straight into the subject, their company’s website "true hidden network" as an example, detailed steps are as follows:


2, improve the content of

on the site in the construction of the chain, the weight of love Shanghai love Shanghai products is very high given, I love the Shanghai encyclopedia and we talk about experience today.

note: a new love Shanghai encyclopedia, plus links too early, the audit staff don’t have brains to think. If the congratulations, you have to buy the 3D tonight.

love Shanghai encyclopedia is very high. If you can give your site for love Shanghai encyclopedia add the link to your website, can improve the weight, increase the chain, enhance keyword ranking effect. A lot of people say I have links in each big Forum blog post that can not do the chain?! but if you love Shanghai ranking, I will tell you I love Shanghai, love their children, if you can love the product of Shanghai fun, your ranking will be a straight.

two, through the audit, for a long time whether it, I usually put 4-7 days.

3, add the chain

three, using high level encyclopedia edit account. Add links will participate in editing with the commonly used Wikipedia account. To add the link I generally in accordance with the "three steps":

, a new "true hidden network" love Shanghai encyclopedia, editor of the point is to be fair and objective, can be exaggerated, but you have to let others believe that boast. Standing in the "mistress" view of editing, editing attitude must be correct, you can copy and paste, but you need to have a pseudo original level. This point is not discussed in detail. For the first time in editing, try not to add links, the rate is too low, also need to fill too perfect.

love Shanghai encyclopedia review now is very strict, the general method is difficult to add a link by the administrator audit. Because of the need of work in the long term to love Shanghai encyclopedia perfect, one account pass rate reached 95%, the Daily editorial by Wikipedia entries also have more than 20, of which there are a lot of added links. Edit more, they also summarized some methods, practice has proved that adding links through the audit rate as high as 85%. Don’t pull, pull you pull away.

at the same time more than three, to disperse the audit staff on wikipedia. First of all in the perfect directory, the directory may actually sound reasonable, increase the level of the directory and two directories, in perfect content, they can put the contents of all the previous deliberate omissions complete >

The quality of the chain

love Shanghai Wikipedia account, not highest, but basically some accounts are the core account 4-5, sometimes help friends to add links, sometimes the love Shanghai encyclopedia to earn extra money, but not here, this is my real purpose is to hand in the accumulation of resources.

1, improve the I had a lot of practice

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