this year is the 49 anniversary of Mao Zedong’s “learning from Comrade Lei Feng”. To vigorously promote Lei Feng to serve the people, dedication to helping others, promoting Lei Feng’s enterprising, unremitting self-improvement spirit of innovation, promoting Lei Feng’s hard work, thrift and entrepreneurial spirit, in March 5th, twenty in town organization area Party members, youth volunteers and cadres more than 300 people, carried out in order to promote the spirit of Lei Feng, civilized behavior participate in volunteer service, “as the theme of the series of activities.
A is to create a good learning atmosphere propaganda. Through seminars, poster, banners, distributing promotional materials and other forms, publicize the spirit of Lei Feng, to achieve three combination, to learn the spirit of Lei Feng and the socialist core values, and expand the volunteer service, and create a civilized city together, let the masses all know Lei Feng, Lei Feng, Lei Feng when everyone everyone, at present and seminars were held 3 times, 5 blocks, the office blackboard newspaper banners 20, more than 400 copies of promotional materials, to create a good atmosphere for publicity. Two is to actively carry out voluntary service activities. Qinghai University, Xining twenty-five middle school students to mobilize volunteers, in-depth Biological Park community elderly day care center to carry out cleaning and scrubbing the glass and other compulsory labor, and old people sang “mother”, “Ode to the motherland” and other songs, by the old man’s praise, to express gratitude to the old people of the collective chorus “Lei Feng good” example, the activities to a climax. Three is to carry out clean home round action. The area of each unit, mobilize the hospital building to carry out environmental health clean-up activities, total rubbish dead more than 100, more than 20 white trash bags, chaotic posted more than 500, 5 tons of garbage removal. Four is to hold a symposium. With the celebration of the “3.8” women’s day, village, community organizations, women cadres town cadres held to celebrate the 38, dedication and harmony “as the theme of the forum, the participants focus on learning the spirit of Lei Feng, carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, based on the post do speak freely expressed will learn, Lei Feng does a line of love for the party, fine line of dedication, efforts to do a good job, to make new contributions to promote the harmonious development of region.


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