Reporters from the National Bureau of investigation team was informed in Xining, in April, the city’s consumer prices rose 2.1%, unchanged from the previous month. By fresh vegetables, meat and poultry and other major food, agricultural and sideline products prices fell in April, the city’s food prices fell 0.5% compared with March.Compared to

and the same period last year, the city of CPI, eight categories of goods and services price was six up, two down "pattern. Food prices rose 2%, the dry and fresh fruit prices rose 10.6%, egg prices rose 3.1%, meat and poultry prices fell 3.7%, 13.1% decline in the price of pork, beef prices rose 4.3%, lamb prices fell 3%. Housing prices rose 4.8%; clothing prices rose 6.4%; entertainment and educational products and services prices rose 0.8%; health care and personal products prices rose 0.9%, transport and communication prices rose 0.3%, alcohol and tobacco prices fell by 1.8%, household equipment and maintenance services prices fell 4%.

and compared to March, the city’s food prices fell 0.5%, of which the more obvious changes are: dry and fresh fruit prices rose 15.6%, egg prices rose 2.6%. Poultry and poultry products fell 3.1%, pork prices fell 8.3%, the price of mutton and beef were decreased by 2.1% and 1.2%, fresh vegetable prices fell 11.5%, fresh vegetables, meat and poultry as a major factor driving food prices fell.  

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