With the arrival of the tourist season, in order to create a clean and beautiful environment of tourism, recently, Chengbei District Office of the atmosphere joint construction, urban management and other departments to concentrate on one million yuan investment, regulation of country (province) along the road traffic, tourist attractions and the surrounding village environment "dirty, chaotic, and poor" phenomenon.

it is understood that the crackdown, north of the city zone will Ning Road along the environment as the focus, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, since the end of April this year, the air district office, District Urban Management Bureau, the District Construction Bureau, the District Environmental Protection Bureau and the office of the town along, the scope of enterprises and institutions within the office building, and members of their families Hotel, hotel, and enterprises, a comprehensive clean-up of dead garbage, the formation of regular cleaning mechanism renovation. Bridge Street office invested 93 thousand yuan on the road along the slope, Ning ditches, sidewalk construction, garbage, trees, weeds and other conduct a thorough clean-up remediation; North District Urban Management Bureau of investment funds has reached more than 25 yuan, special rectification country (province) traffic along the road, placed outside the shop Jeeves, repair the car, set up stalls and seriously affect the appearance of the outdoor advertising.

in addition, Chengbei District Construction Bureau of investigation found that the need of repair and maintenance of municipal road infrastructure in 15, invested more than 60 yuan over broken wall 1723 metres, unsightly structures and open the enclosure 366 meters. North of the City Environmental Protection Bureau of Nanjing Road to focus on remediation, investigation and patrol along the 44 small and medium enterprises, coal mines, washing cars.


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