This year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the rural "two" construction as the carrier, in-depth implementation of rural housing reconstruction, reward, immigration down housing projects in rural areas to improve the housing conditions and living environment at the same time, with a real popular project to improve the rural people’s happiness index. Qing Lin Xiang Lin Zhang Cun tree is one of the typical remote poverty-stricken village in Datong county. Due to the high altitude of living in the mountains, the students go to school far away, the production and living conditions of the masses behind the village 70% of the housing has been formed. In order to change the backward living conditions, from the beginning of November last year, the township party committee and government to the forest tree palm village relocation work as a top priority, and the relevant departments of civil affairs, the integration of housing, poverty alleviation, implementation of the overall relocation project construction funds 4 million 85 thousand yuan for the village of 35 people. In the flat Hering River, their relocation of farmers built 6 spacious and bright brick cottage. Eligible households in the support of supporting funds, but also built a two storey building. At present, the new village of the village of palm trees not only to achieve the water, electricity, roads, information through the dream, but also became the province’s first solar heating village. In the "two rooms" in the construction of Datong County, adhere to government guidance, graded responsibility, social support, self, county housing security and construction sector through government funded in part, personal financing financing part of the rural reconstruction households subsidies from 22 thousand yuan in 2013 increased to 25 thousand yuan this year. Rural housing subsidies reward households from 19 thousand and 200 yuan in 2013 increased to 22 thousand yuan this year, fundamentally solve the housing difficulties of the masses in rural areas the problem of shortage of funds, effectively boosting the process of the construction of new countryside.  

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