in order to further improve the party’s political theory level, the health system of the party members and cadres to carry out better chuangxianzhengyou activities in their own work, the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, keep the Communist Party members advanced nature and purity. August 22nd to 25, the county health and food and Drug Administration in the county Party committee held in the county women’s and children’s party held a training course for 0 year two one or two.

county school vice president Mao Yuncun, director of the County Commission for discipline inspection party Bian learning, bureau Party committee, discipline committee Zhao Tongming and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Nearly 80 members of the health system and party activists participated in the training.

training from "carry forward the fine traditional culture, improve the Party cadres ideological literacy" and "independent lectures", "health regulations and the doctor-patient relationship" and "the new medical reform policy interpretation" several aspects in detail, the majority of Party members to seriously listen and take notes, the venue will sometimes silence, sometimes bursts of applause. The training class, the majority of Party members and teachers actively interact, and achieved a complete success. Through training, enhance the party members and cadres to understand the history of the party, promote the further transformation of the service concept, and actively participate in Excel, to make contributions in health work. ()  


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