another year of graduation season, many students are faced with the problem of employment. The face of a large number of positions on the market, many students embrace a cavity enthusiasm, hoping to respond to the call of the country, into the wave of employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, many local governments have also given strong support. So, how to promote employment and entrepreneurship in Dazhou?

recently learned from the Dazhou Municipal Employment Bureau, this year, Dazhou college graduates, vocational graduates is expected to reach 48 thousand. Face downward pressure on economic structure, further adjustment of status quo, the city community sector planning ahead, as the initiative to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as an opportunity to vigorously implement the "six action" to boost entrepreneurship, the full employment of College graduates.

implementation of job expansion. In order to stabilize the employment of college graduates as the focus, actively carry out the civil service examination, the work of public institutions to recruit, provide 2380 jobs for college students; to further promote the implementation of "three help" plan, a village, the western volunteers, teachers and other grass-roots employment projects, providing 825 jobs, to further standardize the job management, perfect safeguard mechanism; continue to recruit government employees, 200 new jobs for college students.

implementation of supply and demand docking operations. In order to broaden the employment market for college graduates as the goal, focus on the acquisition of the characteristics of college graduates management positions and professional and technical positions, the record of the enterprise post information 11000. Industry, professional, carry out different levels of employment of college graduates special recruitment activities 10 times, campus recruitment activities 2 times, 7 times the network recruitment activities, play the role of the main channel for the market to promote employment, promote college students through the market supply and demand to achieve the employment of 2655 people.

implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship leading action. To create a service brand as a bright spot, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, consulting services. Take a variety of ways to provide entrepreneurial business planning, market analysis, policy support and other aspects of the consultation and guidance for college students 485 people, 1253 people to carry out entrepreneurship training; accelerate the construction of the development of College Students’ Entrepreneurship incubator, has built a business incubator 24, give priority to attract students start the project settled, at present, has been assigned to 35 enterprises, promote employment 286 people.

implementation capability quality improvement action. In order to improve the quality of College Students’ employment as the guide, starting from the innovation of college graduates employment training mode, improve the employability and entrepreneurial ability of College students. The implementation of targeted, practical skills training projects for graduates and unemployed graduates in two groups, to provide free employment skills training and related policy guidance, hands to teach skills, face to face about the policy, to further improve the policy theory and business skills of College students. At present, college students’ occupation training has been held 11 field training, 3 recommended

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