dandelion is what we look at the ordinary things, often seen in life, but often ignore it, do not pay attention to. But it is such a small thing, it is such a small thing, but contains a huge market, contains a huge business opportunities!

planting tipsArtificial planting can be

variety introduction

in medicine for sale, dry goods per mu 580~650 kg, the price is 5~6 yuan / kg, Mu Xiaoyi 2900~3900 yuan. After two years of continuous growth of dandelion late autumn, dug up roots and dried, yield 200~250 kg, the price is 12~13 yuan / kg, Mu Xiaoyi 2400~3250 yuan. As a new dish, the current market price per kilogram between 20~30 yuan.

operational recommendations

as operators to understand the characteristics of vegetables, cooking methods Grandifoliate dandelion, with recipes in the sale, so that consumers can better understand their practices. Operators can contact with hotels, supermarkets, etc., in order to establish their own sales channels.


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