in order to fully reflect the party and the government’s concern for the elderly, this year, the province actively raise funds 88 million 940 thousand yuan, once again adjusted to improve the elderly health examination and the standard of living allowance for the elderly.

it is understood that the adjustment of the standard for the elderly over the age of 70 subsidy standards per capita monthly increase of $20. After the mark, aged 70 – 79 years old increased from 30 yuan to 50 yuan, 80 years old – 89 years old increased from 40 yuan to 60 yuan, 90 years old – 99 years old increased from 60 yuan to 80 yuan, 100 years old increased from 100 yuan to 120 yuan, this policy will benefit 296 thousand and 700 elderly healthy subsidies; the elderly people over the age of 65 from the current 80 yuan per person per year increased to 130 yuan, and increase medical projects, benefit from the crowd of 354 thousand and 700 people.

after the lifting of the standard, the province’s financial resources for the protection of life and health level of the elderly will reach 234 million yuan per year, this year, the funds will be issued in the near future to ensure and early in the hands of the elderly.


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