recently, the 2015 China · Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Green Fair") the first preparatory work conference held in this year, the fair will be held on June 16th -19.
it is understood that the 2015 Green Fair will focus on "open cooperation, green development" theme, highlighting the strategic concept of "The Belt and Road" and the concept of ecological civilization, give full play to the role of platform Green Fair opening of the window function and economic cooperation, around the "steady growth, optimize the structure, improve the quality of" three a target, to further strengthen and promote domestic inter regional economic cooperation and exchanges. 2015 Green Fair will strengthen the The Belt and Road along the countries and regions, provinces and municipalities in the invitation and investment projects. Focus on promoting the strategic concept of "The Belt and Road", adhere to the concept of ecological civilization, planning projects, consisting of a number of China Merchants Group, strengthen the promotion of negotiation and implementation task investment, accelerate the construction of the signing of the project landing. Increase the "The Belt and Road along the country, including provinces promotional efforts to enrich the exhibition content, enhance the level of exhibition, to do the Belt and Road Initiative" foreign Museum, lithium industry and other special exhibit work; actively take the initiative to strengthen communication with the chamber of Commerce, to carry out the business invitation and investment work, support the chamber of Commerce organized investment promotion activities, inviting guests between reception service, activities of cohesion, negotiate and other details of the work.

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