a lot of entrepreneurs understand business silver shop profit space is very large, therefore, on the market a lot of entrepreneurs choose to operate silver shop, business location is an important step of entrepreneurs should consider, how should the silver investment location?


in the site before, we must first determine the customer base is selected according to the different market positioning, and different location.


but is not the time to choose the shop, find the crowd busy place is good? This is not so. In the shop before you want to study, not the number of people per day, but in these people, your potential customers, or how effective traffic. For example, some people living in large supermarket traffic, but most of them are queuing up to buy food to buy supplies for the elderly, which is invalid traffic.

in the shop before, do some “jewelry store location”, one of the most important work is the calculation and analysis of effective flow of people. The professional location of the approach is to send employees with a stopwatch to measure flow and target object location queries, which for ordinary investors although there are some operational difficulties, but in the location near the traffic investigation roughly and necessary to ask is a must.

How should the


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