Recently, in the community health association Chinese third “my side of the community health service” campaign theme for upload to the good news, the city district Nanchuan Road community health service center was awarded the “community health service satisfaction of the masses” honorary title, as in our province this year, only one award of the community the medical service institutions. This is the second in 2013 by the state as a national demonstration community health service center after another honor. It is understood that Nanchuan Road community health service center is Nanchuan road only one set of basic medical care, health education and chronic disease prevention and health services for the aged “six in one” function of the new city community health service institutions. In recent years, in order to promote the equalization of public health service, the community health service center, and strive to create a quarter of community health service circle, realize residents walk 15 minutes to reach the community health service institutions, the residents of the area the people enjoy the convenience, economy, low cost of community health service. The center consists of 2 community health service stations, 6 new models of community health service team in 4 communities within the jurisdiction of the implementation of management, family responsibility of doctors contracted services, each community health service team composed of two general practitioners, a public health physician and a nurse, to provide 24 hours of seamless the public health service for community residents, the center opened a Chinese medicine specialty, the construction of the Museum of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine into the community health service work. To carry out acupuncture, massage, branch of Chinese medicine, specializes in the treatment of facial paralysis, stroke, trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, etc.. In order to meet the needs of community health services, the center is equipped with conventional equipment, such as ambulances, electric cars and home visits. At the same time, the community health service center has established a set of community pension, medical care, rehabilitation as one of the new type of health care community pension service center, elderly care and rehabilitation center, not only can solve the problem of the elderly to eat, live, and music, as well as professional health services (Community Health Service Center) to do the security of the rehabilitation center for the elderly can stay at home to enjoy treatment of medical personnel timely, professional and comprehensive. At the same time in order to deal with emergency, emergency rescue and emergency access to the green channel, the nearest to the city’s major hospitals.

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