain rupture, full stop, yesterday, was valued at over 1 billion yuan car business platform " car network; " also declared bankruptcy.

Teng letter shares 2015 annual report, the net equity of 6% cars. In May this year, Teng letter shares in the investor activity platform response, car net holding 11.11% shares. The message says, Teng letter shares before the completion of 500 million yuan investment, the car began to recover its pre investment funds, which became the last straw for vehicle system. At present, the two sides have made great differences in investment funds, or will be resolved through legal channels.

Ma Yun’s stake in Alibaba is only about 8.9%. At the same time, Alibaba is China’s most successful application of equity incentive business. Through its partner system, it has produced dozens of billionaires. Through stock options and other forms of equity awards, Alibaba’s ordinary ESOP is also numerous, through equity to become millionaires, the number is much more than Tencent and sh419. Ali system of gold clothing, employees accounted for the proportion of the total shareholding of the group is as high as 40%.

previous section with equity related, concern raised, is SF listed holdings. SF holdings market peak of more than 300 billion, let Wang Wei in personal wealth once more than Ma Huateng currently SF market value has dropped to 210 billion near, Wang Wei fell behind again. This is because Wang Wei shares of SF ratio of about 64%, while Ma Huateng’s stake in Tencent only 8.73%. So while SF has only about 1/9 of Tencent’s market value, Wang Wei can rival Ma Huateng in personal wealth.

"automobile industry attention" reported that electric car O2O platform car network "yesterday, all employees have to stop work, the company will provides each employee a monthly salary as severance pay, issued in August 15th. The car network website can still open, but the official website of the new product has all the shelves.

of course, with the initial mention of the dispute between technology and Emily, I believe that more technical partners will be able to define their interests in the team early in the process. But I want to say is, we also rely on their own hard technology partner must be maintained for the sensitive technology, the development trend of the industry, is to keep pace with the development of the company itself is the key, or you have left your reason.

public information, car network on November 2013 officially launched in April 2015, Teng letter shares 60 million yuan A round of financing. July 2015, once again won the letter shares 500 million yuan B round of financing. In Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces began to set up service outlets, by the end of 2015, planned services extended to 30 cities, and its model brands also expanded to forty or fifty mainstream automotive brands.

A and B have 3 co founders and 5 founding team members.

some time ago, the development process of science and technology and the Emily Liu between the story and the later episodes were removed for reversal, venture capital circles you already for having heard it many times. We do not comment on whether the parties are right or wrong. However, the rapid fermentation of this issue has triggered a heated debate, indicating that the option is ambiguous or irrational, which is the current situation of the domestic start-up companies.

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system is the main mode of automobile distribution, the main source of cars from manufacturers and 4S stores, car wind through a buyout model >

, here’s an interesting question: what kind of company do you prefer to invest from an investor’s point of view? SF? This is a company that is more willing to give cash to its employees than options. Or are companies like Ali and sh419 highly focused on employee stock ownership and equity incentives?

2014, O2O car market in the capital under the mad pursuit of rapid growth, but in 2015 found the money burned almost, the consumption habits of users but did not develop, capital also lost confidence, then O2O car market is like riding a roller coaster, go straight under the urgent situation. E car wash, car 8, car wash, car wash, Zhifu Hui cloud car wash, car wash, tick Kung Fu Bo Pai car or bankruptcy or takeover adjustment.

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Abstract: car wind net staff said that the founder Wang Zuoliang was at the staff meeting revealed that revealed the company and investor Tengxin shares dispute exists, it may be a direct cause of the final collapse of the car network.

A: the share of 3 co founders was 50:25:25, and 5 founding team members did not own shares;

is "dove investor" and lead the company to put up the shutters by a few examples, previously, O2O car industry boss Bo Pai car, also due to burn high subsidies and dark path difficult to continue to leave.

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