footsteps of the Spring Festival is getting closer, the majority of students have to go home, and a lot of people working in Hefei, began to embark on a journey home! With the spring of 2017 the curtain is about to open, Hefei public transport group since 2010 eighth opening of the "College Students’ temporary direct line" and "migrant workers temporary direct line, provide convenient travel conditions for migrant workers, migrant students studying in Hefei, returning home.

combined with college students, migrant workers returning home, have the characteristics of travel is highly intensive, carry luggage more, Hefei public transport group from now until January 27th (Lunar New Year), opened by the college students, migrant workers daily home to the train station, Hefei south station, the long-distance bus station "student temporary direct line", "migrant workers temporary direct line, booked shuttle returning college students and migrant workers friends rushed to the bus station, train station.

it is understood, all in the same place or area near the same time, there are more than 30 collective travel, by sending to Hefei city bus station, bus station, travel passenger terminal, HeFei Railway Station, Hefei south station five passenger hub station of migrant workers or college students, with a letter of introduction, school students have a letter of introduction, site introduction letter and other related documents, one day in advance to Hefei bus group operations department (peace building No. 272 bus Dispaching room 317, Tel: 64459685, contact time is 8:00 ~ 12:00, Monday to Friday 14:30 ~ 17:30) appointment can be opened for college students, migrant workers temporary temporary direct line direct line.

after the reservation is successful, Hefei bus group Dispaching center will arrange the nearest special bus company, bus transfer vehicle, at the appointed time, will be designated students, migrant workers transfer to the designated station, perform the same standards usually take the bus fare still CF, carry their luggage and parcel free of charge to do good service, eager for college students, migrant workers friends.

in order to protect the safety of migrant workers and students, Hefei opened direct access to facilitate travel. In addition, during the Spring Festival, in addition to arrange students temporary direct line transport concentrated leaving the college teachers and students, Hefei bus group will also strengthen the universities via bus 1 road, 10 road, 28 Road, 30 Road, 46 Road, 48 Road, 80 Road, 114 Road, 119 Road, 149 Road, 150 Road, 226 Road, 301 Road, 302 Road, 801 road and other colleges and universities management centralized bus route area, peak time to implement the placement correction class, stop the vehicle off, increasing the service frequency, to ensure that the student passengers smooth travel holiday.

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