recently, the Research Report on "the development of modern agriculture and the building of a new socialist countryside in China’s ethnic minority areas, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County" was held in Beijing. The new rural construction of modern agriculture development mode from the Department of agriculture 31 expert seminar in ethnic minority areas, decided to borrow in July held third classic mountain flowers will activity, in the modern agriculture chase mode nationwide promotion".

it is understood that the national Ministry of agriculture, rural social undertakings development center every year in the country, such as the introduction of the "Anji model", "swing mountain model" 1 to 2 representative of the new rural construction typical. Due to historical reasons, natural geography, etc., from the overall perspective, China’s ethnic areas of relatively poor natural conditions, economic development is relatively backward, weak agricultural base, there is a certain gap compared to the rate of agricultural products with the developed areas, the education level of peasants is generally low. The development of modern agriculture in the minority areas is of great importance to the realization of green, harmonious, comprehensive and sustainable development of the economic society.

, according to local conditions, and avoid weaknesses, developing agriculture, planting with biogas as a link to the cycle of agriculture, circulation sales oriented market, agricultural production and entertainment as one of the leisure agriculture, based on the national culture characteristics of creative agriculture in intensive agricultural facilities as the main body, to accelerate the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction, out of an agricultural facilities, industrial scale, circulation, product branding, market sales of modern agricultural development road.

in April this year, the State Department counselor, Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council and the Ministry of agriculture 13 experts to carry out the investigation for ten days in datong. Experts believe that with their own natural resources in Datong County and county and national conditions, explore the ways of the mode and mechanism of the innovation and development of modern agriculture in plateau environment, enhance the comprehensive application of modern agricultural technology in minority areas and the ability of leading industry, the development of modern agriculture has a typical demonstration and model significance in the Tibetan plateau.

seminar, the experts on modern agriculture chase mode connotation, development course, main achievements and the important enlightenment and promote the development of ethnic areas of modern agriculture and new rural construction characteristics that carry out research. We believe that at this stage of China’s lack of a national region to develop modern agriculture model. Therefore, study on the construction of new rural development mode of Datong County characteristics, summarizes the innovation mechanism, relying on agricultural facilities, the development of modern agriculture and new rural construction of the typical successful experience of mining resources for China’s minority areas, develop modern agriculture, optimize the industrial structure, to achieve strong Fumin "win-win", provides important enlightenment. (author: Han Yihua)


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