In order for the mid autumn day during the two food safety supervision, to ensure food safety during the festival, to prevent the occurrence of major food safety incidents, recently, the provincial government food and Drug Safety Committee issued a notice on food safety supervision during the two special work arrangements.

notification requirements, the province’s governments at all levels and the regulatory authorities from September 10th to October 10th, combined with the focus of this year’s food safety work in the province to carry out special campaigns to focus on food safety. The special activities of centralized supervision and supervision organization and implementation of two stages during the holiday, pastries, cakes, dairy products, meat and meat products, edible oil and other key species in agricultural and pastoral areas, urban high, city community, tourist attractions, along the highway and the station and other key areas, in the agricultural planting and breeding, food production and processing, food distribution, food consumption and livestock slaughter links, pertinently carried out a special supervision.

notification requirements, to strengthen the supervision and inspection of shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, bazaars, food stores, strict implementation of the enterprise purchase inspection system and cable card system. Severely punish illegal food production and operation of illegal acts, and effectively curb the production and sale of fake and shoddy and toxic and harmful food crimes. Strictly implement the first responsibility of enterprises engaged in food production of food safety responsibility system, seriously investigate supervision of dereliction of duty, strict accountability of the relevant responsible persons, loopholes, eliminate hidden dangers, do not firmly hold the bottom line of major food safety accidents. (author: Li Xin)


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